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Version history for HC Encoder

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Changes for v0.25 - v0.26 Beta

  • some bugs solved
  • calculate PSNR: *FRAMELOG psnr

Changes for v0.24 Beta - v0.25

  • bug fix release

Changes for v0.23 - v0.24 Beta

  • 1pass VBR bugs fixed
  • asm optimizations, a bit more speed
  • some cosmetics
  • Also there's a special version included which doesn't use CPU dispatching which runs 2-3 % faster on my Intel Q9450. Any CPU which can do SSSE3 will run it, it might also speed up AMD systems, Intel compiler options: /O3 /Og /QaxT /QxT (There are rumours CPU dispatching by Intel compilers doesn't do that well on AMD ). I don't have an AMD system at home or at work so I can't test it.

Changes for v0.22 - v0.23

  • Added adaptive quantization
  • Added panscan

Changes for v0.21 - v0.22

  • multiprocessor support
  • improved interlaced encoding
  • more CLI input
  • and as usual some bug fixes

Changes for v0.20 - v0.21

  • added SSSE3 support
  • added some new functions: *LUMGAIN, *SILENT and *SCDFILE
  • higher encoding speed for best profile
  • as usual some bug fixes

Changes for v0.19.1 - v0.20

  • support for HD resolutions, up to 1920x1152
  • added some new functions: *ZONE and *MASK_SHIFT
  • improved autogop function with *AUTOGOP command
  • higher encoding speed for SSE2 CPU's
  • supports latest DGDecode/DGIndex (fileversion 15 & 16)
  • GUI updated
  • more built-in matrices
  • more parameter input
  • as usual some bug fixes

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