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Version history for CubicExplorer

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Changes for v0.94.0.1377 - v0.95.0.1420

  • Added Undo Delete button.
  • Added ShowGridLines Advanced option for FileView.
  • Update notification now show more information.
  • Enter and Esc now works as expected in windows.
  • Fixed AutoSelectFirstItem issues (#418).
  • Fixed Multi Selection in Bookmark panel.
  • Usability fix to Update settings.
  • Fixed Empty Recycle Bin button refresh issue.
  • Updated Spanish translations (thanks to Javier Gutierrez)
  • Updated Chinese Simplified translation (thanks to carpodacus)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB)
  • Updated Slovak translation (thanks to Sepp Winkler)

Changes for v0.90.0.1131 - v0.94.0.1377

  • Added FontSize Advanced setting to all Panels, Fileview and FileSearch.
  • Added LineHeight Advanced setting to all Panels and FileSearch.
  • Added “Open in new tab” in Right click menu.
  • Fixed Ctrl/Shift selection when SingleClickBrowse/Execute used.
  • Fixed jumping issue when dbl clicking on SingleClickBrowse mode.
  • Fixed “Select previous folder” when dbl clicking.
  • Fixed CenterOnExpand in FolderPanel
  • Usability fix in “Save Session” and “Save Stack” dialogs.
  • Fine tuned CenterOnBrowse in FolderPanel
  • Updated French translation (thanks to BB).
  • Updated German translation (thanks to nefycee).
  • Updated Blue Line theme (thanks to sl23).
  • Added gBW theme (thanks to g..).
  • Added OldDays theme (thanks to badloginname).
  • Added Deviant Dark theme (thanks to nefycee).

Changes for v0.90 RC 6 - v0.90

  • Fixed View Style remembering bug.
  • Fixed address bar popup bug.
  • Fixed possible crash in Video Player.
  • Fixed possible crash in File Search.
  • Fixed possible crash when closing tabs.
  • Updated few icons.
  • Added new icons.

Changes for v0.90 RC 5 - v0.90 RC 6

  • Fixed "Filters are not cleared when switching to different tab" bug.
  • Fixed rename box alignment in Tile view style.
  • Fixed inconsistency in "Show Extensions" for zip files.
  • Fixed file size calculation bug.
  • Fixed language change bug.
  • Fixed many Unicode string bugs.
  • Removed "minimizing bug fix" try.
  • Made "dbl click on background" work properly on every view style.
  • Updated About Dialog.
  • Updated Japanese translation.
  • Updated tab icons.
  • Changed License.
  • Focused image is now shown in QuickView when Ctrl+Click selecting files.
  • "Duplicate Tab" action now opens new tab even when "Reuse opened tab" is enabled.
  • Esc now closes options dialog.

Changes for v0.90 RC 4 - v0.90 RC 5

  • Fixed item height bug in Folder and Bookmark panels.
  • Fixed column size bug.
  • Minimizing bug fix try.
  • Removed "Remember Tabs" action.
  • Made filters work even when Filters panel is hidden.
  • Filters clear now on path change by default.
  • Added popup menu option to clear filters on path change.
  • Added option to always sort folders first.
  • Added restrictions to file types that can be opened in text editor.
  • Updated tab icons (only big ones).

Changes for v0.90 RC 2 - v0.90 RC 3

  • Added option to make CE select previous folder.
  • Not using kernel notifications for remote drives anymore.
  • Fixed #7, Wrong file/folder icons.
  • Fixed #191, Doesn’t change folder.
  • Fixed #197, EAccessViolation (needs testing).
  • Fixed #196, Exception in text editor.
  • Fixed #188, Bug with "Open in new tab by default"

Changes for v0.90 Beta 4 - v0.9.0 RC 1

  • All reported bugs should be fixed (with few exceptions). I made the tab bar to remember some customizations. It’s working properly only when the actions are placed on the left side from tabs. If items are placed after tabs (right side), they are moved to left side when CE is restarted. Also it’s not yet possible to align items on the right border. These are things we’ll have to live with for now. I’ll have to do quite a lot of work to make the tab bar component suite my needs. So these issues will move to version 0.91.

Changes for v0.90 Beta 3 - v0.90 Beta 4

  • There was a bug in the FoldersPanel which caused those issues and some others

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