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Version history for MediaInfoXP

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Changes for v2.30 - v2.31

  • MediaInfo updated to v18.08 (2018-09-07)
  • Build environment upgraded to Visual Studio 2017 (15.8)

Changes for v2.28 - v2.30

  • MediaInfo updated to v18.03.1 (2018-03-26)
  • Build environment upgraded to Visual Studio 2017 (15.6)

Changes for v2.27 - v2.28

  • MediaInfo updated to v17.10 (2017-11-02)
  • Added an option to enable XML formatted MediaInfo output

Changes for v2.26 - v2.27

  • MediaInfo updated to v0.7.99 (2017-09-11)
  • Build environment upgraded to Visual Studio 2017 (15.4)

Changes for v2.25 - v2.26

  • MediaInfo updated to v0.7.95 (2017-05-04)

Changes for v2.24 - v2.25

  • MediaInfo updated to v0.7.94.20170421 (2017-04-21)
  • Some improvements for "high DPI" displays

Changes for v2.21 - v2.24

  • MediaInfo updated to v0.7.93 (2017-02-28)
  • Some improvements for "high DPI" displays

Changes for v2.19 - v2.21

  • MediaInfo updated to v0.7.88 (2016-08-30)
  • MediaInfo Changes
  • Version 0.7.88, 2016-08-31
  • MediaInfo distributed with HTTP/HTTPS support: support of Amazon S3 with Signature Version 4
  • FFV1: parsing speed slight improvement
  • Duration: fixed regression in last release, sometimes duration was displayed with only minutes

Changes for v2.16 - v2.18

  • MediaInfo v0.7.78

Changes for v2.12 - v2.14

  • MediaInfo Version 0.7.72
  • MXF: MXF version (e.g. "1.3")
  • Option "File_IsImageSequence" for being able to skip frames in a sequence of files.
  • EBUCore: EBUCore 1.6 draft output, sponsored by EBU
  • EBUCore: AS-11 to EBUCore mapping, sponsored by EBU
  • EBUCore: more technicalAttributes, sponsored by EBU
  • MXF Acquisition Metadata (RDD-18, EBU Tech 3349) basic support
  • EBUCore: time code tracks moved to their own "format" block
  • EBUCore: audioTrackConfiguration removed (not the expected behavior)
  • EBUCore: OverallBitRate information changed from technicalAttributeString to technicalAttributeInteger
  • PBCore: invalid output in case of time code stream, fix thanks to Dave Rice
  • PBCore2: codecid changed, thanks to Dave Rice
  • OP-47/SDP/Teletext: some streams were not detected
  • Previous version was built with SSE2 instructions, switching back to SSE instructions
  • AVC: infinite loop fix
  • AVC: trying to avoid the wrong detection of AVC in the case of invalid (e.g. encrypted) streams
  • Crash on Windows Vista and Win7 pre-SP1 and a CPU having FMA support
  • MXF: AS-11 Typo (SerieTitle changed to SeriesTitle), TotalProgrammeDuration added
  • ID3v2: support of 3-byte ID3v2.3 tags
  • CEA-608 in MPEG-4: demux PTS was wrong in case of multiple blocks in one frame
  • MOV: better Grey scale files and color palettes handling, with help from Vittorio Giovara

Changes for v2.1 - v2.12

  • DTS Neural Audio: display of DTS Neural Audio descriptor information (matrix encoded channels count and position), sponsored by Numericable
  • FFV1: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 0 to 3, sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions
  • HuffYUV: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 1 to 3, sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions
  • PDF: basic detection (goal is to detect PDF/A profile)
  • HLS: support of encrypted streams (key must be in FileName.FileExt.key or provided via the library API)
  • CDP: using CDP service descriptor for the list of 708 services - [x] language information
  • MXF: showing the real bit depth ("Quantization bits"); the count of bits stored in the file is in a new field "Stored bit depth" if it differs
  • MXF: Audio "frame rate" (how PCM content is split in packets) information
  • MXF: Audio block alignment byte size (hidden by default)
  • VC-3: adding the commercial name "DNxHD" + bitrate class
  • MXF: SMPTE ST 377-4 (MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework)
  • MXF: "ChannelLayoutID" new field (hidden by default) containing the MXF Channel Assignment Label
  • Wave64: Duration
  • CDP: frame rate
  • IMF: improvements (still work in progress)
  • QuickTime: ia13 CodecID
  • CDP: using ccsvcinfo_section() for service presence and language information
  • MXF/CDP: law rating (from CEA-608 XDS) information added (other containers were already supported)
  • CEA-608: Program name information
  • BMP: support of OS/2 headers
  • HLS: support
  • ISM: ISMT / text (TTML) streams support
  • MXF: detection of buggy BlockAlign from some muxers, so PCM bit depth is correctly detected despite the buggy metadata
  • HEVC: library name of some encoding libraries
  • MPEG-2 Video: picture structure for interlaced content (interlaced content can have a frame structure)
  • HLS: support of some encrypted files (AES-128 with default IV and per segment), key is provided by the command line --File_Encryption_Key=(Base64 data)
  • HEVC: adding support of x265 library name and x265 encoding settings
  • ProRes: more details about ProRes in AVI or Matroska
  • DV: support of AVd1 CodecID
  • CMake: scripts improvements, thanks to Ivan Romanov
  • Matroska: file name of attachments, thanks to Marshall
  • HEVC: some streams with VUI were not parsed
  • MPEG Video: was not correctly handling 1000:1001 frame rates and NDF time codes combination during frame count computing
  • MPEG Video: was not correctly detecting the time stamp of the first frame in case of closed GOP with first frame not the I-frame
  • XDCAM: information about the MXF header presence was not provided if MOV header has a glbl atom
  • Some specific C++11 code is removed for full compatibility with older C++
  • MXF: Time codes values were buggy in case of MXF with pre-charge ("Origin" not 0)
  • MPEG-4 Visual: wrong analysis in case on video_object_layer_shape not set to regular
  • MPEG-4/MOV: trying to display the summary differently when there is a difference between container and raw stream channels count information (long term method to be discussed)
  • Non-Unicode version was not building anymore
  • DyLib: trying to have a better support of pure C compilers

Changes for v2.04 - v2.1

  • MPEG-TS: support of HEVC streams with stream_type of 36
  • EBUCore 1.5: update with support of more fields and valid against final XSD
  • Added interlaced content store method (Separated fields or interleaved fields)
  • HEVC: Better support of the different containers (including MP4/MKV/FLV)
  • #B844, Matroska: detection of covers, thanks to Max Pozdeev
  • Sequences of files: optimization of the detection of sequences with 200k- [x] files
  • Sequences of files: File_IgnoreSequenceFilesCount option for speeding up the detection of sequences
  • Sequences of files: File_IgnoreSequenceFileSize option for speeding up the detection of sequences
  • Sequences of files: detection when there is additional characters after the numbers
  • MPEG-TS: detecting sequences of files
  • ADTS: detecting sequences of files
  • MediaInfoList: removing files detected as part of a sequence
  • Arri Raw: basic detection
  • DDS (DirectDraw Surface) support
  • OpenMG (.oma) partial (Atrac3 only) support
  • WebVTT detection
  • #B841, QuickTime TFF/BFF: using now Technical Note TN2162 as the reference documentation
  • Matroska: slow parsing of some files
  • MOV/IMX: IMX was not detected when glbl atom is present

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