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Version history for Nemp

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Changes for v4.9.2 - v4.11

  • The main change is the variable layout of the main window, which can be adapted to your own requirements using the Form Designer. However, this caused further changes.
  • •redesign of the control panel, which is now more similar to those in other players and should therefore be more intuitive
  • •Controls for effects and equalizers moved to a separate window
  • •Control for main playback and headphones now share some control elements; toggle via the buttons on the left side of the control panel
  • •Removed the lyrics display for the current title. Instead, optional display of lyrics (instead of cover) for selected title in playlist and media list.
  • In addition, some changes to the skin system became necessary or useful.
  • •Background graphics can be defined for individual areas, with various options for alignment
  • •Adjustability of some further colors, also in " extended skin system ", e.g. the font color in the lists
  • •Bouncing bars in the taskbar preview removed. Instead more space for the title information and a small progress bar.
  • Other changes
  • •Selection of sleep mode no longer via a deeply nested menu but via a separate window
  • •Minor changes to the display of titles in the playlist
  • •Deskband for Windows XP removed from the archive. It is still supported in principle, but since Nemp is no longer fully compatible with Windows XP, this is just unnecessary ballast.
  • New features in 4.10
  • Some small details required relatively extensive changes to the source code. I hope that everything works again - better than before.
  • •improved display of progress for longer lasting operations (updating library, searching lyrics, ...)
  • •using https instead of http (where it is possible)
  • •fixed and improved lyric search
  • •Party Mode is more restricted now, fixed some display issues
  • •a few mean bug fixes (some uncommon sequences of clicking buttons could have lead to crashing the player)
  • •fixed possible (but rather unlikely) data loss when getting lyrics or extended tags
  • •removing playlist files from the media library did not work

Changes for v4.8.0 - v4.9.2

  • Memory-saving loading and saving of the media library. With that, a lot bigger music collections should be managable with Nemp - up to 1.000.000 titles should be no problem now.
  • Log file for the playlist: When was which title played?
  • Setting: Remove missing files from the media library on start
  • new Skin ("Blue)" available
  • Performance of the G15 display app significantly improved and thereby greatly reduced the CPU load.

Changes for v4.6.2 - v4.7.0

  • •Search in the playlist. Next hit with F3, Enter marks everything, Shift+Enter plays the currently selected track
  • •Always a "tag cloud light" in the bottom right: Double click the artist, album, genre or a tag to list all music files with this property
  • •Option: In Repeat track playback mode, play only the current entry in a cuesheet, and not the entire file
  • •Option: Weighted random play. Highly rated titles in the playlist are more likely to be selected than those with a low rating (or vice versa)
  • •Option: Default cover selectable (displayed if no cover was found)
  • Changes and bug-fixes in 4.7.0
  • •Minor changes to the GUI of the tag cloud
  • •Settings window revised. All options are always displayed
  • •But some of these were sorted more sensibly and a little bit purified. Some old and very rarely used options have been dropped, some others have been added
  • •Changes to some default settings that were relics of the past and caused confusion rather than clarity
  • •Bugfix: The app for the keyboard display now showed the current title when playing Webradio, and not permanently the title that was active at the start of the stream (if the channel sends suitable metadata)
  • •Bugfix: Setting in the display app "Start display app with Nemp" is now correctly applied by Nemp
  • •Bugfix: More reliable saving of window positions when switching between compact view and single window mode
  • •Bugfix: Some webstreams seemed to block Nemp, fixed by an own HTTP user agent instead of the bass. dll standard.
  • •Bugfix: last. fm Sessionkey was saved incorrectly after changing the service

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