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Version history for DivFix++ for Mac OS X

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Changes for v0.31 - v0.32

  • Fixed Overwrite mode.
  • Added Stream type identification code.
  • Fixed MacOSX PPC bug.
  • Added BigEndian Hardware support.
  • Added Codec FourCC VP3x, VP4, VP5, VP6x - On2 TrueMotion VP Support.
  • Added Codec FourCC SVQ1 & SVQ3 - Sorenson Video 3 Support.
  • Nuked Save Log property because usefullness.
  • Fixed detecting half and broken index chunk section.
  • Added primal H264 and AVC1 codec support.
  • Added "Recover From Key Frames" option to GUI.
  • Fixed file truncation & strip function error due Unicode build.
  • Added Truncation error message.
  • Added reading OpenDML file (up to 4 GB).(Fixed file will in AVI 1.0 format)
  • Fixed Stoping in Paused state.
  • Fixed gramathical mistakes. (Thanks for Federico Del Bene)
  • Fixed crash on some files which have "vedt" RIFF header chunk
  • Fixed MacOSX "Keep the original file" file open error bug.
  • Merge makefiles to one. "makefile mac" does the job for mac.
  • Added Russian translation by Konstantin Krasnov
  • Changed makefile for mass language compilation.
  • Added Spanish translation.(Thanks for Oscar Cuesta)
  • Added Relative Output Folder and File option.
  • Fixed Gramathical mistakes in English. (Thanks for Bastian Wiegmann and DirektX)
  • Added German translation. (Thanks for Bastian Wiegmann)

Changes for v0.30 - v0.31

  • Notes:
  • Some bugs fixed and new language translations added in this version.
  • Changes:
  • Fixed preferences dialog size on MacOSX.
  • Fixed unicode definitions at header files for compilation errors at windows.
  • Fixed shutdown behaviour at language change on windows.
  • Removed unnecessary Code::Block files.
  • Fixed non-AVI files execute player directly on preview mode.
  • Fixed compile warnings on XPM files.
  • Fixed languge scan on both /usr(/local)/share/locale on Linux.
  • Added DivFix++.desktop file for linux compilations. (Thanks for robocat)
  • Fixed Makefile uninstall options.
  • Added French translations. (Thanks for Didier Bourre)
  • Added Italian translation. (Thanks for Giovanni Fiocco)
  • Added korean Translation. (Thanks StarCodec)
  • Fixed Makefile's DESTDIR patch. (Thanks to Serkan)
  • Fixed Remove Files button deletes 2 file while 1 selected.
  • Changed Fix button to Fix / Pause / Resume tri state button.

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