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Version history for Monkey's Audio (64-bit)

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Changes for v5.48 - v5.49

  • Changed: When compressing a zero byte file, the error is now "input file too small".
  • Changed: Added the field APE_TAG_FIELD_RATING for rating (before it could use a field in MC that caused problems).

Changes for v5.42 - v5.45

  • Changed: Updated the example for the new tag command to put the fields in quotes (so pipes don't cause a problem).
  • Changed: The output during the new tag mode to the command line is a little more verbose.
  • Fixed: The tag function would not work properly with really long tag values.

Changes for v5.08 - v5.09

  • Changed: Visual Studio 2019 update.
  • Changed: Added an example using "auto" as the filename to the command line program.
  • Changed: Updated the copyright year in the help.

Changes for v5.07 - v5.08

  • Changed: Another Visual Studio 2019 update.
  • Changed: Work to make the console program build better on Linux for third parties.

Changes for v4.81 - v4.82

  • Changed: Replaced the watermark image with one a little better colored for some monitors.

Changes for v4.70 - v4.71

  • Fixed: When decompressing a file, the mode would be set to the last (possibly external) codec used instead of the mode that fits for the file types.

Changes for v4.60 - v4.61

  • Changed: Updated to Visual Studio 2019 for hopefully better performance.

Changes for v4.57 - v4.59

  • Fixed: Made some more fixes for corrupt file handling (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).
  • Version 4.58 (March 14, 2019)
  • Fixed: Even more handling of corrupt files (thanks Piotr Pawlowski).

Changes for v4.53 - v4.56

  • Fixed: The Cool Edit plugin was not working.
  • Changed: The system will no longer go to sleep while it's processing files.
  • Fixed: Corrected a couple little string issues.

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