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Version history for MPCSTAR

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Changes for v5.3 - v5.4

  • [PLAYER] new option to enable hardware-acceleration by Intel integrated graphics
  • [PLAYER] fix display bugs in play list
  • [CODEC] support hardware-acceleration for h.264 decoding by Intel integrated graphics

Changes for v5.2 - v5.3

  • [PLAYER] support auto loading subtitles in zip/rar file
  • [PLAYER] support .divx video file
  • [PLAYER] fix the bug of unable to fast forwards/rewind when playing DVD
  • [CODEC] fix the bugs in rm decoder
  • [CODEC] fix the bug of silence when playing .3gp file

Changes for v5.1 - v5.2

  • [PLAYER] improve the Black skin
  • [PLAYER] enhance high-speed playback, up to x64
  • [PLAYER] the language list uses the language names provided by Windows
  • [PLAYER] fix the bug of not to auto-load subtitles when opening video file
  • [CODEC] fix the bugs in mp4 decoder
  • [CODEC] fix the bugs in mpg decoder
  • [CODEC] fix the bugs in rm decoder

Changes for v5.0 - v5.1

  • [PLAYER] new skin: Black
  • [CODEC] support mov files from Canon DSLR cameras

Changes for v4.8 - v4.9

  • [PLAYER] add "Apply" button to Option dialog
  • [PLAYER] improve UI text
  • [PLAYER] program usually crashes in Vista
  • [CODEC] improve stability of RealMedia codec

Changes for v4.7 - v4.8

  • [PLAYER] media key can be set as global hot key
  • [PLAYER] media key works when main window minimized
  • [PLAYER] add GUI translation
  • [CODEC] MEncoder not install properly in v4.7
  • [CODEC] RealMedia codec cannot be loaded in certain situation in v4.7

Changes for v4.6 - v4.7

  • [PLAYER] sort files in the play list in numerical order
  • [PLAYER] parse corresponding part.met file when playing .part file (eMule downloading file), to get real file name for displaying
  • [PLAYER] add two new options about play list in Tools menu: save when exiting, add similar files
  • [PLAYER] switch UI language from Tools menu. users can help translating in
  • [PLAYER] fix the problem of cannot play files whose name contains # sign
  • [PLAYER] fix default video renderer in XP
  • [PLAYER] fix association problem for m2t
  • [PLAYER] CometPlayer updated
  • [CODEC] fix bugs in RealMedia codec

Changes for v4.4 - v4.5

  • [PLAYER] support play video file from HTTP URL
  • [PLAYER] support .hlv video file
  • [PLAYER] improve Option dialog layout
  • [PLAYER] download installation package of new version in background automatically if enabled
  • [PLAYER] fix bug: crash when entering Compact Mode
  • [CODEC] remove SCM codec from install package

Changes for v4.3 - v4.4

  • [PLAYER] improve crash report program

Changes for v4.2 - v4.3

  • [PLAYER] add Play setting page in option dialog. Video setting panel and subtitle display can be disabled to reduce CPU usage
  • [PLAYER] add skin editor in skin setting page of option dialog.
  • [PLAYER] prevent the system from turning off the display while the playing video
  • [PLAYER] bug fix: repeat doesn't work if only one file in playlist.

Changes for v4.1 - v4.2

  • [PLAYER] support display dual subtitles
  • [PLAYER] switch video aspect ratio and audio stream in video file from status bar
  • [PLAYER] remember last selected aspect ratio of video file
  • [PLAYER] support new output format in video file convert
  • [PLAYER] download new version install package when check update
  • [PLAYER] fix the problem of setting speaker for mkv file with multiple audio-stream

Changes for v4.0 - v4.1

  • [PLAYER] Add compact dispay mode
  • [PLAYER] Add subtitle adjust panel
  • [PLAYER] Add audio boost panel
  • [PLAYER] display video resolution in status bar

Changes for v3.9 - v4.0

  • [PLAYER] new option in video menu: rotate 90, 180, or 270 degree
  • [PLAYER] bug fix: program possibly could not exit normally after system resumed from standby or hibernate
  • [PLAYER] bug fix: program may crash when play certain files that not downloaded completely
  • [PLAYER] bug fix: seek bar does not refresh when seek using hotkey after paused

Changes for v3.8 - v3.9

  • [PLAYER] new option for fast/slow playback: keep pitch
  • [PLAYER] add default hotkey for next/previous file
  • [PLAYER] fix the bug that sometimes the cursor and status bar won't hide in full screen mode
  • [PLAYER] fix the bug that sometimes the jump forwards/backwards hotkey will take action twice

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