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Version history for ContaCam

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Changes for v9.9.7 - v9.9.8

  • - Web interface has got bigger buttons
  • - New statusbar pane which shows slowest saving speed
  • - Dropping frames when the available commit size gets low
  • - Fixed statusbar for high dpi devices

Changes for v9.9.5 - v9.9.7

  • - Supporting high DPI aware NSIS 3 (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  • - In case that the camera framerate cannot be reduced there is a saving framerate divider parameter in Camera Advanced Settings dialog
  • (removed the saving speed adaptation logic introduced in 9.9.5)
  • - Better support for Samsung cameras
  • - Web interface got a Back to Top button
  • - Removed Camera Basic Settings toolbar button as this command is
  • already under the Settings menu

Changes for v9.9.3 - v9.9.5

  • - Video saving speed adapts itself to the available system resources
  • - Optimized small video (animated gif) creation and play time
  • - Bottom toolbar menus must not cover their own buttons

Changes for v9.9.1 - v9.9.3

  • - New CAMERA.bat batch file to control the camera source on/off state
  • - Daily summary video will not record black frames when source is off
  • - Added a recording start picture saving checkbox
  • - Http multipart parser is more fault tolerant
  • (fixes VLC multipart streaming)
  • - New %name% command execution variable containing the camera name
  • - Support Floureon, JideTech and Wyze RTSP cameras

Changes for v9.9.0 - v9.9.1

  • - Fixed a bug which prevented the Camera Basic Setting dialog
  • to set the correct sensitivity for the chosen usage

Changes for v9.7.0 - v9.9.0

  • - Better support for high contrast themes
  • - Frame Annotation possibility with the new toolbar button
  • - More intuitive detection zones/mask toolbar button. Single zones
  • changes are now saved immediately
  • - Configurable frame interval for the daily summary video
  • - Removed the rudimentary scheduler in favour of a more flexible way
  • to control ContaCam through the Windows Task Scheduler
  • - Added example buttons for typical external commands
  • - Web interface multiple selection deletion
  • (sponsored by Grn Stadt Zrich)
  • - The web interface video player was enhanced with a 2.0x play speed
  • - In web interface we have now only one camera source obscure button
  • (like in ContaCam program)
  • - Updated installer with an improved closing logic for Apache server
  • - Added a new Generic IP camera entry
  • - Fixed mjpeg support for the MotionEyeOS camera (thanks to
  • Dave Smith for reporting the problem and helping find the bug)

Changes for v9.5.0 - v9.7.0

  • - In web interface showing start time if hovering over small videos
  • - Reload web page with no parameters if today selected
  • - Small fixes

Changes for v9.0.9 - v9.5.0

  • - The daily summary video creation is now configurable under Camera Basic Settings
  • - Fixed download problems for daily summary videos
  • - Increased the download performance of thumbnails and videos
  • - Updated the "Network / IP Camera" dialog to show also the assigned
  • camera name in the "Camera IP or Address" drop down list
  • - Support Sumpple RTSP cameras

Changes for v9.0.7 - v9.0.9

  • - The web interface full screen live snapshot image can now be
  • configured to either maintain the aspect ratio or to fully stretch
  • - Do not adapt the frame time font size when the DPI changes, this
  • because connecting through RDP can modify the DPI automatically
  • - Possibility to display the system uptime in each frame
  • - Updated internal web server to Apache 2.4.38 and PHP 5.6.40
  • with INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE patch discussed in PHP bug #77580
  • (Apache and PHP both with OpenSSL 1.0.2q)

Changes for v9.0.5 - v9.0.7

  • - The web interface full screen image maintains the aspect ratio (not supported by IE)
  • - Store the temporary daily summary snapshots in a subfolder
  • - Removed the possibility to have "snapshot each" under 1 second

Changes for v9.0.3 - v9.0.5

  • - Support additional Generic RTSP devices
  • - Increased the rtsp/udp receiving buffer size from 1 MB to 10 MB
  • - Building the application with LARGEADDRESSAWARE set to have up to
  • the double of address space
  • - Added support for flipping video horizontally and vertically
  • (rotating by 180 can be achieved by enabling both flips)
  • - Scheduler is now only for the recordings and not for the
  • snapshots (scheduling for the snapshots can be achieved with
  • a batch script executed on snapshot)
  • - Do not revert snapshot thumb size and rate in Camera Basic
  • Settings dialog

Changes for v7.7.0 - v9.0.0

  • - ContaCam is now DONATIONWARE
  • - Privacy mask option: removed detection zones can be obscured
  • - Document tabs have got a close button
  • - Simpler Camera Advanced Settings dialog
  • - Dropped .avi video file support, always saving in .mp4
  • - Manual / continuous recording is now performed by the motion
  • engine (it makes no sense to have a separate continuous
  • recording engine)
  • - Updated internal web server to Apache 2.4.34 and PHP 5.6.37
  • (both with OpenSSL 1.0.2o)
  • - Using better random generators
  • - Removed direct FTP support, command execution has been enhanced
  • and examples are provided so that it's possible to upload with
  • any command line tool
  • - To enforce security removed the possibility to delete recordings
  • from the web interface
  • - Removed the possibility to hide the toolbars because they
  • provide important commands not available elsewhere
  • - Removed the possibility to hide the statusbar because it
  • notifies about important issues like buffer shortage

Changes for v7.0.0 - v7.5.0

  • - For network devices when starting try to connect infinitely
  • (dropped the "Autostart a network camera each" option as it
  • is not necessary with the new connect infinitely feature)
  • - Tabbed document interface (TDI)
  • - Show a warning if sleep/standby/hibernation enabled
  • - Use the Ctrl key to switch between Add and Remove Detection Zones
  • - Fixed recent changes/problems of window.innerWidth/Height
  • (
  • - In web interface dropped swf (flash player) backwards compatibility
  • - Dropped Windows XP and Windows 2003 support (ReactOS support has
  • also been dropped because it only implements the Windows 2003 API)

Changes for v5.5.0 - v7.0.0

  • - Native RTSP cameras support (dropped VLC re-streaming of RTSP cameras)
  • - Updated internal web server to Apache 2.4.25 and PHP 5.4.45 (both with OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips)
  • - Possibility to obscure the video source from the web interface
  • - All cameras can now capture audio from a selectable source (removed Axis HTTP audio support, please use RTSP)
  • - New status-bar pane showing the maximum overall movement detection buffers size

Changes for v5.3.0 - v5.5.0

  • - If a DirectShow device path is not defined use the device name as device path (thanks to Shaun Daigle for reporting the problem)
  • - Support nonce reuse (-> faster polling for digest protected cams)
  • - poll.php and push.php if called directly use http basic auth
  • - Updated lftp.exe to version 4.6.6
  • - Fixed memory leak of CRT threads under Windows XP

Changes for v5.1.0 - v5.3.0

  • - Password protect all cameras with form based authentication
  • (this authentication type works well on all browsers)
  • - Attach a snapshot to the daily email notification
  • - Using the AVIR image resizing algorithm designed by Aleksey Vaneev

Changes for v5.0.9 - v5.1.0

  • - Made the application High DPI Aware (displays well on 4K monitors)
  • - Generates smaller mp4 files with the same quality
  • - Added the possibility to send a daily email notification to make
  • sure the device works properly
  • - Increased the mailer timeout from 5 to 15 seconds (thanks to Joe
  • Hannigan for reporting a problem with some slow smtp servers)
  • - Fixed email sending on Windows XP (thanks David Greig)
  • - Encrypted settings (like passwords) are now exportable and work
  • well if used on another computer or by another logon user
  • - Compiling with Visual Studio 2015 (ContaCam runs on
  • Windows XP SP3 / Windows Server 2003 SP2 or higher)

Changes for v5.0.7 - v5.0.9

  • - All detection frames are buffered to memory (or page file)
  • - Full stretch the videos in web interface
  • - Corrected FTP to first upload the full video/jpeg version and then
  • the corresponding thumb. That's necessary because in web interface
  • the thumbs point through a link to the full versions
  • - Emailing files as plain attachments and not embedded in html as
  • before because some email clients are not display embedded images
  • properly
  • - Do not fail when no DV media present

Changes for v5.0.5 - v5.0.7

  • - Email alert when device unplugged or not reachable
  • - Faster and more reliable FTP upload support
  • - Web interface video play rate buttons: 0.25x and 1.0x
  • - Web interface has now an optional trash / delete button
  • - Bigger toolbar buttons
  • - Added support for some Samsung cameras
  • - Email settings auto-fill for most common smtp servers
  • - Re-added the option to email a jpeg snapshot on motion detection
  • (with respect to previous implementation it is sent really fast)
  • - Removed the standby and hibernate disabling feature introduced with
  • version 5.0.1 because it also blocked entering these states manually

Changes for v5.0.1 - v5.0.5

  • - Added Dahua and Hikvision support
  • - Made the web interface more mobile friendly
  • - Malformed jpeg frames reaching ContaCam are now not stopping it from
  • running (thanks to Mark P for reporting the problem and helping find
  • the bug)
  • - Added crash dump support and verbose diagnostic logging
  • - If no attachment is selected the motion detection email is sent really
  • fast (before it was only sent when the detection storing was done)
  • - Configurable minimum time between motion detection email messages
  • - Removed the possibility to email jpeg snapshots on motion detection as
  • it rarely catches what's moving. The Small Video (animated gif) is by
  • far better suited as it really shows the movement (if its size is too
  • small then adjust that under Save Small Video - Thumbnail Size)
  • 5.0.3 (November 18th 2015)
  • - Hard-disk info display
  • - Show/hide commands for Statusbar and Toolbars
  • - Fixed crash opening "ManyCam Virtual Webcam"
  • - Removed audio file playing support as there are better programs that
  • can reproduce many more file types
  • - Fixed hearable ticks while saving Axis ip camera audio

Changes for v5.0.0 - v5.0.1

  • - Web interface has a new html5 calendar picker (browser must support it)
  • - Enhanced ContaCam service installation
  • - Audio support for Axis ip cameras (thanks to Michi for sponsoring the
  • development)
  • - Disallow standby and hibernate when there are cameras running
  • - To clean-up after a possible crash ContaCam deletes now its temporary
  • folder content on startup
  • - Web interface avoids switching IE to compatibility mode when opened
  • with the computer's NetBIOS name
  • - Full Vietnamese language support

Changes for v4.9.9 - v5.0.0

  • - Goodbye Flash Video: .swf files have been replaced by .mp4 files
  • which all modern browsers and smartphones can play
  • - Goodbye Html Frames: web interface improved for mobile devices
  • - Detection frames are now buffered also to HD and not only in RAM
  • (this avoids splitting a detection sequence into many files)
  • - Configurable minimum disk free space (works now also for network
  • shares and symlinks)
  • - In audio input dialog the correct entry is selected for devices
  • having the same name
  • - Installer adds now the Start Menu entry only for the Current User
  • - Removed Fullscreen Browser as it cannot display HTML5 videos
  • - To avoid troubles in service mode from now on it's not possible
  • to associate files to ContaCam (please use FreeVimager for that)
  • - Because of web server miss-configuration danger the possibility to
  • move the individual camera folders in Camera Basic Settings dialog
  • has been removed (advanced users can create junctions, symlinks or
  • run a .bat script on detection to move/copy the video files to
  • another location)

Changes for v4.9.7 - v4.9.9

  • - Possibility to configure Recording Segments of 15 min. and 30 min.
  • (if upgrading please check/fix the recording segments under
  • Camera Advanced Settings - General tab)
  • - In email configuration dialog it's now possible to setup a
  • personalized subject line with insertion of variables
  • - Improved detection zones editing tool
  • - Dropped DirectX (IDirectDraw7) drawing support because it is
  • obsolete and poses stability and in some cases even memory leaks
  • problems on Windows 8/8.1
  • - Added unicode support to ContaCamService console
  • - Fixed NV12 and NV21 support for some video resolutions
  • - Licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3

Changes for v4.9.0 - v4.9.5

  • - Support Foscam, Tenvis and Clones mjpeg cameras in network dialog
  • - Credentials are now typed into the 'Connect To' network dialog
  • making it possible to edit them later on
  • - Avoid leading and trailing whitespaces in directx device names
  • - Fixed 'Out of memory' error message when joining a huge amount
  • of avi files (more than 100)
  • - Verify HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support because some ip cams do not
  • follow the specifications
  • - Possibility to configure an autostart delay between network
  • devices. Useful for wireless networks which tend to congest
  • if all IP cams start at the same time (thanks to Sanford Gossman
  • for the idea and for testing it)
  • - Increased network timeouts
  • - Made mjpeg video decoder more fault tolerant
  • - Fixed service installation failure when using a Windows 8
  • Microsoft Account (thanks to Paolo Seveso for reporting that)

Changes for v4.7.0 - v4.9.0

  • - Added Internet Explorer 11 support
  • - Added support for ACTi and some newer Intellinet ip cams
  • - Global toolbar buttons for Browse and Browse Files commands
  • - Motion scheduler has got a 'detection disabled and on'
  • - The minimum font size for frame time, for detection indicator
  • and for detection save/email/ftp progress is now configurable
  • - Better support of OmniVision webcams
  • - Fixed memory leak for cameras producing sort of unusual MJPG
  • frames (thanks to Mitko for sending me the Neo NC-78 webcam)
  • - Possibility to store temp files under the cameras root folder
  • - Command is now executed when detection is confirmed by filter
  • and not on first movement frame
  • - First version especially optimized for Windows XP and higher
  • - Dropped support for theora encoding because many modern
  • players are not able to play avi files encoded in such a way

Changes for v4.5.0 - v4.7.0

  • - Fixed the lost motion detection configuration zones bug seen when applying the Assistant Settings or when opening and closing ContaCam quickly

Changes for v4.1.0 - v4.5.0

  • - Possibility for millisecond snapshot rates
  • - Delete old files if the free disk space gets lower than:
  • MIN(10% of HD space, 10 GB)
  • - Added support for Foscam FI9821W, FI9801W and FI9802W
  • (update Foscam firmware to the latest version!)
  • - Removed Capture - Avi Play command because vlc can be used to
  • stream a avi file to multipart/x-mixed-replace mjpeg
  • 4.3.0 (February 12th 2013)
  • - Split the 'Other HTTP Device' mode in Server Push and Client Poll
  • - Swf snapshot history file is now correctly created even if
  • restarting ContaCam (snapshots preceding restart are not lost)
  • - In Device Assistant added a button to move the camera folder;
  • under Tools menu there is the possibility to move all camera
  • folders in one command
  • - Live snapshot names can now be configured
  • - Increased support from 15 to 100 DirectX devices
  • - In log messages the user assigned device name is now shown
  • - For microapache set MaxKeepAliveRequests to 0 (=No Limit) to
  • avoid frame jumps which were happening when the keep alive
  • request count reached 0 and a reconnection was necessary
  • - Longer detection files option introduced in version 4.0.5
  • is now always on
  • - Removed UDP networking because it was ContaCam's proprietary
  • streaming protocol not compatible with any current standard
  • (it's still possible to stream a video source through the web
  • server, a FAQ entry has been added illustrating that)
  • - Removed manual record pause command which was of no use

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