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Version history for Movies by CraigWorks

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Changes for v0.2.39 - v0.2.40

  • Enhancement: Support external subtitle files (Does not work for VLC player)
  • Supported types are: srt, webvtt, and ass
  • Modify Movie Page: Each media file now includes a section to enter one or more subtitle files. You can specify the language and a short description (e.g. SDH) that will be displayed in the media player.
  • Import Queue: When importing a media file, the system will also scan for subtitle files for that media file in the same directory and add them automatically. The subtitle filename must be prefixed with the basename of the media file and may include an optional language abbreviation and description.
  • BNF format:
  • ::= ["." ["." ]].
  • ::=
  • Example:
  • Media filename: The Matrix 1999.mkv
  • Subtitle filename: The Matrix
  • Subtitle filename: The Matrix
  • Subtitle filename: The Matrix
  • Correct Filepath Utility: Enhanced to correct subtitle filepaths.
  • Media Player: In the media player the external subtitles will appear after the emedded subtitles. Once a subtitle is enabled, the system will keep subtitles on when playing the next episode in a TV Show and the method used to select which subtitle to enable is based on the language and description.
  • Enhancement: Support more IMDB connections: Version Of
  • Fix: Fix placement of play menu when invoked from snapshot icon.
  • Fix: Fix issues with data importers

Changes for v0.2.37 - v0.2.38

  • Enhancement: Add picture-in-picture (PIP) capability to video player where not supported natively. Safari on MacOS and iOS will use native PIP.
  • Fix: Fix GUI issues with player
  • Fix: Fix import of Genres from IMDB

Changes for v0.2.36 - v0.2.37

  • Enhancement: Add ability during install to specify "log on as" username and password for the service. Upon subsequent upgrades, the install program will remember the username but you will have to re-enter the password as this is not stored anywhere. It is better to install the service with a known user account then to use system (leave username blank). With system user it is hard to know what network shares are visible and accessible.
  • Enhancement: Better support for devices of different sizes.
  • Fix: Fix IMDB trailer import.
  • Fix: Fix null pointer exception (NPE) that occurred with some ASS subtitles.

Changes for v0.2.10 - v0.2.30

Changes for v0.2.29 - v0.2.10

  • Enhancement: Add functionality to crop movie and person images.
  • Fix: Many small bug fixes

Changes for v0.2.28 - v0.2.29

  • Enhancement: Enhance IMDB importer to import movie trailers. Add a new query attribute 'Has Trailer' and show count of trailers in statistics.
  • Enhancement: Allow changes to HLS Streaming startup parameters during play. This will allow changes to bandwidth, audio gain, audio track and imaged based subtitles.
  • Fix: Allow concurrent HLS Streaming from different browser tabs.
  • Fix: Fix issue with texarea widget over expanding in modify screens.
  • Fix: Fix issue attaching file to episode.

Changes for v0.2.26 - v0.2.28

  • Enhancement: Enhance IMDB importer to support new site changes
  • Release 0.2.27 - December 9th 2017
  • Enhancement: Support episode numbers with one decimal digit (tenths). This is used by some TV shows to support extra episodes (e.g. 9.5) which were not part of the original airing.
  • Fix: HLS transcoding issues.
  • Fix: ASS subtitles issues caused by blank dialogue lines. Some browsers cannot handle them.
  • Fix: Update data imports.

Changes for v0.2.25 - v0.2.26

  • Enhancement: Basic support for ASS subtitles in Http Live Streaming (HLS). This feature requires all text based subtitles be re-extracted.
  • Enhancement: Support for PGS and DVDSUB subtitles in HLS. Since these are image based subtitles they are burned into the video stream.
  • Enhancement: Support HLS in Chrome (Desktop version) via hls.js library.
  • Fix: Optimize rebuilding of search index to use less memory.

Changes for v0.2.24 - v0.2.25

  • Enhancement: Updated all scrappers to support latest site changes.
  • Enhancement: Better support for Http Live Streaming (HLS). Now supports variable bandwidths and audio track selection. Application now requires Apple software to perform HLS.

Changes for v0.2.23 - v0.2.24

  • Enhancement: Import Common Sense Media data for TV Shows.
  • Enhancement: Support importing of "Spin Off" movie lists. Import reverse movie lists when applicable. For example, create "Spin Off" movie list when "Spun-off From" movie list is imported.

Changes for v0.2.22 - v0.2.23

  • Fix: Fix index out of bound error when importing a movie.
  • Fix: Fix issue with Chrome/Safari not starting next episode from beginning.

Changes for v0.2.19 build 1932 - v0.2.21

  • New Feature: Extract running time from media files and use in place of imported (or user entered) running time when available. Running time for TV Shows are computed using the median running time of all episodes. Episode detail view updated to show running time.
  • New Feature: Asynchronize "Fix Search Index" and "Remove Derived Iamage Files" tasks. Notify user when these tasks start and end.
  • Fix: Statistics view did support color changes.
  • New Feature: Support multiple movie versions (e.g. Director's Cut, Theatrical Release,...). Prior to this release a movie or episode could only support one media version. Multi-file movies (i.e. is a movie split into 2 or more files) are also still supported.
  • New Feature: Show status of server when initializing. Prior to this release, accessing the server when it wasn't ready errored with page not found.

Changes for v0.2.16 build 1929 - v0.2.17 build 1930

  • Enhancement
  • Support WGA style writing credits
  • Support drag/drop reordering of images and casts.
  • Add shutdown server functionality.
  • Minor GUI enhancements.
  • Bug fixes
  • Small fixes to GUI.

Changes for v0.2.15 build 1928 - v0.2.16 build 1929

  • Enhancement
  • Support for embedded SRT subtitles in browser's internal players. This does not apply to VLC player which already supports subtitles. In order to implement this the SRT subtitle must be a separate file so there is a background process that extracts the subtitles from the media file. It can take a while to extract all supported subtitles.
  • File information now displays all "MediaInfo" information. Also, in the subtitle information a attribute called "Extracted Subtitle File" specifies the location of the extract subtitle.
  • A new setting appears in the "Settings" window to turn on/off extract embedded subtitles option. If installing new this option is default on otherwise you will have to enable it.
  • Bug fixes
  • Removed support for Mubi scrapper.
  • Fixes to RT And Amazon scrappers.
  • Small fixes to GUI.
  • Some HLS performance fixes.

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