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Version history for Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit)

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Changes for v7.2.4156 - v7.2.4325

  • Macrium Technicians License
  • We've improved the Technicians license product by adding the option to create a Technicians ISO image file and optical media. This offers the full functionality of the Technicians USB stick but also allows you to use it with Hyper-V VMs by attaching the ISO file to a DVD virtual device.
  • Clone and Restore Confirmation
  • We've added an additional confirmation check box when overwriting a Clone or Restore target disk. This offers Reflect users unfamiliar with the result of a Restore/Clone operation the opportunity to confirm or deny the overwrite operation.
  • ReDeploy
  • When attempting to ReDeploy Windows 7 using PE/RE 10 or Windows 10 using PE/RE 3.1 we now prevent IDE/ACHI services and drivers from being copied from the rescue media. This has caused un-bootable systems for some customers previously.
  • Rescue media USB drivers
  • Some customers have reported non-functioning USB devices which was corrected by updating the USB drivers in PE. Rescue media creation will now copy any USB OEM drivers from the host OS even if 'compatible' support is detected in the PE/RE base OS.
  • Changed Block Tracker
  • The CBT tracking file format has been optimized and improved for efficiency and robustness. This will require a reboot after installing and the first Incremental after reboot may take longer than normal.
  • CBT and Reflect now ignore the PortableBaseLayer virtual disk used by the Sandbox feature in Windows 10 build 1903.
  • Uninstall tidy up
  • Unused .msi files in folder c:\windows\installer are now removed when uninstalling Macrium Reflect.
  • File and Folder Search
  • We've added path matching to the search criteria when searching File And Folder backups in the restore tab. Previously this was restricted to file names only.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Image mounting
  • In rare cases images could refuse to mount if insufficient access privileges were assigned to the 'C:\Windows\Temp' folder. This has been resolved.
  • Incorrect information in the Disk Details UI
  • Directly after starting Reflect, incorrect information was shown in the 'Details' section of the Tasks list in the backup tab. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue Media Builder
  • After uninstalling Reflect, the windows module 'Wimmount.sys' could be incorrectly registered leaving other applications unable to mount VHD files. This has been resolved
  • Windows RE could fail to build on Server 2016. This has been resolved
  • BitLocker
  • BitLocker 'live' restores may have reverted to BitLocker 'removal' restores after the last update. This has been resolved. If this issue affects you then please re-create your rescue media after updating.
  • Changed Block Tracker
  • CBT could be disabled for a volume after a reboot forced by running 'chkdsk /f'. This has been resolved.

Changes for v7.2.3954 - v7.2.3957

  • Some customers have experienced a Windows system exception causing a BSoD if the CBT feature was installed with v7.2.3954. This has been resolved.

Changes for v7.2.3906 - v7.2.3954

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 Insider Preview 1809 (18290/8)
  • System Image files can now be mounted in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview release. We've worked around the Windows Container Isolation File System (wcifs) bug that caused a GSoD with earlier releases of Reflect.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Macrium Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT)
  • The following issues have been resolved...
  • The number of error events that CBT writes to the System event log has been significantly reduced.
  • On some systems, CBT could cause a BSoD if a third-party device driver split a request to read or write from a volume into multiple, smaller reads or writes.
  • On some x86 systems, CBT could fail to read the NTFS transaction log due to a low memory condition. This resulted in a failed backup reporting a read error occurred due to insufficient system resources.
  • Various dates reported by CBT were displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format, not the currently configured local time zone format.
  • Backup End Toast Notification
  • The notification displayed when a scheduled backup completes now includes the xml backup definition file name.
  • Rescue Media Builder ISO File
  • If an alternative Windows 'temp' path was set with insufficient space for the ISO file then RMBuilder would not report an error and create an invalid file. This has been resolved
  • Various
  • Minor UI changes.

Changes for v7.1.3196 - v7.2.3897

  • Note: This patch will require a Windows reboot.
  • SMB 1.0 Support
  • We've added a check-box to re-enable legacy SMB 1.0 support in Windows RE and PE 10 version 1709 or greater..
  • Bug Fixes
  • Backup Completion Email
  • Backup completion emails could fail to send if the senders email was specified using the 'friendly name ' format. This has been resolved.
  • Rescue Media Builder
  • The following issues have been resolved...
  • An application error could occur if Windows RE couldn't fit on CD media.
  • Old ISO files were not being deleted before creating new CD/DVD rescue media.
  • External USB volume format failure.
  • PE 10 rescue media would incorrectly show PE 5.0 in the Reflect application title bar
  • SRT drivers were not being injected into the WIM when building rescue media.
  • One Drive update failure
  • Macrium Service would lock OneDrive.exe and prevent Windows Update from updating the OneDrive service. This has been resolved.
  • Macrium Image Guardian (MIG)
  • The following issues have been resolved...
  • MIG would fail to detect that a Robocopy operation was accessing a backup target when Reflect was configured to use the unique volume identifier to locate backup drives.
  • MIG could cause some Anti-Virus software to hang when inserting USB flash drives.
  • Macrium Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT)
  • The following issues have been resolved...
  • A BSoD could occur after removal of a USB attached storage device.
  • CBT would incorrectly attach to devices flagged as having removable media.
  • A BSoD could occur if a user-mode application attempted to read an offline NTFS volume.
  • CBT could block formatting of some NTFS volumes, causing the format command to stall at 99%.

Changes for v7.1.2963 - v7.1.3147

  • Macrium Image Guardian
  • The Macrium Image Guardian system components have been updated to provide enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Backup definition encryption state change mid backup set
  • Macrium Reflect will now start a new backup set if the encryption settings in a Backup Definition is changed.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Technicians Portable USB Add Drivers
  • The Add Drivers Wizard in the technicians portable USB stick could fail to detect the correct version of Windows PE when reporting supported devices. This has been resolved
  • File and Folder Restore toast notifications
  • When restoring File and Folder backups, incorrect toast notifications could be displayed. This has been resolved
  • SQL backup error if the Computer DNS name is greater than 15 characters
  • For SQL backup, if the default SQL instance name was used and the Computer DNS name didn't match the Computer NetBios name then the backup could fail. This has been resolved
  • ReflectMonitor
  • Pressing the 'Escape' key while viewing ReflectMonitor would cause termination of the ReflectMonitor session. This would cause a delay when restarting and possible loss of log data in the monitor Window. This has been resolved
  • Various
  • Various bug fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.

Changes for v7.1.2801 - v7.1.2833

  • MIG Service install problem
  • The Macrium Image Guardian Service could fail to start. This has been resolved.
  • EXT 4 File System image size
  • Linux EXT 4 file system images could be unnecessarily large. This has been resolved.
  • Free Edition prompt for Windows PE rebuild
  • The Free Edition of Macrium Reflect could prompt for a rebuild even if the rescue media was up to date. This has been resolved.

Changes for v7.1.2792 - v7.1.2801

  • Symantec Encryption Desktop drives cloning and imaging
  • Cloning and imaging of locked drives encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop could fail. This has been resolved.
  • Please note that we recommend using MS BitLocker encryption where possible. Other encryption products are not fully supported by Macrium Reflect.
  • RDC and RDR fall back to full copy
  • Rapid Delta Restore and Clone operations could unnecessarily fall back to performing a 'full copy'. This has been resolved.
  • We recommend creating fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating to avoid this problem.
  • BitLocker Removal Restore outcome message
  • When editing a saved clone definition for a 'Live' BitLocker clone a BitLocker 'Removal' message box would incorrectly be shown. This has been resolved.

Changes for v7.1.2768 - v7.1.2792

  • Windows 7 drive letter assignments for cloned/restored partitions
  • When cloning/restoring file systems in Windows 7, drive letter assignments may not honour the chosen options in the clone/restore wizard. This has been resolved.
  • Windows PE Fix Boot Problems
  • An issue was reported where Fix Boot Problems failed to resolve the target operating system. This has been resolved.
  • We recommend creating fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating to avoid this problem.
  • Macrium CBT Tools
  • Macrium CBT Tools could sometimes fail to detect that the correct version of the mrcbt.sys driver was running and prompt the user to reboot unnecessarily. This has been resolved.

Changes for v7.1.2654 - v7.1.2768

  • Improved BitLocker restore processing
  • 1. New warning message box displayed for images created with this release or later if the restore outcome results in a 'BitLocker removal' restore.
  • 2. The source BitLocker state is now included in Image file meta data. For images created with this release or later, this is now shown as an icon in the restore wizard source drive and restore tab.
  • More information on BitLocker restore outcomes can be found
  • If your system uses BitLocker encryption then we recommend creating fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating.
  • Bug Fixes
  • MIG and RoboCopy sync from a root folder
  • When using RoboCopy to synchronise or move backup files from a drive root folder the operation could be incorrectly blocked by MIG. This has been resolved.
  • Backup target share authentication
  • Authenticated network share backup targets could fail with 'Access Denied' if a user without write permissions has prior access. This has been resolved.
  • Restore problem to striped or mirrored Dynamic volumes
  • A restore or clone could corrupt the target dynamic disk configuration if the target volume was setup up as either 'striped' or 'mirrored'. This has been resolved.
  • If this issue affects you then please create fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating.
  • Macrium viBoot
  • viBoot could fail to boot encrypted images. This has been resolved.
  • viBoot could incorrectly detect MBR disks as GPT if the source disk has remnants of a GPT header leftover from a previous initialisation. This has been resolved.
  • viBoot would sometimes fail to start when launched from within Reflect. This has been resolved.
  • Exchange Databases On volume mount points
  • Exchange backup would not check the database path for volume mount points, resulting in backup failure, this has now been resolved.
  • Various
  • Various bug fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.

Changes for v6.3.1835 - v7.1.2611

  • Integrated viBoot 2
  • Instant virtualisation of Macrium backup images.
  • Task Scheduler 2
  • For compatibility with Windows 10 1605 (Anniversary Edition) and later.
  • Licensed for Commercial Use*
  • Macrium Reflect 7 Free Edition is now licensed for use in a business environment.

Changes for v5.3.7299 - v6.0.685

  • Differential Images
  • Differential Images for faster backups and reduced storage space.
  • Auto verification
  • Automatically verify images after creation to ensure integrity.
  • Pre-defined backup plan templates
  • Macrium Reflect backup templates allow for quick creation of scheduled backups.
  • Windows PE rescue environment improvements
  • If additional drivers are required for disk or network access, they are now automatically identified and if possible copied from the host operating system.
  • You can now add a boot menu so you can easily restore a system image without inserting rescue media.

Changes for v5.3.7277 - v5.3.7290

  • # Sever Plus Exchange Mailbox Restore
  • - Exchange Mailbox Restore could report a folder as being empty when items were present for restore. This has been resolved
  • # Program error at startup
  • - Disks with corrupt GPT header tables could cause a program crash at startup. This has been resolved.

Changes for v5.3.7109 - v5.3.7134

  • Reduced memory usage when backing up large partitions.
  • The amount of memory required when backing up multi-Terabyte partitions has been reduced.
  • Additional logging.
  • Clones and Image Restores (in Windows) now generate logs and can be viewed by clicking the 'Log' tab.
  • Server Plus - Exchange 2010 mailbox restore improvements.
  • Improved the authentication requirements when restoring mailboxes from Exchange 2010.
  • Server Plus - New Exchange verification dialog.
  • A new user friendly verification dialog for verifying exchange backups.
  • Dynamic disks shown for all editions of Macrium Reflect.
  • Dynamic disks were hidden from the Reflect main window for the Free and Standard editions of Macrium Reflect. Dynamic disks are now shown but imaging and cloning is not possible unless running the Professional or Server editions.
  • Retain existing disk signature when cloning.
  • When cloning to a pre-initialized disk, the existing disk signature is retained.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Upgrade install license key improvements
  • When running an upgrade msi install the currently installed license key is now pre-populated in the install dialog.
  • XML File rename problem.
  • When taking the XML rename function in Reflect, some irrelevant shortcuts may have been indicated as requiring updating. This has been resolved.
  • Bug with File and Folder restore time remaining.
  • Incorrect restore time remaining could be indicated when selecting the option to 'Only replace if different'. This has been resolved.
  • Application error at start-up
  • Reflect could crash at start-up if a bad sector is detected when reading the NTFS file system bitmap. This has been resolved.

Changes for v5.2.6515 - v5.2.6526

  • Windows PE drivers
  • When creating the WinPE rescue media, specific drivers that could cause Windows PE to crash at startup are now excluded.
  • USB rescue media
  • Flash media drives formatted using 'USB-ZIP' are now supported
  • Bug Fixes:
  • ReDeploy
  • Win8/8.1 redeploy failed with some mass storage drivers. This has been resolved.
  • Pre-snapshot user script problem
  • The VSS snapshot could begin before the "_before_snapshot_wait.bat" script had completed. This has been resolved
  • Extended partition support
  • Improved compatibly with non-sequential, Linux configured, extended partition layouts.
  • PE 5 Auto restore
  • When restoring a Windows system partition from within Windows the auto boot into PE 5 would not be available. This has been resolved.
  • Encrypted NTFS filesystem clone
  • Clones including encrypted NTFS filesystems could fail. This has been resolved

Changes for v5.2.6444 - v5.2.6465

  • Windows PE 3.1 build problems
  • The Windows PE 3.1 rescue media build process could error with "An error occurred mounting the Windows Image File". This has been resolved
  • Bug Fixes: 5.2.6463:
  • Linux rescue CD build problem
  • Release v5.2.6462 caused a problem with the rescue media creation wizard when building Linux based media. This has been resolved
  • What's new? 5.2.6462:
  • Windows PE 5.0
  • Macrium Reflect now includes the option to create Windows PE 5.0 rescue media. Windows PE 5.0 is based on Windows 8.1 and provides the latest Windows kernel and driver database. Windows PE 5.0 rescue media can be created with all Windows operating systems except for Windows XP.
  • Prompt for comment
  • To enter a new Image comment when running an existing backup definition, select the backup definition and take the 'Run Now' > 'Prompt' context menu option and click the 'Comment' button.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Error when burning rescue media
  • When burning a rescue CD/DVD the process could incorrectly abort with the message 'Please insert erasable or empty CD/DVD media'. This has been resolved

Changes for v5.2.6437 - v5.2.6444

  • File and Folder backup issue with 'Chinese Simplified' System Locale
  • Certain Chinese characters could cause files to be invisible when mounted in Windows Explorer when backed up using Windows set to 'Chinese Simplified' System Locale. This has been resolved
  • SMTP Email Server connection problem
  • A connection problem with '' has been resolved.
  • Program crash after completion of backup
  • If a backup was initiated when displaying the 'Log' tab a program error could occur at the end of the backup. This has been resolved

Changes for v5.2.6377 - v5.2.6399

  • New options for handling NTFS reparse points.
  • Reflect now contains the option to follow or backup the definitions of folder symbolic links and junction points.
  • Menu option in Windows PE environment to change keyboard layout.
  • A new menu option is available in the Windows PE environment to change the keyboard layout in use. Additionally, keyboard recognition on boot has been improved.
  • Server edition now writes Windows events to the classic application channel as well as the Macrium channel.
  • A number of customers have requested that Macrium Reflect logs events to the classic application channel for parsing by third party log analysis software. This has been implemented.
  • Improved PE download integrity checking.
  • Macrium Reflect now performs additional integrity checks on downloaded files when building PE Rescue Media.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Issue with approved shell extension.
  • Customers have reported a rare conflict between specific group policy settings for approved shell extensions and the Macrium Reflect shell. This has been resolved.
  • Version 4.2 upgrade issues.
  • Some customers have reported an error message when trying to install version 5.2 using a version 4.2 upgrade key. This has been resolved.
  • Program error when extracting Windows PE files.
  • Some customers have reported a program error when burning rescue media. This has been resolved.

Changes for v5.2.6354 - v5.2.6377

  • Bug fixes:
  • * Image mounting driver update
  • - The image mounting driver 'psmounterex.sys' was incorrectly reverted to an older version in the previous update. This has now been corrected.

Changes for v5.2.6249 - v5.2.6307

  • Drive selection for Windows PE component files
  • An option is now available to choose/move the drive that contains the Windows PE boot/rescue CD files. Take 'Other tasks' > 'Defaults' > 'Advanced' > 'Macrium Reflect PE Files' to access this functionality. Please note that this option is not available for Windows XP or Server 2003.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Explorer context menu issue
  • Some customers have reported that the Macrium Reflect Explorer right click context menu could cause Explorer to crash. This was caused by a conflict with the NVidia Control Panel app context menu and has been resolved.
  • Technicians license portable edition issue
  • The tech license edition version of Macrium reflect could fail to launch on x64 systems. This has been resolved.

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