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Version history for Lacey (Free Music & Video Downloader)

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Changes for v2.33 - v2.34

  • New: Soundcloud working again,
  • direct playlist/url download source added

Changes for v2.13 - v2.32

  • New: added, always-top-most comamnd line option added

Changes for v2.12 - v2.13

  • New: improved,
  • soundcloud working again,
  • new app icon

Changes for v2.10 - v2.12

  • New: rapidvideo,
  • and working again

Changes for v2.09 - v2.10

  • New: Soundcloud working again

Changes for v2.08 - v2.09

  • New: Polish translation added by , Bandcamp, Myfreemp3, Myzuka and Xiami working again

Changes for v2.07 - v2.08

  • New: iPleer.Fm and MyFreeMP3 working again

Changes for v2.05 - v2.07

  • New: added, MyFreeMP3 working again

Changes for v2.04 - v2.05

  • New: added,
  • SoundCloud working again

Changes for v2.03 - v2.04

  • New: Mixcloud working again

Changes for v2.02 - v2.03

  • New: and added, several other sources updated

Changes for v2.01 - v2.02

  • New: and MyFreeMP3 is working again

Changes for v1.99 - v2.01

  • New: improved, mp3pn added, added

Changes for v1.98 - v1.99

  • New: added

Changes for v1.97 - v1.98

  • New: High DPI support improved, Volume control added, and VidziTv working again

Changes for v1.96 - v1.97

  • New: login working again,
  • Youtube support improved

Changes for v1.95 - v1.96

  • New: working again,
  • Rutube added

Changes for v1.93 - v1.95

  • New: All Youtube videos are working again

Changes for v1.92 - v1.93

  • New: Encrypted Youtube videos support working again

Changes for v1.91 - v1.92

  • working again

Changes for v1.90 - v1.91

  • New: search with keyword supported now,
  • convert to MP3 after download feature added

Changes for v1.86 - v1.90

  • New:
  • support improved

Changes for v1.85 - v1.86

  • New: New ZDF layout supported,
  • url support added

Changes for v1.84 - v1.85

  • New: VKontakte and VKontakte Video working again, KinoX with Streamcloud improved

Changes for v1.83 - v1.84

  • New: and added

Changes for v1.82 - v1.83

  • New: Youtube download improved,
  • Youtube playlist track numbers stored

Changes for v1.79 - v1.82

  • New: and zippyshare working again

Changes for v1.78 - v1.79

  • New: Bandcamp track number support added, arte and vkontakte video working again, Low video resolution selection added

Changes for v1.77 - v1.78

  • New: Column sorting and fullscreen settings are now saved

Changes for v1.76 - v1.77

  • New: Youtube and Vimeo 4K HD video download support added

Changes for v1.75 - v1.76

  • New: Ukrainian translation
  • VEVO added

Changes for v1.72 - v1.75

  • New: ARD, Baidu and Youtube improved, Soundcloud working again

Changes for v1.64 - v1.65

  • New: Bandcamp working again

Changes for v1.63 - v1.64

  • New: added, Youtube is working again, Bandcamp improved

Changes for v1.61 - v1.63

  • New: added, Myfreemp3 is working again

Changes for v1.60 - v1.61

  • New: Swedish translation added

Changes for v1.59 - v1.60

  • New: now displays bitrate too

Changes for v1.56 - v1.57

  • New: Sogou improved, MixCloud supports now more files

Changes for v1.54 - v1.55

  • New: added, Bandcamp working again.

Changes for v1.49 - v1.54

  • New: Automation improved

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