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Version history for DuckieTV for Mac (64-bit)

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Changes for v1.1.4 - v1.1.5

  • AutoDownload: (new) Now able to download .torrent files \o/.
  • Database: (fix) Moved the database management services to the Background task, to minimise interruptions to DB updates and maintain integrity.
  • Favourites: (new) Remembers last used sort selection.
  • Favourites: (new) Introducing Anime support. Now search can use the absolute episode number when available. Series Settings allows the user to select any available Alias to replace the default Title in searches.
  • SearchEngines: (new) Introducing Jackett! You can use the Jackett proxy to access your favourite open/semi-private/private trackers as DuckieTV Search Engines.
  • For more information on using Jackett with DuckieTV read this wiki
  • SearchEngines: (removed) has gone.
  • Standalone: (upgrade) NWJS 25.0 with Chromium 61 and Node 8.4.0
  • TorrentClient: (new) Introducing Aria2 client.
  • TorrentClient: (new) Introducing BiglyBT client.
  • TorrentClient: (fix) Can now connect with qBitTorrent 3.3.14 (and newer) with CSRF protection.
  • TorrentClient: (fix) Can now connect with Deluge 1.3.14 (and newer) with CSRF protection.
  • Torrent Dialog [multi-SE]: (new) Remembers last used sort selection.
  • Trakt-Sync: (upgrade) When an episode is marked as downloaded it is added to the collected list of a user's Trakt account.
  • Trakt-Trending sidepanel: (upgrade) Now using buttons instead of mouse-hover to improve browsing experience.
  • Misc: Bug fixes.

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