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Version history for Desktop Info

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Changes for v2.0 - v2.0.1

  • Change 1: Fixed high cpu issue in 64 bit tool.
  • Change 2: Threshold colors now correctly support rgb format.
  • Change 3: Fixed large value threshold bug.
  • Change 4: Added support for escaped ampersand, “\&”, in addition to double ampersand, “&&”.

Changes for v1.17 - v2.0

  • Change 1: Environment variables in the uri option of CONTROL are now resolved prior to execution.
  • Change 2: A new args option has been added to CONTROL for additional command line arguments.
  • Change 3: Fixed bug in LOGICALDRIVES where the set variable contained an extraneous pipe at the end.
  • Change 4: Added thread count to PROCESSMEM.
  • Change 5: Minor crash fix in mapping code.

Changes for v1.16 - v1.17

  • Change 1: Fixed font sizing on controls.
  • Change 2: Added font-face to item common options.
  • Change 3: Fixed control alignment.
  • Change 4: Added [screen-saver] section to the ini file. This has all the same options as the [options] section but is used in screen saver mode. This means the screen saver is somewhat more flexible now.
  • Change 5: Added user variables to FILE, FILE2TEXT, FILECONTENTS1, FILECONTENTS2, FILEEXIST.
  • Change 6: Fixed a bug in FILE2TEXT that probably stopped it working altogether.
  • Change 7: Fixed a fatal crash on startup when the Processor performance counter is missing. Thanks to ntech2 for help tracking this one down.
  • Change 8: Finally got around to testing the ipv6list option in NETWORKINTERFACES and confirmed it is returning a full list of all ipv6 addresses.
  • Change 9: Added text-align to item common options so you can override the global text-align option on a per item basis.
  • Change 10: Added initial-page option to the [options] section. Particularly useful in the [screensaver] section.
  • Change 11: I’ve built a new unicode hyperlink control and also updated the button control for unicode.
  • Change 12: Added include-all option to FIXEDDISK. This gives you the option to include the floppy drives a: and b: in the fixed drive list. Default is off.
  • Change 13: Added option to specify item font-size as percent of the default font size set in the [options] or [screen-saver] sections

Changes for v1.15.0 - v1.16

  • Change 1: Added expressions and user defined functions to display templates.
  • Change 2: Fixed best fit number format where 1000M should be 1G etc.
  • Change 3: Added null-result text string.
  • Change 4: Fixed WMI property value where very large number was being set to null.
  • Change 5: Fixed WMI where a null property display is processed incorrectly.
  • Change 6: Added hide-no-result option to item common options.
  • Change 7: Added CMD item to execute external tools such as cmd.exe or powershell.exe etc.
  • Change 8: Added font-size to item common options. Now you can set the font size for each item. The font-size in the [options] section remains the global font size but now each item can override it. Because the code controlling the font sizes and general layout has changed, the default value for the line-spacing option is now 1. No font-face option yet, maybe later.
  • Change 9: Added hide-key option to FILE2TEXT item.
  • Change 10: Added user variables to the key option in FILE2TEXT.

Changes for v1.14.0 - v1.15.0

  • Change 1: Added handle count to PROCESSMEM.
  • Change 2: Added Unix text file (LF) support to FILE2TEXT.
  • Change 3: Added Unix text file (LF) support and multibyte support to FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2.
  • Change 4: Finally got the main ini file multi-byte compatible. Now you can set the text and display options in the main ini file using any language provided you save the ini file as UTF-8. If your language is right-to-left, set the font-rtl option in the [options] section.
  • Change 5: Added CONTROL item. This provides button and hyperlink controls that will open the given resource (web page, document, folder, application etc.). The controls are not yet multi-byte compatible. There are examples in the desktopinfo-advanced.ini config file.
  • Change 6: Various stability fixes.
  • Change 7: Search for the supplied ini file in the application directory.
  • Change 8: Fixed crash with threads writing to the log file.
  • Change 9: Debug log level shows all entries.
  • Change 10: Fixed bug in ALLIPADDRESS with multi port NICs showing the same IP for both ports.
  • Change 11: Some changes to NETWORKINTERFACES. Where an interface has multiple IP addresses, return values %8 through %13 will show the first ipv4 and ipv6 addresses (it used to show the last one). The return values %15 through %22 (dns server etc) will all show a space delimited list of IP addresses.
  • Change 12: Added new options and return values to NETWORKINTERFACES to handle network interface cards with multiple ports and hence multiple IP addresses.
  • Change 13: Enhanced the EVENTLOG item to return more useful information. This used to run in a ‘watch’ thread, I don’t really know why, but it’s now a regular item.
  • Change 14: Added SNAPSHOT item to create a snapshot image of the current DTI display.
  • Change 15: During refresh, only reset the form position in normal display mode, never in “/f” mode.
  • Change 16: Added fallback in case no items were read from the config file.
  • Change 17: Added search for file in application directory to FILE2TEXT, FILECONTENTS1 and FILECONTENTS2.
  • Change 18: Added read hit ratio and read miss ratio return values to PAGEFAULTS.
  • Change 19: Fixed some colour issues in “/f” mode.

Changes for v1.13.0 - v1.14.0

  • Change 1: Added the ‘key’ option to FILE2TEXT to retrieve a single value from a file.
  • Change 2: Allow absolute path in language file option. Change 3: Added user variables to the WMI query.
  • Change 4: Fixed crash due to null property in WMI results.

Changes for v1.12.0 - v1.13.0

  • Change 1: Added line-spacing to [options]. This controls the number of pixels between rows so you can squeeze it closer together or spread it out.
  • Change 2: Fixed csv bug duplicating header cells.
  • Change 3: Added maxrows and %rowcount% to the WMI item. In addition to limiting the output of the WMI display, it also provides a way to display just the row count rather than all the rows. Keep in mind this still requires a full parse of the result set so a large WMI query will take some time to process even if just getting a row count.
  • Change 4: Added the text-offset common option to all items. The offset option of the NETWORKADAPTER and FIXEDDISK child items has been removed and they now have a default text-offset of 10 pixels. You can set this to any number to adjust the offset or 0 if you don’t want an offset.
  • Change 5: Fixed the offset bug in right aligned and right-to-left text.
  • Change 6: Added rgb option to item colours.
  • Change 7: In WMI queries, CIM_DATETIME fields are automatically split into the date and time components so you can format them properly in the display template. See WMI Date/Time Formatting.
  • Change 8: Added a sample ‘advanced’ ini file with multiple pages. You can either rename it to the main ini file, desktopinfo.ini or add it as a command line parameter: desktopinfo.exe /ini=desktopinfo-advanced.ini.
  • Change 9: Fixed header bug in VIRTUALMEMORY csv and added free and percent free to results.
  • Change 10: Fixed header bug PAGEFILE csv and added free and percent free to results.
  • Change 11: Added free and percent free to PHYSICALRAM.
  • Change 12: If there is one option on the command line with no ‘/’ prefix, it is assumed to be an ini file. This way you can drag an ini file onto the exe file to start Desktop Info using that ini file.
  • Change 13: Added ‘pages read from disk per second’ and ‘pages written to disk per second’ to PAGEFAULTS.
  • Change 14: Allow the bar charts to be on their own row so that they are full width. Add two pipe symbols to the end of the display template.
  • Change 15: Added the bar-colors option to customise the bar chart colors.

Changes for v1.11.0 - v1.12.0

  • Change 1: Fixed REGISTRY so it can read “read only” keys.
  • Change 2: Now responds to display changes and hopefully also remote desktop display changes.
  • Change 3: Added the IF item. See Conditional Visibility for a full description.
  • Change 4: Added the ‘hidden’ common option to items. This allows you to retrieve data without necessarily displaying it. The SET and IF items are hidden by default. Useful for building composite items and doing conditional visibility.
  • Change 5: Fixed incorrect form height when using navigation buttons in “form” mode (/f).
  • Change 6: Fixed flickery navigation buttons.
  • Change 7: Added text-align option to [options].
  • Change 8: I’ve changed monitor-mode so that in virtual screen mode, the origin (top=0, left=0) is the top left of the virtual screen world rather than the top left of the primary monitor. You should review the size and position description to understand how it works now.
  • Change 9: Added monitor-num so we can place Desktop Info on a specific monitor. This option is not used when monitor-mode=1.

Changes for v1.9.2 - v1.11.0

  • Change 1: Fixed a couple of pointer leaks in options loading and registry/event/file watchers.
  • Change 2: Changed load model for a couple of DLLs which were causing issues.
  • Change 3: Added counter option to TOPPROCESSMEM.
  • Change 4: Added private usage to PROCESSMEM.
  • Change 5: Introducing the DesktopInfo64 tool. This tool runs silently and allows me to retrieve 64 bit counters and other metrics not available to 32 bit applications.
  • Change 6: Fixed startup failure on Windows 2000.
  • Change 7: Added hexadecimal number format option.
  • Change 8: Updated reference English language file. If you are a translation contributor please check out your language file to ensure it’s accurate and up to date.
  • Change 9: Added the BIT display format.
  • Change 10: Added host option to the REG and REGEXIST items.
  • Change 11: Added support fields to OEMINFO.
  • Change 12: Added the monitor-mode option. This gives the option of using Primary Monitor mode or Virtual Screen mode. Previously DTI was using the Primary Monitor mode and this remains the default mode.
  • Change 13: Added navigation buttons. This really highlighted how unresponsive the gui was so…
  • Change 14: Added data collection thread to make the gui more responsive. Because of this separation, I’ve returned the application priority class to idle.
  • Change 15: More Unicode work in the ini file.
  • Change 16: Moved the [options] text strings into their own [text] section. You will need to move your ‘noresults’ option to this new section in order for it to be recognised. See the sample ini.
  • Change 17: Added ‘error’ text string.
  • Change 18: Added SESSIONID and RDSSESSIONID.
  • Change 19: Changed the TOPPROCESSCPU algorithm to be more accurate.
  • Change 20: Fixed bug where DTI was responding to Alt+F4 meant for another application.
  • Change 21: Added text-editor option.

Changes for v1.91 - v1.9.2

  • Change 1: Fixed some fatal issues with the FILE/REGISTRY/EVENT monitor items.
  • Change 2: Fixed formcolor bug.

Changes for v1.50 - v1.51

  • Fixed charts updating every second even though data is not updated.
  • Fixed regression bug with COMMENT item.
  • Fixed refresh ugliness and missing top lines.

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