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Version history for eXtreme Movie Manager

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Changes for v8.3.0.0 - v8.3.1.0

  • Update the Custom2 HTML Tenplate (Thanks to Alan Leish!)
  • Updated IMDB Scripts
  • Minor Changes on MagicScript Engine
  • Fixed a bug in exporting the Plot and Goof field on the HTML Website

Changes for v8.2.8.0 - v8.3.0.0

  • Now you can Choose to install 32 or 64 bit of XMM
  • Updated Some Scripts
  • Fixed a bug in File Delete (Edit Window)

Changes for v8.2.7.0 - v8.2.8.0

  • Fixed a bug that is you select in MagicScript Option to "Add Values only if the field is blank" the Actors Pictures are not linked.
  • Fixed a problem in the Moviecard with Musician Link

Changes for v8.2.6.0 - v8.2.7.0

  • Update the Custom HTML Template, thank to Mathimid!
  • Updated all Scripts

Changes for v8.2.4.0 - v8.2.6.0

  • Fixed a visual bug in NFO Export Window

Changes for v8.2.3.0 - v8.2.4.0

  • The "Copy Covers in the same folder of the movie" now copies also background, fanart and screenshots
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript engine (Not taken the characters for Episode Actors)
  • Fixed a visual bug in the NFO export page
  • Fixed a bug in Mobie_BigCover HTML Card (for Movies without Fanart)
  • A new empty database now will be completely empty, with countries or other tables already filled

Changes for v8.2.2.0 - v8.2.3.0

  • Added the button to Update Actors with Different Script to Context Menu
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Engine not importing the Info of Episodes
  • The XML Export file is now in UTF-8 Format

Changes for v8.2.1.0 - v8.2.2.0

  • Fixed a bug in saving Distributor and Studio fields Dropdown lists in the Edit Window
  • Fixed a bug in Saving DB
  • Updated some Scripts

Changes for v8.2.0.0 - v8.2.1.0

  • XML Export now contains the MovieFile values too
  • Removed the awards from XML Export, it takes too much space
  • Added Producers to XML Export
  • Fixed a bug in "Delete all people" Function
  • Clear All Fields function now delete also Editors

Changes for v8.1.9.0 - v8.2.0.0

  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript editor not loading the changes you made in the script
  • Added some information about the Script in the Ino panel
  • Changed the NFO Export, now it export everything not only the movies selected in the Main Grid.
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript window, now it remember to show or not Advanced info

Changes for v8.1.8.0 - v8.1.9.0

  • Fixed a bug in Creating Pages for Android APP
  • Fixed a bug in Fanart not show correctly in some HTML Cards

Changes for v8.1.6.0 - v8.1.8.0

  • Improved a little bit the Android Export App, there is also an update help (Should work with and without SDCards)

Changes for v8.1.5.0 - v8.1.6.0

  • Update Some Language
  • Fixed some bugs in "My PopcornHour C-200 A-200 Export"

Changes for v8.1.4.0 - v8.1.5.0

  • Changed the link to the Wiki to the New one
  • Fixed bug of Statistics

Changes for v8.1.3.0 - v8.1.4.0

  • Deleting a Movie is now a bit faster (Do not save each movie but only at end)
  • Device scanner will not insert year "0" anymore
  • If the Year is not defined will not be shown as "0"
  • Speed it Up the Duplicate Search (Movies, TV Shows and People)

Changes for v8.1.2.0 - v8.1.3.0

  • Improved the Close of Settings Window (Do not reload the Treeview if not need)
  • Improved the Speed of Saving a Movie
  • Now when you add a Movie the Focus goes in the Title Directly
  • Improved the speed when you add a new Director/People to a Movie because the list is Load Just the First Time
  • Changed the XBMC NFO File Creation, it create for all movies not only selected
  • Added a Progressbar to XBMC creation
  • The XBMC Creation now generate a Log file for all NFO not created

Changes for v8.1.0.0 - v8.1.2.0

  • The ScriptEngine Icon is now visible only when then Engine is Running
  • The Device scanner Icon is visible only when the Scanner is Running
  • Fixed a bug in QuickEdit View
  • Improved a little bit the Loading of MovieCard
  • Change the Way XMM Check Playable files (To speed it up)
  • Added an Blink Icon that show if the Movie/Tv Show Should be Imported from Internet
  • Added a Button in the HTML Card to Update the Movie

Changes for v8.0.8.6 - v8.1.0.0

  • Removed all Scripts not working anymore
  • Fixed a bug in Year save (Quick Edit)

Changes for v8.0.8.5 - v8.0.8.6

  • Added a new "Custom" template for My Website function (Thanks to Mathias!)
  • Enabled the Multiple Edit also for Thumbnail View
  • Enabled the Select All Function in Thumbnail View

Changes for v8.0.8.4 - v8.0.8.5

  • Added the list of available tags to File Rename Options
  • Fixed a bug that prevent you to correctly save the database
  • Updated Spanish Language

Changes for v8.0.8.3 - v8.0.8.4

  • Added a new Default MovieCard with Fanart as background
  • Added 2 new Video to show how to add movies and Episodes from Hard Disk

Changes for v8.0.8.2 - v8.0.8.3

  • Fixed a bug in the function to add an Original DVD
  • Updated the Default 2 Template for Website (Thanks to Mathimid!)

Changes for v8.0.8.1 - v8.0.8.2

  • Now you can Edit Locations
  • Fixed a bug in Adding Episodes from Edit Window
  • Added a button to Refresh the Episode List of a TV Show (After you have import it)
  • The Button "Read Files" in the Edit Window now load also Episode if the Entry is a TV Show
  • Fixed several small bugs in the Episode Management
  • Added Some New Phrases to Language ini
  • Fixed a bug in File Manager (Movie), sometime it not delete correctly the link with a Movie
  • Boxset: removed the "Read File" button in the Edit Window

Changes for v8.0.7.9 - v8.0.8.1

  • Fixed a Bug in Edit Multiple (Boxset field)
  • MagicScript Editor: Now you can copy/paste values from Variable Grid
  • MagicScript Editor: The Info tab now contain the current Website Line Content
  • Update the IMDB Scripts

Changes for v8.0.7.8 - v8.0.7.9

  • Edit Multiple for Episodes is finally ready
  • Added a function in the Right Click Menu of a Movie to Import all the People related to this Movie (Tools Right Click Menu)
  • Fixed some Text Language

Changes for v8.0.7.7 - v8.0.7.8

  • Changed a bit the Device Scanner Window (Now shows the Folders, and there is a button to quick add a folder)
  • Simplified the Add Movie Window, with Just title to enter and then search it inside Web
  • Added a Gif to show better when MagicScript is Busy in importing a movie
  • Now You can Also add a new Movie Directly from the ScriptEngine Windows (If not other search is active)
  • ow if the default script doesn't exist the Window to select it will be automatically open

Changes for v8.0.7.6 - v8.0.7.7

  • Added a Function in the Fields Manager to Delete all Genres Except the First
  • Fixed a problem in the MagicScript engine that can cause data not saved correctly (for People)

Changes for v8.0.7.5 - v8.0.7.6

  • Fixed a bug in the My Website Export Average Page not works)
  • Fixed Some Bugs in Multiple Edit (Movies)
  • Updated some Scripts

Changes for v8.0.7.4 - v8.0.7.5

  • Fixed a bug in the Default MovieCard
  • Added a function to Merge 2 people (Beta, please report bugs!)

Changes for v8.0.7.3 - v8.0.7.4

  • Optimized some imternal code of MagicScript
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript engine for Custom 7 Import
  • Optimized the IMDB Complete Script
  • Update the German Language file (Thanks to Mawu!)

Changes for v8.0.7.2 - v8.0.7.3

  • Fixed a bug in Mini Stat Refresh
  • Removed the Scripts that actually doesn't work

Changes for v8.0.7.1 - v8.0.7.2

  • Updated all External DLL to latest release
  • Change a little bit the closing procedure

Changes for v8.0.6.1 - v8.0.7.0

  • Fixed a bug in Device Scanner, now it will ignore Files Correctly (like trailers etc...)
  • Updated some Scripts

Changes for v8.0.6.0 - v8.0.6.1

  • Fixed a bug in IMDB Link on Scripts (Now takes automatically the Directlinks)
  • Updated the TONEDEF Template for "My Website" function (Goofs, Seen)
  • Added the category combobox on Quick Edit
  • Reduced the Thumbnail size in the "My Website"
  • Added a message when XMM finish to renumber your collection
  • Changed again the Thumbnails, it was too big, now the files are smaller
  • Episode Grid is now Editable, you can enable by Right Click (So you can change the Seen Status for example)

Changes for v8.0.5.9 - v8.0.6.0

  • Fixed a bug in "My Website" function, Media field was wrong.
  • Rewrited the Thumbnail routine, now show the Pictures closer
  • Changed the procedure that Create the Thumbnails! You have to refresh the Thumbnail to see it without White Background!
  • Added the function that Rebuld the Thumbnails of Actors (without white stripes)
  • Improved Memory Management for some functions

Changes for v8.0.5.8 - v8.0.5.9

  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Editor (Not Loading the Modified Script)
  • Fixed a bug in File Scanner
  • Improved the NFO file reading to extract the IMDB ID
  • Fixed some bugs in ToneDEF template (Date Filters should work now)

Changes for v8.0.5.7 - v8.0.5.8

  • Added the option in the First Time Start also for Spanish Users
  • Added more details in the "My Website" HTML (Trailers, Media Label, One More Actor)
  • Now when you import Episodes from internet XMM show if are inside your Database or not (So you can import only the Episodes you have)
  • Updated the Script for TV Show to include the nuw function

Changes for v8.0.5.6 - v8.0.5.7

  • Added Slovenian Language (Thanks to Marko aka MaX)
  • Fixed some minor language bugs.
  • Now you can manually add and edit audio tracks
  • If the MagicScript Auto-Update is OFF XMM will not try to update all Movies now, but only the one you select
  • Fixed a bug in Selecting the Righ movie in Grid after you add a new Entry

Changes for v8.0.5.5 - v8.0.5.6

  • Fixed a bug in Saving the CatalogN° in Episodes
  • Fixed a bug in Device Scanner Settings
  • Added the Function that show if a DirectLink already exist in the Database when You import a Movie (Markd as Red in the Direclink Selection)

Changes for v8.0.5.4 - v8.0.5.5

  • Added a function to clear the Boxset Link (Collection Maintenance menu)
  • Changed a bit the Edit window for Boxsets, now most of not used info are hide
  • Added the HTML Card also for Boxsets, it will show the list of movies inside the Boxset

Changes for v8.0.5.3 - v8.0.5.4

  • Fixed a bug in XBMC Export (Directors Name)
  • Fixed a bug in Adding TV Show from Device Scanner and refreshing the Grid

Changes for v8.0.5.2 - v8.0.5.3

  • Enabled the "My XBMC" Device... now it will create and maintain the NFO files for XBMC Automatically, or you can refresh all by click button
  • Rewrited the Procedure that check if a drive is connected or not, XMM should be more quick in search for missing files.
  • Fixed a bug in File moving Detection

Changes for v8.0.5.1 - v8.0.5.2

  • Added the button to add new People directly in the Toolbar
  • Changed the mymovies.cml to movie.xml due to the new Media Browser Standard
  • Fixed a bug in saving Actors HTML Card
  • Added the Loan History (Inside Loan Manager)

Changes for v8.0.5.0 - v8.0.5.1

  • When you mark a movie as "seen" now the date seen is automatically filled
  • Now if you try to open the MagicScript editor XMM block if engine is running
  • Fixed some bugs in the XBMC NFO File
  • Fixed a bug in Importing Special Episodes with Season "0"

Changes for v8.0.4.8 - v8.0.5.0

  • Fixed a bug in #YEAR# in WEBQUERY
  • Fixed a bug in Date Premiered Save (TV Shows)
  • Moved the option to not add files if already present in a better location :-)
  • Fixed a bug in the option "Skip automatically if there are no directlinks"
  • The Clean Title function now remove automatically the Spaces at end and begin of title.
  • Added the option to NOT search for deleted files to device scanner

Changes for v8.0.4.7 - v8.0.4.8

  • Fixed a bug in Actors Grid that slow it down
  • Fixed a bug in Actor Age Calculation (Grid)
  • Fixed a bug in Importing Death and Born Date
  • Added a new HTML Template, with Grid and Thumbnail, Native HTML!

Changes for v8.0.4.4 - v8.0.4.7

  • Now XMM Detect if there is a problem with Treeview and automatically disable it
  • Added the option to delete the Treeview Group
  • Fixed a bug in Importing Genre and Subgenre
  • Fixed a Visual Bug in Edit Window
  • Fixed a bug in Context Menu of Episode Edit Window
  • Added the function to move "the" at end of title (Fields Manager)

Changes for v8.0.4.3 - v8.0.4.4

  • Fixed a bug that can cause Layout to crash
  • Fixed a bug in the Layout of Search MovieID holes window
  • Fixed a Runtime Error in Thumbnail if you make groups in the Grid
  • Fixed a bug in saving long Fields
  • Added French Language

Changes for v8.0.4.2 - v8.0.4.3

  • Tag now works in File Rename Function
  • When you open a new Database the Engines will be reset completely.
  • The function that check if the file can be Playable is now in a separate thread (XMM Should be more quick for movies in a NAS)
  • Changed the Procedure that Create the file for MediaCenter, should be more quick now.
  • Improved the Button to Shoutdown the MagicScript Engine
  • XMM now remember if you want that Advanced Information stay visible in the MagicScript Window
  • Fixed a bug in the "Re-Update" button in Actor's Grid
  • Added a New Way to Add Episodes -> Function to Select the Episodes directly from Disk when a TV Show is selected
  • The function "My Website" now sort by Title and not by Year
  • Now when you scan your HD in search of Episodes, if one already exist is automatically linked without create a new entry on database
  • File Manager: Move Files will remember the Last Folder Used
  • Added a new Template for My Website, thanks to Tony Elliott !!!
  • Fixed a bug in My Website Thumbnail Creation

Changes for v8.0.4.1 - v8.0.4.2

Changes for v8.0.4.0 - v8.0.4.1

  • Added the Function to put Zeros in front of Catalog Number
  • Fixed a bug in Database Backup Function
  • Added the link to Wiki website
  • My Website Function: Fixed a bug if there are few or no actors in the Movie
  • My Website Function: Fixed a bug in the Movie Length
  • My Website Function: Added _MOVIE_LOCATION_ field
  • My Website Function: Now sort by Title and not By Year
  • Added new "Function" to HTML Cards, if you click on "Seen" status it will be changed.
  • Added new "Function" to HTML Cards, if you click on "Genre","Subgenre", "Rating", "PersonalRating" it will automatically filter the Grid
  • Added the Config.FileScannerAutoUpdate option in the Configuration Window
  • Fixed a bug in the Context Menu for TV Shows (Not show the default script)

Changes for v8.0.3.8 - v8.0.4.0

  • Added missing language words
  • Changed the Welcome Webpage
  • Added the Button to Reset the Layout (In case you have problems with it)
  • Added the button to see the Whats new file
  • Fixed a bug in Language (Delete Editor)
  • Fixed a bug in the Actor's age if the actor is dead
  • The "Title Cleaning Function" in the Device Scanner is now applied in the Title Directly (and not Filename)
  • Changed the UserAgent to Http.UserAgent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:12.0) Gecko/20120403211507 Firefox/12.0"
  • Fixed a bug in Adding a Cover to a New Movie before Save It
  • Fixed a bug if you open the Cover manager for a New movie not yet saved.

Changes for v8.0.3.6 - v8.0.3.8

  • Fixed a bug in the Button to Add Episodes
  • Fixed a bug in XML Collectorz Import (Was Freezing)
  • Added back the Support for Media Browser (Must be tested deeply)
  • Fixed a bug in Filesize in Grid
  • Fixed a bug in NFO Export for Actors
  • Changed a bit the Find Duplicate function (Should be a little bit more quick now)
  • Now XMM remember the last Folder Open
  • Filesize in Grid is now in MB
  • Fixed a bug in Drag/Drop a Picture in the Edit Window (do not refresh it correctly)
  • Added the Function to Find Holes in MovieID Sequence
  • Fixed a bug in Saving Genre, Subgenre, Subtitle etc... to Multiple Movies
  • Added Files to Export Manager (in CSV actually)
  • Fixed a bug in the Procedure that Detect if a File has been moved to another Folder
  • Added a New Window that Let you choose what to do with MOVED Movie Files (Beta, Please write bugs!)
  • Added a button to Force the Search for Missing Files (If the Device Scanner is not Busy)
  • Fixed a bug in the Function that Detect if a movie is Missing (Special Characters was not detected)
  • Fixed a bug in Function that Detect Missing Ripped Blu-Ray files

Changes for v8.0.3.5 - v8.0.3.6

  • Now if you add more than one Movie File the Length will be computed correctly
  • Fixed a bug in Reading Codec for Episodes
  • Added "Read Files" button also to Episodes Edit Window
  • Added a button to Add a New Episodes to a TV Show Manually (Edit Window)
  • Advanced Filters now contains all options also for Fields like Actors, Directors etc...
  • Added FileSize in Movies Main Grid and Episodes Grid
  • Added the Media Icon to Episodes too
  • Added a button to open the Debug File Directly (Configuration Window)
  • When you Selecy an Episode or a Movie from HTML now the Play Button will be activated
  • Added a new Column in the Grid for the First Trailer of the Movie
  • Fixed some Bugs on NFO Export
  • Fixed a visual bug in Adding a Picture from Clipboard
  • Fixed a bug in Episodes Device Scanner (Resetting the SerieID if already Polulated)
  • Device Scanner: When you Assign to Episodes an Existing TV Show it will automatically populate the TV Show Title Too
  • Added a new Entry to Treeview : Movies with Trailers
  • Fixed a bug in Deleting Audio Data when delete a Movie
  • Re-read Codec Function: Audio Info will be cleared and reimported now.
  • TAB Characters will be automatically Cleared now with #TRIM# Function
  • Important Scripts are now in Yellow
  • Fixed the error "13, long conversion" that can happen in some languages.
  • Changed the Welcome Webpage for Christimas :-)
  • Fixed a bug in My Collection in HTML (Wrong Characters in files)

Changes for v8.0.3.1 - v8.0.3.5

  • File Rename : Added an option to specify the File Structure for Movies that have more than one file
  • Fixed a bug in My Website Function: Now will not delete any files inside the Directory you select

Changes for v8.0.3.0 - v8.0.3.1

  • Added the UserAgent in the ScriptEngine to avoid problem for Website like IAFD.COM
  • Added the BasicInfo card (Thanks to Kirill)
  • Added a Text Editor if you double click on a field in the QuickEdit and Edit window
  • Fixed a bug in Thumbnail (not refresh QuickEdit)
  • Fixed some bugs in Saving Configuration.

Changes for v8.0.2.8 - v8.0.3.0

  • Added "," Separator to Country and other fields (HTML Card)
  • Fixed a bug in Treeview Custom View
  • Changed internal code of LiveUpdate (to be sure it replace the script downloaded)
  • Added all script to Update

Changes for v8.0.2.7 - v8.0.2.8

  • Fixed a bug in the LiveUpdate Routine!
  • Fixed some bug in the Covers routine (do not replace correctly files)
  • Rearranged the Edit window following mawu suggestions (not all, some for now :-) )
  • MPAA and Packaging are Now Combobox in the Edit Window

Changes for v8.0.2.6 - v8.0.2.7

  • Added "Open Movie Folder" to right-Click menu too
  • Now the Media Label is Populated correctly when you add a Movie File
  • Fixed script for TV Shows!
  • Fixed a lot of Scripts with Actors Problem
  • Fixed a bug in Update the Subtitle list
  • Fixed a bug in Multiple Edit (Status and Category not update)
  • Fixed a bug in Importing Media release Date

Changes for v8.0.2.5 - v8.0.2.6

  • Fixed a bug in Save A Movie during MagicScript import
  • Updated DLLs to latest release
  • Now the Date are shown correctly on Treeview (Date Insert)
  • Fixed a bug in Seen Where Field (was numeric)
  • Added back the Button for Offline Authentication
  • Fixed a bug in XML Export (Wrong Character exported)

Changes for v8.0.2.4 - v8.0.2.5

  • Updated the BasicInfo3 MovieCard (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Fixed a bug in Cover Manager (Delete Cover was not working properly)
  • Changed the procedure to save a movie, lets see if the saving error are fixed with it.
  • Added the Button to Save Database (File Menu)
  • Added File1 also in Episodes Grid

Changes for v8.0.1.6 - v8.0.2.4

  • Fixed a bug in Closing XMM when you have to update it
  • Fixed a bug in Frame Grabber
  • Added the Media Label also during TV Show Scan (Device Scanner)

Changes for v8.0.1.5 - v8.0.1.6

  • Forced XMM to save everything when you close with the Close Button...
  • Fixed a bug in Ripped DVD import (VIDEO_TS and VIDEO TS Folders)
  • Now you can change the Folder of Your Android Device at any time

Changes for v8.0.1.3 - v8.0.1.5

  • Fixed a language bug in Main Window
  • XMM Is now portable... you can install also in USB Key
  • Now at First Startup the language is loaded correctly

Changes for v8.0.1.1 - v8.0.1.3

Changes for v8.0.1.0 Beta - v8.0.1.1

  • Fixed some visual bug in Edit window
  • Now if you try to edit a movie and the Edit window is already open there will be a Warning.
  • Fixed a bug in Media Combobox (Edit Window)
  • Fixed a bug in BackCover CoverManager
  • Fixed a bug in NFO File Reading
  • Fixed a bug in Adding A picture to People from Cover Manager

Changes for v7.2.3.6 - v8.0.1.0 Beta

  • Added default script for movies/TV Show and Actors... XMM will automatically use always one of these
  • If you change the name and/or the year of a movie that has not been imported, engine will try to import it again (reset the field DirectLinkSearched)
  • Added a new Tool: File Manager
  • Added new Instructions to MagicScript Engine:
  • You can put these new instructions in any block
  • Modified Instructions:
  • is now similar to #TAKEACTOR#, where you can specify the NAME § WEB_ID
  • Modified Instructions for Episodes:
  • In order to Process the Correct Data for Episode, these Instructions inside the Episode Block must be changed
  • Delected Instructions (no more available)
  • #SAVEEPISODEINFO#, just removed, not used
  • #SAVEMOVIE#, just removed, not used
  • Moviecards, Removed the variable from CUSTOMFIELD7 to CUSTOMFIELD11
  • Added these new Variables:
  • Moviecards, added these new variables:
  • Added the button to show the Directlink Preview!!
  • All Windows now have a Minimum Size
  • Button "Update from Web" show the standard script name as tooltip
  • Addeda new picture category: Screenshots, for the pictures of Movie itself
  • XMM now check if you are running as administrator!! (info in About Window)
  • Added Popup that show when a movie will be imported automatically...
  • Added A warning message if you edit a movie that is currently imported by Script
  • Added a New window: the first time you will install XMM it will ask for your preferite Script and the Folder where your movies are stored... everything will be managed automatically by XMM
  • Now the TempDir is automatically deleted at startup
  • Changed the Seen Color for Movie Grid (Now show color for Not Seen!)
  • Database can be now Password-Protected
  • Added statistics about every Block Executed (Number of Cycles) in the Script Engine Monitor
  • Boxset is now like a movie, so can be Imported from internet with scripts
  • Added in Context menu "Quick Update with Different Script"
  • Added a "Debug Mode" that write all error messages in a txt file
  • Added a context menu to add a new actor!
  • Should be definitely solved the bug of the "Virtual Listview"
  • Now if you stop the magiscript it will not start again automatically to import info
  • Now the database converter imports Boxsets too
  • Now its possible to select more than one script to import information...
  • Added an option in Title Cleaning to not delete everything after the words found
  • Added a function to reset XMM Configuration (delete the config.ini file)
  • Added Language Support
  • Now when you delete a Person also the picture will be deleted (There is a new configuration option to do this)
  • Added the option to delete Movie Files too from Hard Disks
  • Added the Shortcut (F6,F7,F8) with predefined Scripts
  • Should be fixed the problem of Duplicate movies when you open another DB (XMM check if engines are closed)
  • Now if you not import the Actors from an old database the photos will not be imported too
  • Fixed a bug in Creating Duplicate Actors
  • Added context menu on Treeview (Must be improved...)
  • Added the Statistic Form
  • Thumbnails will be created for Peoples too
  • Added the buttons to show/hide the panels
  • Added the instruction #TAKEKEYWORDS# to impor the Keywords (Can be added in any block)
  • Added a new function in context menu to clear all field (to re-update a movie if the engine has imported a wrong one)
  • Now if you cannot update because engine is busy there is a warning message
  • Added Fields Manager Function (Must be completed with more functions)
  • Now in the MovieCard will be loaded the Thumbnails of People, to make the MovieCard a bit quicker
  • Added "My Personal Website" function, with built in FTP Uploader
  • Fixed a bug in Saving Episode Info
  • Fixed visual bug in Edit Episode Window
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Engine Episode Import
  • Now if ScriptEngine is busy XMM will not search for updates
  • Added a new function in the context menu of TV Show File Scanner: Set Serie Title like folder name
  • Fixed a bug in the function to reset the Movie Status.
  • Fixed a visual bug in Movies Context Menu (Quick Scripts not updated)
  • Now the Device Scanner will not set the same picture to more movies
  • Now Thumbnails images will be created also when you import Covers with Device Scanner
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Engine: now if you delete a movie that engine was updating the movie will be skipped
  • Added more items to Treeview
  • Fixed a bug in Boxset Import
  • Fixed a bug causing a movie take the data of another one.
  • Fixed a bug in Device Scanner (Sometime some TV Shows was named "Unknown")
  • Fixed a problem in Play buttons
  • Fixed a bug in Language selection.
  • Added an option to show Photos at full resolution or Thumbnails in the MovieCard
  • Fixed a bug not showing Covers in Thumbnail view if the Thumbnail doesn't exist
  • Fixed a bug in Loading a recent databse from MR list
  • Now is possible to show all 6 custom tree structure on Treeview
  • Added the Expande and Collapse function to Treeview
  • Removed the Joining function for Episodes in the Device Scanner
  • Device Scanner for TV Shows: Now it try to detect if the TV Show already exist during scanning.
  • Rearranged just a bit the Edit window
  • Added a Combobox in the Edit Window of Movie to select the Boxset to assign
  • Improved a bit the MagicScript Shutdown
  • Added the Option in the configuration to "Freeze" current layout
  • Removed the Boxsets from the Export to Android and NMT Devices
  • Fixed a bug in Add movie
  • Added Special Filters to Treeview
  • Fixed a bug in Boxset Batch Import
  • Fixed a Visual Bug in Edit Window
  • Added Back the Column headers in Edit Window
  • Now when you select a Person in the MovieCard there will be also Movies Directed or Produced etc.. my him
  • Added the Boxset add also to TV Show menu
  • Bring back the Ribbon Toolbar
  • Fixed a bug related to #CHECKACTOREXIST# function
  • Added the Zoom to Thumbnail View
  • Rearranged some Items in Treeview
  • Added the Subitems of Director, Writer etc... to People
  • Added a button to Search again for a movie when you change its Name
  • Fixed a bug in Actor import (Not clear the Old Info about previous Actors)
  • Added a Description in the HTML Card of People of their Profession in the Movie Listed
  • Improved the Function to Clear All People from Database
  • Fixed a bug in the Stop procedure of MagicScript
  • Fixed a problem of Actor Directlink Search, was not Skipping if there was no directlinks or just take the first directlink and go on
  • Now Ribbon remember the Setting if minimized
  • Rearranged some Icons in Ribbon, created new Menu for Devices
  • Now the Backups of Database are limited in Number
  • Add from TXT file: Now you can open really a TXT File.
  • Fixed a bug in Treeview Special Filters
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Import if you select more than one script
  • Editor has now his own Table Like Directors (Please create a new Database for tests!)
  • Added the WebID Info to all the Crew Tables
  • Added Editor Subitem to People Tree
  • Added Chains
  • Added Back the all Custom 11 fields, with an option to reimport it in the new XMM 8 database
  • Audio Streams are now in a Separate Table, this means that every movie can have more audio streams with details.
  • Now Genre, Subgenre, Language Country and Features are Editable in the Edit window
  • The Import of Old Database should be a little bit more quick now.
  • Fixed a bug in Copying the Tables from Old Database
  • Modified the Device Scanner to Grab all Audio Streams
  • If the Edit Window is open the MagicScript will not start automatically until is closed
  • Added Multi-Disc Support
  • Now is possible Edit a movie also from Fields Manager window (Double Click)
  • Fixed a bug in Movie Edit and refreshing the Grid
  • Added new Filters to Treeview about Features
  • Added the Please Wait message during Edit Window loading.
  • Added the Function "Re-Read Codec"
  • Added the function to Add Original DVD
  • Fixed a bug in TXT File Import
  • Thumbnails now has a white background
  • Fixed a but showing the Chain in the Edit Window
  • Fixed a bug in Show Episodes in Edit Window
  • Rearranged some fields to Edit window
  • Fixed a bug in Ripped DVD and Ripped Blu_ray import
  • Now if you add a file from Edit Window the codecs are automatically read (no matter about configuration)
  • Removed the Color, 3D fields
  • Added a new Field "MovieFeatures", to store features like "Normal 3D, 3D Anag..., Color,... Gift" etc...
  • Changed the Media Year field to MediaReleaseDate
  • Added the Function to Compact and Repair Database
  • Added Movie Features to Treeview
  • Now if you add a People inside the Movie that doesn't exit it will be created automatically.
  • Now the grid of Fields Manager is Editable
  • Added the Random button to Context Menu of Movie Grid
  • Added the function to create the NFO File (Export Section)
  • The MagicScript Engine now is Fully Functional (Have s Separate Engine for it)
  • Fixed a bug in Filesize count on Disc Reading
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript engine is a Timeout Occur
  • Added Custom Filters Management
  • Fixed a bug in Statistic Loading
  • Added Lists Manager
  • Added Loan Manager
  • Fixed a bug in HTML Creation of Webpage
  • Optimized the code for People Filters
  • Peole Card: Now the Movies are group together by profession.
  • Added CSV Import
  • MovieID now can be changed when you create a new movie
  • Added a button to refresh the Thumbnail View
  • Removed the Obsolete 3D and Color Checkbox
  • Removed the Default Script for Device Scanner (Now uses the Default Script)
  • Added the function to Rebuild Thumbnails
  • Now if the Thumbnail doesn't exist will be created again (HTML Export)
  • Added a new columns for actors/directors in the movie Grid, so you can search also for them now.
  • Added Random button on Ribbon
  • Custom Fields can now be Renamed.
  • Added a function to replace a word in Files Path (File Manager)
  • Friend Table is now Editable like the other lists
  • Fixed a bug in "Skip if no directlinks found" function
  • Added a Welcome Page in HTML (Must be improved)
  • Moved the Random Button to Tools
  • Fixed a bug in Backcover management (Edit Window)
  • Speed up a bit the MovieID Renumbering function
  • Fixed some visual bug in Edit Window
  • Fixed the 3D filter in Treeview (Movies and TV Shows)
  • Fixed a bug in Actors Birth Date
  • Fixed a bug in Image Conversion
  • Added Search Options like XMM 7
  • Added Filters near the Search Panel
  • Fixed a bug in Edit Genre/Subgenre etc... fields in Edit Window
  • Fixed a bug in Price Import from OLD DB
  • Fixed a bug in Status Field (Should import correctly the values now from old db, and the Combobox is populated in Edit Window)
  • Tree Items can be hide now
  • The Edit window is now a bit Bigger
  • NFO Files will be generated now only for selected movies in Main Grid
  • Added a button in Edit Window to Read a file directly at bottom
  • Fixed a bug in Importing Filesize from old XMM 7
  • Now if you select a TV Show from Treeview and after click Edit the TV Show will be edited instead of Episode

Changes for v7.2.3.4 - v7.2.3.6

  • Device Scanner: Fixed a bug in Year Extract from FileName
  • Device Scanner: Fixed a bug in FileSize Extract
  • Fixed a bug in Batch Update Reminder
  • Updated Russian Language (Thanks to dipol)
  • Updated MovieCard (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Now when you create a new Movie in the Edit Window the focus will go in the first tab
  • Updated the Actors Cleaning Plugin (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Device Scanner: IMDB Link are now imported not only for but all imdb websites.
  • Device Scanner: Should now detect better nfo or url files also for Ripped DVD,Blu-Ray and HDDVD
  • Added the option to exclude a file from Device Scanner (like XMusicM)

Changes for v7.2.3.3 - v7.2.3.4

  • Fixed a bug in NFO IMDB Link import

Changes for v7.2.3.0 - v7.2.3.3

  • Device Scanner: Now automatically Close after Add Movies to Database
  • Device Scanner: Fixed a bug in importing IMDB Link from NFO File
  • Device Scanner: Now you can define the Default Script (Default IMDB Fastest) to import info after you have add the movies to database. It will automatically import movies that have the IMDB Link
  • Device Scanner: Fixed a bug that Skip the Last file in a folder
  • Added a new Window: Batch Update Checker... it will check if some movies need to be updated from Internet, and let you start the auto-import

Changes for v7.2.2.9 - v7.2.3.0

  • Update the Slovenian language (Thanks to Marko "MaX")
  • Updated the MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Fixed a bug on the "Deleted Movie File" Popup Message

Changes for v7.2.2.8 - v7.2.2.9

  • Fixed a bug in #ADDFILMOGRAPHY# Script (? problem)
  • Fixed a bug in Location list

Changes for v7.2.2.6 - v7.2.2.8

  • Switch back to the Old LiveUpdate, the new ScriptUpdater will be ready soon...

Changes for v7.2.2.5 - v7.2.2.6

  • Device Scanner: Fixed a problem in Blu-Ray detection.
  • Updated the MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Replaced the LiveUpdate with a new Plugin Called ScriptUpdate (Thanks to JDommi!)

Changes for v7.2.2.4 - v7.2.2.5

  • Added the Import from DVD-Video-Archiv Database
  • Updated a bit the Italian Language File
  • Device Scanner: Fixed a bug of the Import Button when File Monitor found new movies
  • Updated Irfanview

Changes for v7.2.2.3 - v7.2.2.4

  • Device Scanner: Now save corretly the folder used last time.
  • New Release of MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Now when you press the "show statistics" it will remember the last statistics shown
  • Device Scanner: The button to Add Movies to Database is now inactive if the grid is empty

Changes for v7.2.2.2 - v7.2.2.3

  • Changed the Ant Movie XML Import
  • Removed some unnecessary "clicks" from Device Scanner
  • Added a right-click function to open the moviecard in a external browser
  • Fixed a bug in Procedure that detect if Movie Files has been deleted
  • Fixed some little bugs in Dashboard (Total Number of Movies now is correct, without the TV Shows)
  • The Statistics in Dashboard are now shown in the same Graph.
  • Added an animated icon when XMM load the statistics

Changes for v7.2.2.1 - v7.2.2.2

  • New Release of MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Device Scanner: Added the button to re-process the title cleaning again
  • Device Scanner: Added the possibility to select just one file instead of folder (Right Click)
  • Changed the Basic Layout of the full installation (No Mini Stat, No QuickEdit, Ribbon Hidden, interface more "clean")
  • Device Scanner: Added a counter to Import Maximum 200 Movies at time. It will prevent XMM to slow down too much
  • Device Scanner: Now even if you click on Start Scan more time there will be no more duplicates (Works for Files now)
  • Device Scanner: Now the first "Page" let you select the type of data you want import (Devices, Disks or Original DVD"

Changes for v7.2.2.0 - v7.2.2.1

  • New Release of MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Device Scanner: Now the Right-Click function works also if you have select the cells instead of the Rows
  • Device Scanner: Added New functions to Right-Click
  • Device Scanner: Enabled the option of Folder Name
  • Device Scanner: Added a function to set the CatalogNo like Folder Name
  • Device Scanner: Now the dot at end of filename is automatically deleted)
  • MovieCards: Added a new variable called _MOVIE_ACTOR_IS_TVSHOW_

Changes for v7.2.1.9 - v7.2.2.0

  • Updated the MovieCards! Thanks to Prinz!
  • Updated the Irfanview to Latest release.
  • Updated the XBMC-Export Plugin (Thanks to RadioActive)
  • Fixed a bug that can cause a crash if there are no records to display in the Grid (Listview Error)

Changes for v7.2.1.8 - v7.2.1.9

  • Removed a Function that can slow down the XMM Startup
  • Now if you perform a Device Scanner the File Monitor will automatically shut down
  • Changed the procedure that detect if a movie file has been moved, now look also to Media Label and not only to Drive letter
  • Updated the MovieCards! Thanks to Prinz!

Changes for v7.2.1.6 - v7.2.1.8

  • Fixed a bug in Episode Grid (Do not refresh After Change)
  • Fixed a bug in Cover Delete
  • Rewrited from scratch the File Scanner (Now called Device Scanner):
  • It show now the Covers directly in the grid
  • There are new functions (right click) to better clean the title
  • Now try to extract the info from .URL files too (IMDB Link)
  • Can detect directly the Ripped DVD and BLU-RAY (Without use a different window)
  • Is Experimental, Please Report Bugs!

Changes for v7.2.1.5 - v7.2.1.6

  • Fixed a bug in Configuration window (Title Cleaning and Spaces)
  • Fixed a bug in "Merge Movies" Function (Not merged correctly the Movie Files)
  • Added the Year to the Folder name for MediaCenterDir (to let movies with same name to be shown)
  • Fixed a bug in Media Center file creation.

Changes for v7.2.1.4 - v7.2.1.5

  • Added Double Click to Select a Script option
  • Added the Slovenian Language (Thanks to Marko "MaX")
  • Added the link to Wiki
  • Fixed a bug in Script Engine (If you switch from movies to actors in the import window)

Changes for v7.2.1.2 - v7.2.1.4

  • Fixed a bug that cause the crash XMM in some cases (Listview Error)

Changes for v7.2.1.1 - v7.2.1.2

  • Added an option in the MovieCard Toolbar to not show Awards (Deselect if the Card Loading is too slow)
  • All the Script Engine options like "skip if multiple links" now works for Actors Too
  • Updated the MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Added new Data to iPhone/Android Export (MPAA,Country)
  • The XML file after iPhone/Android export is now deleted
  • Replaced the "/" with "," in some fields like Genre, Country, Director
  • Added the option to Export the Personal Rating or the Web Rating
  • Changed the #READNEXTLINE#=1 instruction, if there are Tabs it will threat like spaces
  • Added back the 3 buttons for Quick import in the Movie Edit window
  • Added new functions to Copy Covers in the same folder of Movies, now you can specify the FileName
  • Added new functions to Copy FanArt in the same folder of Movies, now you can specify the FileName
  • Added new functions to Copy BackCovers in the same folder of Movies, now you can specify the FileName

Changes for v7.2.0.9 - v7.2.1.1

  • Now the Thumbnail image is refreshed always
  • Movies that has not Cover will show an empty picture in Thumbnail
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Engine (If you import more than 300 movies and all was directlinks taken by XMM there was an out of memory error)
  • Now also the Thumbnail have high quality pictures
  • Fixed a bug in #FINDPREVIOUS# instruction
  • Removed an error message that occur if the picture is not valid
  • Changed the code that is XMM lose the Internet Connection will not Stop import but will go to next Movie
  • Fixed a bug in File Monitor/Script Engine (if works in the same time can occur an error)
  • Changed a bit the Script selection window (to better focus the options)
  • Changed the Language Ini File (Items: 1188,1045,1044,1426)

Changes for v7.2.0.8 - v7.2.0.9

  • Rewrited From Scratch the Thumbnail View, no more waits in loading :-)
  • Fixed a small bug a show actors pictures in the HTML card
  • HTML Card Loading is now in a separate Thread, XMM should be more quick even for complex Movies
  • Added XBMC-Export Plugin.
  • Changed a little bit the startup procedure
  • XMM Now remember if the last view you use (grid or thumbnail)

Changes for v7.2.0.5 - v7.2.0.8

  • Fixed a bug in Adding Actor Manually
  • Fixed a bug in File Scanner (Do not import movies after detected that one has been moved)

Changes for v7.2.0.4 - v7.2.0.5

  • Fixed abug in the configuration window
  • Fixed a bug in File Scanner (Not reading correctly NFO File)
  • Fixed a bug in Add Covers from Cover Manager

Changes for v7.2.0.3 - v7.2.0.4

  • Changed the XML Export to fix problems with My-Film and Media Portal

Changes for v7.2.0.2 - v7.2.0.3

  • Fixed small Bugs on Cover Manager
  • Added Back Many MovieCards
  • Fixed a bug when you open the link to IMDB in HTML Card and then the link to an actor (XMM Freeze, but only in some cases)
  • Update the Italian Language file (Thanks to Vinlas!)
  • Corrected a bug in XML Export, should export data in correct format now.
  • Added a new option in configuration window to select the action for double click

Changes for v7.2.0.0 - v7.2.0.2

  • Rewrite the Cover Manager: Now you can Drag/Drop pictures and you have all cover,Fanart,Backcover in the same window
  • Added the Link to Cover manager to Context Menu
  • Fixed a bug that load the Episode Card Twice

Changes for v7.1.4.4 - v7.2.0.0

  • Optimized the MagicScript Engine, its a little bit faster now (10%)
  • Optimized the MovieCard Engine, its a little bit faster now
  • Fixed a bug in the Statistic Gauges
  • Clean a bit the Installation
  • Changed the Personal Rating Icons in the Grid (Transparent Background)
  • Changed the Icons in the TreeView
  • TreeView now has the BackGround color of the Main Grid
  • Now the Recent Database show only the existing DB
  • Added Zoom Control to Main Toolbar at Bottom
  • Changed a bit the DashBoard
  • Fixed a bug in QuickEdit Update
  • Now all the Windows are "Skinned"
  • Fixed a bug in Personal Rating Stars in Episode Grid
  • Try again to Fix the problem of Download Monitor :-)

Changes for v7.1.4.3 - v7.1.4.4

  • Update the Actors Plugin (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Updated the MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Fixed a bug in Saving Movie Procedure

Changes for v7.1.4.2 - v7.1.4.3

  • Clean up a bit the interface
  • Removed the Eject Disk button from toolbar
  • Removed the toolbar at bottom in the HTML Card
  • Removed the toolbar at bottom of Treeview
  • Now the Play Movie/Trailer/File button are hide if there are no actions with it
  • Fixed a bug in Re-Read movie file button
  • Changed a bit the Dashboard
  • In the Actors grid now there is a blank picture if the photo is not loaded
  • Updated the MovieCard (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Now the Download Monitor can be hide

Changes for v7.1.4.1 - v7.1.4.2

  • Fixed a bug in Context Menu: Now will only enable the button to play movies files that exists
  • Fixed a bug in Context Menu: Now will only enable the button to play trailers files that exists
  • Added Media Label value also to Ripped Blu-Ray
  • pdated the OnEx2 plugin
  • ow File Monitor will search for new files not only at startup but after a time.
  • ixed a bug in Export Holes in MovieID Sequence function
  • hanged a bit the size of Dashboard

Changes for v7.1.3.8 - v7.1.3.9

  • Removed some unused internal code
  • Updated Some Scripts
  • Fixed a bug on Catalog Number (CD/DVD)
  • Updated to latest MovieCards

Changes for v7.1.3.7 - v7.1.3.8

  • Added new release of HTML Card (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Fixed some language bugs

Changes for v7.1.3.6 - v7.1.3.7

  • Now you can see the Youtube and TrailerAddict Trailers directly in the MovieCard!
  • Fixed a bug in Skip this Movie button (During Import)
  • Best Script are now in Bold in the Grid
  • In Multiple Edit now you can see how many movies you have select (In the Window Title)
  • Added TrailerAddict Script
  • Changed the Chapter and Story field to "Memo"
  • Fixed a bug in update progress (imported actors: x/y)
  • Fixed a bug in Find Duplicate with WebLink
  • Added WebLinkScript to Grid

Changes for v7.1.3.5 - v7.1.3.6

  • Modified the Italian language ini (Thanks to Vinlas!)
  • Now the Episode Title is taken in any case
  • Fixed a bug in Saving Media Year
  • Now in the CD/DVD Scanner the Software Show always the last file rad
  • Now if you paste something in QuickEdit it will be automatically saved
  • Improved the Import of MKV Codec Info (Audio and Subtitles)

Changes for v7.1.3.4 - v7.1.3.5

  • Improved the NFO file reading (when you scan your hard disk)
  • Fixed a bug in Options Link
  • Fixed a bug in Initialization

Changes for v7.1.2.9 - v7.1.3.4

  • Fixed some bugs in Image Import (No more error messages of wrong filetype)
  • Added the Language field also to Custom Treeview and the Search
  • Added some Movie Details in the Directlink Selection List
  • Now the message of Missing files is just an Alert window
  • Added more option to File Scanner function (To better clean Titles)
  • Fixed some Labels bugs
  • Update the Spanish.ini file (thanks to Marcelino Hermida!)
  • Fixed a bug in Combobox (Edit Window)
  • Fixed a bug in Adding Episodes from TXT
  • Reorganized some menu and context menu
  • Added Filters for Movies and Actors
  • Added Context Menu to Actors
  • Added the list of Movies and Actors for multiple changes
  • Enabled the Advanced BandView on Grid
  • Added Photos to Actors Grid
  • Added new variables to NFO export Template for XBMC
  • Fixed a bug of Cover not shown after Export NFO
  • Fixed a little bug in the Grid

Changes for v7.1.2.8 - v7.1.2.9

  • Added the variable _MOVIE_ACTOR_ORIGINALTITLE_
  • Added "Android Devices" to "My Devices"
  • Updated the MovieCards and Scripts (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Fixed the UTF8 Bug in database loading

Changes for v7.1.2.7 - v7.1.2.8

  • Changed the heigth of the options Script Listbox
  • Fixed a little refreshing bug when you delete a script
  • Update the Actors Cleaning Plugin (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Update the MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Fixed a bug in _ACTOR_COVERCOUNT_ variable

Changes for v7.1.2.3 - v7.1.2.7

  • Fixed many minor bugs around :-)
  • Updated the MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz and JDommi!)
  • Updated Franch Ini Language
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript OPENNEWWEB Instruction
  • Fixed a bug in Stop MagicScript Engine Process
  • Fixed a bug that may occur if there are wrong characters in actor imported
  • Fixed a bug in Engine if you select to skip if movies has more that one Directlink
  • Restore the previous Thumbnail until the new one will be ready.
  • Fixed a bug in Episodes Info Import
  • Fixed a bug in Actors MagicScript Engine

Changes for v7.1.2.2 - v7.1.2.3

  • Rewrited from Scratch the Thumbnail view
  • Added the variable _ACTOR_COVERCOUNT_ to ActorCard

Changes for v7.1.2.1 - v7.1.2.2

  • Fixed a bug in "Original" field save procedure
  • Fixed a bug in Adding Movie Title
  • Improved the "STOP IMPORT" Function, now should shutdown faster
  • Added the context menu to BackCover, but only for copy images
  • Fixed a bug in Extract Movie Frame in Edit Window
  • Updated MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz and JDommi!)

Changes for v7.1.2.0 - v7.1.2.1

  • Fixed a bug in QuickEdit View (Episodes Picture)
  • Fixed a bug with _MOVIE_ORIGINAL_ tag
  • Fixed a bug in Edit Multiple Window

Changes for v7.1.1.9 - v7.1.2.0

  • Fixed some bugs related with new fields.
  • Added the _MOVIE_ORIGINAL_ Tag with "TRUE" or "FALSE" values
  • Fixed a bug in Episodes Grid (Edit TV Show window)
  • Fixed a little bug of Grid Refresh if you have only one movie in database
  • Fixed a bug in Episode Picture Management
  • Updated MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz and JDommi!)

Changes for v7.1.1.8 - v7.1.1.9

  • Added a little button in Download Monitor to Stop Loading Webpages when URL Do not respond
  • Changed some code in Download Monitor
  • Fixed some stuff related to new variables
  • Added new variables for MovieCards: _MOVIE_SERIESTATUS_ & _MOVIE_CHARACTERINFO_
  • Fixed a bug on File Monitor Folder overwrite during XMM Update
  • Fixed a bug in Script Load option (If you import any movies at once you can have problems)
  • Fixed the bug of double .jpg to episode cover filename

Changes for v7.1.1.7 - v7.1.1.8

  • Fixed a little bug in Personal Rating Star
  • Added a new instruction #READPREVIOUSLINE#=1 to read previous website line
  • Change some code on MagicScript, now Episode List is more quick on Load
  • Added the Starting Field to Grid (Position)
  • Changed definitely the "name" of the custom fields to:
  • IMDBTop250
  • ReleaseDate
  • Editor
  • Repository
  • Budget
  • Revenue
  • IMDBLink
  • AKASTitle
  • Goofs
  • Trivia
  • Added some new fields:
  • CharacterInfo (memo)
  • SerieStatus (Seris: Ended, Continuing ....)
  • Original (Boolean)
  • Added these new MagicScript instructions:

Changes for v7.1.1.6 - v7.1.1.7

  • Added a new option in #READNEXTLINE#=1 to read next website line with data (Scripts will run a bit faster)
  • Updated the MovieCards and ActorCards! (Thanks to Prinz and JDommi!)

Changes for v7.1.1.4 - v7.1.1.6

  • Change a code that slow down the XMM startup
  • Added more Language Phrases
  • Updated the MovieCards and ActorCards! (Thanks to Prinz and JDommi!)
  • Update the MagicScript Documentation (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Added a function in Multiple Changes to Add the Year at end of title
  • Fixed a bug in Directors and Actors with apostrophe on name (MovieCard)
  • Added "Note" field to Collectorz Import
  • Changed a bit some data in Media Browser export
  • Fixed the Print Function (Should work now)

Changes for v7.1.1.2 - v7.1.1.4

  • Little bit modification on XML file for Media Browser

Changes for v7.1.1.1 - v7.1.1.2

  • Changed some code in "Media Browser" Export
  • Added another option for Duplicate Entries (weblink)
  • When you read movie files, the movie is automatically marked as not wanted.

Changes for v7.1.1.0 - v7.1.1.1

  • Added 3D Logo to MovieCards (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Moved some settings to Configuration Window
  • Added Language to Script List
  • Fixed some language bugs
  • Changed some code in MCE (Medial Center Export)
  • Added Seen Flag to the Actor Card (to see the movie seen/not seen)
  • Now is possible to Overwrite a Layout

Changes for v7.1.0.8 - v7.1.1.0

  • Now when you delete movies the grid will not refresh automatically.
  • Fixed a bug in MCE (Medial Center Export) Runtime
  • Fixed German Umlaute on Media Center
  • Added Codec info to Media Center
  • Updated the Polish Ini Language
  • Fixed a bug with Irfanview and Imported Images
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook Alert window

Changes for v7.1.0.7 - v7.1.0.8

  • Update the German and Italian ini files
  • Fixed a bug Frame Extractor Number
  • Added a button to copy the Original Title to Title (Episodes)
  • Added an option to export CatalogNo to Position (iPhone)

Changes for v7.1.0.6 - v7.1.0.7

  • Updated the English Language INI File.
  • Fixed a bug in OnEx Plugin (Thanks to Techdls!)

Changes for v7.1.0.5 - v7.1.0.6

  • Fixed a bug in Internal Webbrowser Import

Changes for v7.1.0.4 - v7.1.0.5

  • Now you can disable the function on File Monitor that search automatically Missing Files
  • Fixed a bug in Start Scan button (File Monitor)
  • Added Language field to Grid
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript

Changes for v7.1.0.3 - v7.1.0.4

  • Added Movie3D Field to specify if the Movie is 3D (_MOVIE_3D_)
  • Fixed a bug in File Scanner for TV Shows
  • Added latest release of Mediainfo.dll

Changes for v7.1.0.2 - v7.1.0.3

  • Fixed a bug in Log of PopcornHour Synchronization file
  • Now XMM Export also Fanart when export NFO files (for XMBC)
  • Added an option in iPhone to export Medial Label field to Position field
  • Little bit changes to Startup and Shutdown window
  • Edit Window now check if you try to add a Movie with an MovieID that already exist
  • Fixed a bug in File Scanner...

Changes for v7.1.0.0 - v7.1.0.2

  • Added the IMDB Link to the Quick Add new movie window
  • Changed a bit the File Monitor Scanning Start
  • Changed some code in File Scanner function
  • Fixed a bug in Save Movie function

Changes for v7.0.9.9 - v7.1.0.0

  • Fixed a visual bug in Main Window
  • Improved the File Scanner: Now detect better the Year from Title

Changes for v7.0.9.8 - v7.0.9.9

  • Updated MovieCards! (Thanks to Prinz and JDommi!)
  • Fixed a bug in FileScanner
  • Fixed a bug in Webquery (replace & with space)
  • Fixed some Language Bugs

Changes for v7.0.9.7 - v7.0.9.8

  • Fixed a bug in Check Updates function
  • Fixed a bug in Media Browse Title
  • Fixed a bug in iPhone Import
  • Changed some code in LiveUpdate function
  • Updated some MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!)

Changes for v7.0.9.6 - v7.0.9.7

  • Updated the CoverManager plugin (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Added "My Devices" Button in Toolbar
  • Added the first alpha release of NMJ (Networked Media Jukebox) Import/Export (PopcornHour)
  • Fixed a bug in FanArt and Backcover save

Changes for v7.0.9.5 - v7.0.9.6

  • Added the "CoverManager" Plugin! (Thanks toy JDommi!!)
  • Updated themes for Android and PocketPC (MyLittleNTMExport) (Thanks to Norm!!)
  • Increased the Loading Speed of MovieCards! (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Fixed a bug in Check updates function
  • Raised the Quality of Images downloaded
  • Added Catalan language (Thanks to Jepet!)

Changes for v7.0.9.4 - v7.0.9.5

  • Added a new function in Magiscript engine: #SEARCHREPLACEVAR#=text#?1##?2#
  • Updated the IMDB Scripts! (Great thanks to Prinz!)
  • MagicScript Engine Updated to rel 5.7

Changes for v7.0.9.3 - v7.0.9.4

  • Removed the Context Menu in Fanart/Cover/Backcover control in Edit window
  • Updated the MyLittleNMTExport plugin.
  • Added themes for Android and PocketPC (MyLittleNTMExport) (Thanks to Norm!!)
  • Now the Import Window open more quick if you import selected Movies/Actors from Edit window
  • Added the "CleanScript" Plugin! (Thanks toy JDommi!!)
  • Fixed a bug in Skip Import Function

Changes for v7.0.9.2 - v7.0.9.3

  • Fixed a bug in Movies not visible in Grid when adding new one
  • Added a function to MovieID Renumbering by Date Insert
  • Fixed a bug in iPhone Export function

Changes for v7.0.9.0 - v7.0.9.2

  • Fixed a bug in Thumbnail view and QuickEdit (not saves changes)
  • Fixed a bug in Import Window
  • Fixed some bugs in BoxSets Edit Window
  • Changed the way XMM Close itself, should avoid the crash error messages of windows
  • Changed a bit the Download Engine, should prevent crash when import from internet
  • Now if you click SKIP the movie will not be imported (removed from list)

Changes for v7.0.8.9 - v7.0.9.0

  • Fixed a Visual Bug in Boxset (Backcover and Cover Panel)
  • Fixed a bug in Deleting Boxset (Now the ID is correctly deleted from Movies)
  • Added the Columns Choser also in the Main Toolbar
  • Fixed a bug in Batch Import (not loading Notes in grid)
  • Added the Internal Webbrowser directly in the Main Grid, just select the script from treeview to start it
  • Fixed a bug in Director Card
  • Fixed a bug in Batch Import Window (not refresh the list of Movies correctly)
  • Added another "Find Duplicate" entry: one for Movies with same title and one for same Title and Year
  • Disabled the Pie chart until I found a solution for Labels

Changes for v7.0.8.8 - v7.0.8.9

  • Fixed a bug in refreshing grid after an Edit Multiple
  • Fixed a bug in CD/DVD Cover print (BackCover and FanArt Preview)
  • Added the option to NOT read codec during HD Scan (More FAST!) (you can re-read codec later, when you do not use PC)
  • modified the NFO Extract utility in File Scanner: now should correctly read the right NFO file
  • Updated the File Monitor function with the latest changes of File Scanner
  • Added another Theme for MyLittleNTMExport for French Characters
  • Fixed a visual bug in Boxset Purchase Date

Changes for v7.0.8.7 - v7.0.8.8

  • Added the function to Clean the Title from Original DVD
  • Updated the MovieCards as BoxsetCards (Thanks to Prinz!)
  • Fixed a bug in Select automatically options of the last script used
  • Fixed a Mini Statistic refresh bug (after delete)
  • Added a Theme for MyLittleNTMExport for French Characters
  • Added field to iPhone/iPad/iPod export function
  • Added functions to Clear the Movie Title from words inside brackets () and []

Changes for v7.0.8.3 - v7.0.8.7

  • Big improvements on Boxsets Management (still need some testing)
  • Fixed a bug _EPISODEDATE_SEEN_
  • Now XMM do not warn you at startup if cannot access to Internet
  • Fixed a bug in Selecting Automatically the last script used.
  • Added the function window.external.COLLECTION_FINDBOXSET('_MOVIE_BOXSETID_')
  • Now when you add a Movie XMM jump to it also in Thumbnail view
  • Fixed a bug in Statistic
  • Added flag 0 to iPhone/iPad/iPod export
  • Fixed a bug in _EPISODEDATE_SEEN_
  • Updated the Episodes Renamer PlugIn (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Fixed a bug in Reading Info From AVI
  • Added the DVD Label to Print Label function (simple)
  • Fixed a bug in Show TVShow From Actors
  • Removed Backworker Panel
  • Changed the Custom Layouts of Advanced Interface
  • Modified the Grid Main position, now will fit correctly the screen
  • Added Thumbnail Like eXtreme Games Manager
  • Fixed a Visual Bug in File Scanner (TV Shows)
  • Fixed a bug in TV Show Scanner
  • Updated MovieCards
  • Fixed iPhone Export for German Characters (problem with covers)
  • Modified the Submenu of Adding Movies/TVShow, now show better descriptions and icons
  • Changed some code in Statistics
  • Fixed a bug in Show Actors info from Episodes
  • Added the Button to Show Main Statistics also to HTML Toolbar
  • Modified a bit the code of Statistics (Increase speed and more fields)
  • Fixed a visual bug in Database Backup

Changes for v7.0.8.1 - v7.0.8.3

  • Added a code to suppress JavaScript Errors to All MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz!!)
  • Fixed a bug in iPhone/iPad Import
  • Fixed a bug in Popup Windows that warn you about new scripts
  • The iPhone Export now works also with iPad! With the Movies HD iPad App
  • The Hard Disk Scanner function now add automatically the CatalogNo too...
  • Added Statistics Window (finally :-) )
  • Changed the number of Covers/Fanart and backcover show in MovieCard

Changes for v7.0.7.9 - v7.0.8.1

  • Fixed a bug in #TAKEACTORWEBID# Function
  • Fixed a bug in Show/Hide Panels function
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Field Name (Grid)
  • Fixed a bug in Export HTML Function (Cover not exported)

Changes for v7.0.7.8 - v7.0.7.9

  • Added the _MOVIE_FANART_ Tag to NFO export
  • Added an option to clear all tags before export the NFO
  • Now the Movie File Manager works also for TV Shows and Episodes
  • Updated the MovieCards

Changes for v7.0.7.6 - v7.0.7.8

  • Updated the MyLittleNTM PlugIn (Thanks to Ternot!)
  • Made Some Little Visual Changes
  • Enabled the Grid Print also in the Advanced Window
  • XML Export: Added a function to automatically clear tags in ActorID Field
  • Added
    tags in the HTML Card View (Some Fields in Episode Card)
  • Fixed a bug in Episode Sequence Visualization (HTML Card)
  • Fixed a bug in F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11 Shortcuts
  • Fixed a bug in "Delete covers not linked to a movie" function
  • Added the option to Ignore some movie files if contains keywords like "sample", "trailer" etc...
  • Now the message "Error downloading the #OPENWEBSLOT1#, are you still connected to internet?" will show only once
  • Updated the MovieCards

Changes for v7.0.7.5 - v7.0.7.6

  • Script loading is now a bit faster
  • Make big improvements in MovieCards (Thanks to Prinz and deafvader!)
  • Fixed some Language bugs
  • Fixed a "Refresh" bug if the HTML is reduced as label
  • Added "Ripped" field to grid and search

Changes for v7.0.7.3 - v7.0.7.5

  • Added an option to Use/Ignore the Actor WEBID in HTML Card (only in config.ini for now, beta)
  • Added F8 shortkey for third quickupdate, and changed the one for Chains
  • Raised to 8000 the number of Max rows of a script.
  • Added #TAKENOTES# function to MagicScript
  • Now the Title Columns of the Custom Field will have the correct name.
  • Update some MovieCards (Thanks to David Taylor and Prinz!)
  • Update the File Scanner procedure.
  • Changed the Find Duplicate function, now include also Year
  • Fixed a bug in Actor Picture into MovieCard
  • Fixed a bug in ActorCard (Not show correct movies in collection)
  • Added up to 20 Fanart pictures to HTML Card
  • Added much more Flags for Countries (into HTML Card)

Changes for v7.0.7.1 - v7.0.7.3

  • Added new Themes for MyLittleNMT Export
  • Added an option to Replace the movie info with newly imported (Script Selection Window)
  • Fixed some bugs in the "Add Movies from HD" Function
  • Fixed some language bugs

Changes for v7.0.7.0 - v7.0.7.1

  • Fixed the Problem with MagicScript Engine Instruction Numbers
  • Fixed a bug in Actors Photo Show (Main Window)

Changes for v7.0.6.9 - v7.0.7.0

  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Engine
  • Fixed a bug in HTML MovieCard

Changes for v7.0.6.8 - v7.0.6.9

  • Added new themes for MyLittleNMT Export (Thanks to Touring!)
  • Fixed a bug in TAKECHAPTERS script function
  • Fixed a bug with WEBQUERYUPC String
  • Fixed a bug with RIGHTPAGEFOUND Block
  • tended the Memory of MagicScript Engine
  • Fixed a bug in #TAKEACTORCOUNTRY# function
  • Added these new Instructions for Actors (to use in Movies Script):
  • Added the Function #COMPUTELINE# to Engine (as suggested by Prinz)
  • Makes a SUM or SUBTRACTION to the LINE variable.
  • Syntax:
  • #COMPUTELINE#=±number

Changes for v7.0.6.7 - v7.0.6.8

  • Added MOV file to the file extension that XMM can read
  • Changed some Language and cleared a bit some part of interface
  • Changed the BigCover MovieCard (thanks to David Taylor!)

Changes for v7.0.6.6 - v7.0.6.7

  • Removed the Three icons of installation, there will be only one.
  • Hide some unused icons
  • Removed the Shareware Info window at startup
  • Now the Default Window is the Advanced one (for new users)
  • Now the Movie Internet Import remember the Last Script used

Changes for v7.0.6.5 - v7.0.6.6

  • Fixed a bug in FanArt Picture management
  • Fixed a bug in BackCover Picture management
  • Rewrited the MagicScript Documentation! Thanks goes to JDommi!!
  • Fixed some problems with iPhone Export
  • Now when you delete a Movie also FanArt and Backcovers are deleted

Changes for v7.0.6.4 - v7.0.6.5

  • Now when you load a database the configuration ini is automatically saved to reflect this change
  • Modified some MovieCards (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Modified the Big Cover Card
  • Fixed some problems with the Main MovieCard

Changes for v7.0.6.3 - v7.0.6.4

  • Fixed a problem with online authentication
  • Rewrited some internal code of Import Window

Changes for v7.0.6.2 - v7.0.6.3

  • Fixed a bug in Actor's filmography in HTML Card
  • Fixed a bug in Ripped DVD Import
  • Added a new function #GETWEBSITELINE#, that will take the current WebSite line
  • Changed the Cards, with fonts size, better picture handling etc...
  • Fixed some language bugs
  • Fixed some internal bugs

Changes for v7.0.6.1 - v7.0.6.2

  • Fixed a bug in Delete Covers not linked to a movie Function
  • Fixed a bug in The Configuration TreeList
  • The Font Size Slider is now on the configuration window
  • Fixed a bug in NFO Export.
  • Changed some code in File Monitor
  • Fixed some language bugs
  • Fixed a bug in "Copy Covers in Same Movie Folder" for UNC
  • Fixed a bug in Option "Import Movie Titles from Internet..."
  • Fixed a bug in Search Dropdown

Changes for v7.0.6.0 - v7.0.6.1

  • Now the Zoom will be shown in Beginners window only when there is the Grid Visible
  • Now when you delete a Movie the Grid will not be reloaded again.
  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript #ONERROR# Management
  • Fixed a bug in #REPEAT# Function in MagicScript
  • Fixed some Language mistaken
  • Added the _MOVIE_BACKCOVERx_ and _MOVIE_FANARTx_ to HtmlCard where x is the number of picture
  • Added the _IS_TVSHOW_ Variable to HTMLCards (0/1)
  • Fixed a Visual Bug in Font Zoom
  • Now when you delete an Actor the Grid will not be reloaded again.
  • Added new Translations
  • Fixed a bug in BackCover Panel
  • Loading Actors window will not be shown at startup anymore
  • Added Loan Field to Grid
  • Fixed some bug in File Scanner and File Monitor
  • Added the Year near the movie title in Actors Card
  • Fixed a bug in "Locate Missing Files" also for UNC Paths
  • Fixed a bug in BackCover Manager and FanArt Manager

Changes for v7.0.5.9 - v7.0.6.0

  • Added Special Filters also for Actors (Find Duplicates)
  • Added Zoom Slide for Grids, Like MS Office
  • Added a function to detect if the Actors Pic in HTML Slow down XMM
  • Translated many parts of the software
  • Now the Columns of the Main Grid are translated
  • Changed the TVShow icon in the Main Grid
  • Fixed a bug in Duplicate Movies Finder

Changes for v7.0.5.8 - v7.0.5.9

  • Added a new Template 6 to Old Export Window
  • Now FanArt will be imported also for TV Shows (THETVDB.COM for Rel 7)
  • Fixed a bug in Importing Episodes

Changes for v7.0.5.7 - v7.0.5.8

  • Rewrited much internal codes of MagicScript Engine
  • Changed some internal code of liveupdate, now closes automatically.
  • Added the Script\Obsolete subfolder for all old script that has to be fixed
  • Fixed a bug in Adding more that one TV Show (Edit Window)
  • Fixed a bug in Orignal Title Import (MagicScript)
  • Fixed a bug in Updating Movie info for Media Center
  • Little Changes in Import From HD Window
  • Added the Context menu to play all movie file in Shelves View
  • Movies are shown in Alphabetical Order also in your Shelves

Changes for v7.0.5.6 - v7.0.5.7

  • Added FanArt Pictures! Take a look at new THEMOVIEDB.ORG script.
  • Added the "DefaultHTMLCard_with_Fanart" MovieCard, just to show the use of FanArt, please help to create new cool MovieCards!
  • Modified the Script of THEMOVIEDB.ORG to take the FanArt
  • Added latest release of OnEx plug in (0.2c)
  • Changed a bit the MovieCard, now will cut the tagline if too long...
  • Speed up a bit the Edit Movie Window
  • Added a Pics tab to Edit window, for BackCover and FanArt
  • Update the MediaInfo DLL
  • Now you can hide the Grid lines in Main Grid (Right Click)

Changes for v7.0.5.5 - v7.0.5.6

  • Now if you simply launch the EXE XMM will remeber the last Interface Used
  • Fixed a bug in Show Movies of Director if it's not in database
  • Added missing directory in OnEx Plugin
  • Fixed a bug in Configuration window
  • Added OnEx Plug in also in Advanced Interface
  • Updated some Scripts

Changes for v7.0.5.4 - v7.0.5.5

  • Added a new Plungin called "OnEx" to put your collection online! (thanks to Ternot!!)
  • Now the Interface Changer remember if you do not want see it at startup
  • Fixed a little bug in Interface Changer
  • Fixed a bug in NFO Export variable _MOVIE_MOVIEFILE1_NOEXT_
  • Updated the MovieCards!
  • Now if the Picture doesn't exist a blank picture will be shown on moviecards
  • Now, in Actor's HTML Card, movies are ordered by Year (Decrescent)

Changes for v7.0.5.3 - v7.0.5.4

  • Cleaned the MovieCards Folder, all the old are saved in ZIP file
  • Fixed a bug in Right-Click function in Covers View
  • Added NFO Export variable _MOVIE_MOVIEFILE1_NOEXT_
  • Added the Number of stars in the Personal Rating (QuickEdit)
  • Updated russian.ini (thanks to Pavel!)
  • Fixed a bug in Double click on picture View
  • Updated Polish.ini Language file (Thanks to Admas!)
  • Fixed a bug in saving Photos of actors with foreign characters in Name
  • Remove the Drag and Drop from Cover to Backcover, can be done by Right-Click->copy and the paste from Clipboard
  • Added back the button in Advanced View to add a TVShow from Internet
  • Changed the layout of a line in Edit Window

Changes for v7.0.5.2 - v7.0.5.3

  • Added the function to add Ripped DVD Saved on your Hard Disks
  • Added Drag-Drop function From Front to Back Cover
  • Fixed a bug in main grid, not refreshing after change Location and Boxsets
  • Updated the Czech language (Thanks to Zrùbek Lukáč)
  • Updated the DefaultHTMLCard and movie_bigcover Card
  • Updated the Episode html card (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Updated MovieCard movie_bigcover, (Thanks to David Taylor!)
  • Fixed a bug with Custom Fields in Episode Edit Window
  • Now when you Click on a movies some info will be shown on Bottom Toolbar
  • Fixed a bug that duplicate some columns if you open a different Database
  • Fixed a bug in XMM Shutdown
  • Start to remove too old script that doesn't work anymore (You can find it on OldScripts folder)
  • Update the Spanish Language, thanks to Marcelino Hermida!

Changes for v7.0.5.0 - v7.0.5.2

  • Added the Interface Switch Button, to change Interface on the fly
  • Updated Italian.ini
  • Fixed a bug with Authentication that may happens in rare cases

Changes for v7.0.4.8 - v7.0.5.0

  • Introduced the new Beginners Window
  • Changed much internal codes
  • Added Print Function of Main Grid
  • Now when you select an actor the photo will be shown also in CoverView
  • Fixed a bug in Names separator on MovieCard
  • Fixed a bug in Covers Import from Internet
  • Fixed a bug in Covers Show
  • Fixed a bug in Edit window keeping to ask to save changes before exit
  • Fixed a bug that is an actor name contains ' photo is not shown in moviecard
  • Changed the BackWorker Panel

Changes for v7.0.4.7 - v7.0.4.8

  • Fixed a visual bug when you switch Database
  • Changed some code in Shelves View
  • Modified the Default MovieCard
  • Fixed a bug in Episode Save Procedure
  • Fixed a bug in Title Cleaning (remove spaces)
  • Fixed a bug in opening Movie Folder if contain ","
  • Added an option to let XMM read the CatalogNo from CD/DVD name when you add movies from CD/DVD
  • When you export data for Media Browser German Umlauts are converted automatically

Changes for v7.0.4.6 - v7.0.4.7

  • Fixed a bug in one Special MovieCard (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Fixed some bugs in Shelves View
  • Added Folding options also for Seasons (MovieCard)
  • Added some new Tooltips information
  • Added DropDown Menu to Custom 4 field (Autofilled)
  • Added Basic QuickSearch to Shelves View
  • Changed some code of Movie File Rename Function
  • Changed some code for avoid the Actors Picture problem

Changes for v7.0.4.5 - v7.0.4.6

  • Fixed a bug in Collectorz XML import
  • Now the Collectorz Import put the backcovers in the right field
  • Now when you add a movie XMM jump directly to this one
  • Added other 2 buttons on toolbar of Edit window for quick import with default scripts
  • Fixed a bug in Personal Rating Import from CSV File
  • Modified the Default MovieCard (Thanks to JDommi!)

Changes for v7.0.4.4 - v7.0.4.5

  • Fixed a little bug in NFO Title Export
  • Modified a bit the Default MovieCard (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • The Preview window in Shelvew View is Bigger than before
  • Added Tagline to Preview Window in Shelves Mode
  • Rewrited some internal code of Shelves View, now is a bit More fast after loading
  • Fixed a bug in Scrolling in Shelves Mode
  • Now the Shelves View can be started automatically (new Icon is created)

Changes for v7.0.4.3 - v7.0.4.4

  • Speed up a bit the Startup of XMM
  • Now the configuration of Picture View is saved (front and back)
  • Added other code to avoid the problem of Episode Columns
  • Rewrited much internal code
  • Activated the arrow to go up-down also in Actor's Grid
  • Added an option to select the path of the Database Backup
  • Rewrited some code for Cover Engine
  • Fixed a bug in Edit Audio Category
  • Added support for Folding Seasons to MovieCards (Thanks to JDommi!)
  • Modified the NFO Export, and added a new template for
  • Changed the way XMM Check for updates, now with just a message
  • Added new Tags on NFO and MovieCard:

Changes for v7.0.4.0 - v7.0.4.3

  • Fixed a bug in MagicScript Engine
  • Changed the Main Window Icon

Changes for v7.0.3.9 - v7.0.4.0

  • Fixed a problem in Saving Episode Story when importing from Web
  • Added a new MovieCard "movie_neu", thanks to JDommi!
  • Added Waiting Window when loading a database
  • Fixed a speed issue with large ISO to read
  • Added an option in configuration window to ask if delete movie files too when deleting a movie
  • Modified again the way XMM save the Episode Columns :-)
  • Now you can restore the comuns layout by loading a Layout again (Episode Grid Problems)

Changes for v7.0.3.8 - v7.0.3.9

  • Fixed a bug in Importing Actors pictures from Clipboard
  • Now when you move the files via File Manager also the Media Label will be updated
  • Now the QuickSearch on Title will search also in OriginalTitle
  • Added a new PlugIn : Episodes-Renamer
  • Fixed a bug in Movie File Manager function
  • Modified the way XMM save the Episode Grid Columns
  • Updated Script

Changes for v7.0.3.7 - v7.0.3.8

  • Added Season and Episode number in Episode Card
  • Now HTML Card support up to 99 covers
  • Fixed a problem of XMM that not remember the Episode Grid Columns
  • Fixed a bug in Clearing Temp Folder
  • Fixed a bug in Importing UPC Code (DVDEmpire)

Changes for v7.0.3.6 - v7.0.3.7

  • Added Links to Previous/Next Episode in Episode Card
  • Updated PopCorn MoviePortal to 0.43
  • Fixed a bug in TV Show link (Episode Card)
  • Now the Actor's pictures in HTML Card are not shown by default

Changes for v7.0.3.4 - v7.0.3.5

  • Added QuickSearch on Plot, Tagline, All Fields
  • Added the name of the field that will be search with QuickFilter
  • Added a Context menu to open the Webiste and Directlink of a movie
  • Added Function "Locate Missing Files"
  • Now when you delete a movie XMM will ask you also if you want delete the Movie Files too

Changes for v7.0.3.3 - v7.0.3.4

  • Added Directlinks, Custion9, Custom10, Custom11, Plot, Tags columns to Grid
  • Added the possibility to edit Genre lists
  • Fixed a bug in Copy Covers function
  • Now the Copy Covers function will copy also the backcover
  • Added the function to copy covers and backcover in the same folder of movie (right click menu, only to selected)
  • Fixed a bug in the Actor's Edit window layout
  • Features field in QuickEdit is now a multiline textbox
  • Now when you click to an actor XMM search also the movies directed by this person
  • Fixed a bug in Recent Database List
  • Fixed a bug in Poster Loading (carousel view)
  • Selecting a movie linked to a network now is much quicker than before (separate Thread)
  • Added Decades to special Filters
  • Fixed a problem in searching movie in A: drive
  • Fixed a bug in Loading the Custom GroupBy (not show the last setting at start)
  • Updated the Turkish language

Changes for v7.0.2.6 Beta - v7.0.3.3

  • Enabled the iPhone Import/Export function (Plugins Section)
  • Added the File location to "recent database"
  • Speed up a bit the loading of Internet Import Window
  • Fixed a bug when you quick import actor, now when finish load up actor again and not the movie

Changes for v6.8.3.0 - v7.0.2.6 Beta

  • Now you can select the MovieCard again (Only the DefaultHTMLCard.htm has the links feature enabled right now)
  • ow when you re-read codec the grid will not jump to first title
  • ixed a problem with Chains: now engine will not skip the movie automatically
  • ixed a bug in Searching Updates automatically
  • ixed a bug in Batch Import (Not refresh correctly the QuickEdit)
  • dded VHS Icon for Media Type
  • ixed a bug with Director-Photo (HTML Card Link)

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