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Version history for Media Player Classic for Win98/ME

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Changes for v6.4.9.1 (20080414) - v6.4.9.1 (20080612)

  • MPC: Added revision number to About dialog.
  • MPC: Updated libpng

Changes for v6.4.9.1 (20080308) - v6.4.9.1 (20080414)

  • MPC: Added some key bindings.
  • MPC: Added option to disable the automatic blocking of VSFilter when "Auto-load subtitles" is enabled and the internal subtitle filter is used. Disabling this block allows users to view two different subtitle languages at the same time (if they want to). The option is called "BlockVSFilter" and currently requires manual editing of the registry/ini, since it is not (yet) available in the GUI.

Changes for v6.4.9.0 - v6.4.9.1 (20071206) Beta

  • FLV splitter: Recognize ADPCM audio.
  • FLV splitter: Recognize Nellymoser audio.
  • MPC: Tweaked priorities in DirectShow source filter enumeration. Behavior now better matches that of GraphEdit.
  • MPC: Remember active shaders.
  • MPC: Added two sharpen shaders.
  • AVI splitter: Support .amv files.
  • MPC: Default to VMR9 renderer on Vista.
  • MPC: Fixed crash in "Save Thumbnails" function when the number of rows/columns is set to a value greater than 8 (the maximum allowed).
  • MPC: Allow usage of a disabled internal source filter when no other suitable filter is available.
  • Updated FAAD2 to version 2.6
  • Bento4 0.9.3
  • faad2 2.6b
  • dtsdec 0.0.2
  • libmad 0.15.1b
  • libpng 1.2.20
  • zlib 1.2.3
  • MPEG decoder: progressive frames fix
  • MPEG decoder: dsutil interlaced fix v2
  • MPEG splitter: recognize AVCHD ac3 audio
  • MPEG splitter: subpin bugfix
  • dtsac3 source: support DD+
  • VSFilter: clipbug v3 patch
  • VSFilter: fax fay v2 patch
  • VSFilter: fontname length patch
  • VSFilter: floatpos patch
  • FLV splitter: parsing fixes
  • AVI splitter: fixed two vulnerabilities
  • FLIC source: fixed vulnerability
  • MPC: ffdshow queue support (1015/1222)
  • MPC: removed subtitle database stuff
  • MPC: Disable monitor powersaving during playback on Windows Vista
  • MPC: auto-load subtitles option now also applies to embedded subs
  • MPC: added the following extensions to formats list: .divx .hdmov .rmm
  • MPC: added two shaders: Levels (16-235 -> 0-255) and nightvision effect
  • MPC: changed the default values of some settings
  • MPC: Better looking icon
  • Incremented a few version numbers

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