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Version history for Ocenaudio (64-bit Portable)

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Changes for v3.7.15 - v3.7.18

  • Add new shortcuts for the canvas
  • Modify audio device initialization process

Changes for v3.7.11 - v3.7.12

  • Fix files save filter
  • Fix MacOS Mojave audio input permission

Changes for v3.7.10 - v3.7.11

  • New package for CentOS 8
  • Fix issue for MacOS Mojave
  • Add Trim and Save Selection to context menu

Changes for v3.7.9 - v3.7.10

  • Changes in mixer backend

Changes for v3.7.8 - v3.7.9

  • Fix scale issue
  • Allows to change focus of selection border

Changes for v3.7.7 - v3.7.8

  • Fix AAC issue
  • Improvement on selection

Changes for v3.7.6 - v3.7.7

  • Add Zoom Back button
  • Address issue with MP3 saving when audio contains regions
  • Address issue with Mac OS Catalina
  • Fix MP3 long files issue

Changes for v3.7.5 - v3.7.6

  • Fix memory leak

Changes for v3.7.4 - v3.7.5

  • Add effects to Quick Open
  • Add region/loop to markers conversion
  • Other fixes

Changes for v3.7.3 - v3.7.4

  • Fix bug when closing VST effect
  • Fix bug during AU compatibility check

Changes for v3.7.2 - v3.7.3

  • Fix Windows 32-bit issue
  • Fix noise reductor issue
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.7.1 - v3.7.2

  • Add drag-and-drop to populate metadata
  • Fix MP3 VBR issue
  • Fix id3 issue

Changes for v3.7 - v3.7.1

  • Fix send files on linux using command line
  • Fix problem that could cause a crash in some situations
  • Sorting VST plugins

Changes for v3.6.3 - v3.6.4

  • ◦Fix VST issue

Changes for v3.6.2 - v3.6.3

  • Fix enable/disable VST effects
  • Improvement on VST/AU effects

Changes for v3.6.1 - v3.6.2

  • Fix MP4 issue

Changes for v3.6.0 - v3.6.1

  • Minor fixes

Changes for v3.5.4 - v3.6.0

  • Dark mode support (on macOS Mojave)
  • Address playback disabled issue
  • Fix freeze during quiting
  • Mixor fixes

Changes for v3.5.3 - v3.5.4

  • Fix bug on AudioUnit
  • Mixor fixes

Changes for v3.5.1 - v3.5.3

  • Fix AAC channel ordering
  • Fix window layout saving
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.5.0 - v3.5.1

  • Fix destructive recording issue
  • Fix stop button bug

Changes for v3.4.5 - v3.5.0

  • UI refinements
  • Better FFT color scheme
  • New Color profiles
  • New overlay tools
  • New option for continuous playback
  • New full disk warning
  • Minor fixes

Changes for v3.4.4 - v3.4.5

  • Fix dithering
  • Fix exiting ocenaudio error in some conditions

Changes for v3.4.1 - v3.4.2

  • Add support for AD4 format
  • Fix crash when changeing mixer sample rate

Changes for v3.4.0 - v3.4.1

  • Fix crash while cleaning recent history
  • Fix bug in save audio

Changes for v3.3.10 - v3.4.0

  • Add pause capability on markers
  • Changes on ASIO device selection
  • New way for change selections moving the borders
  • New option for choosing filepath on Export dialog
  • New option for only selecting full-duplex devices
  • New regions drag-and-drop (using CTRL key)

Changes for v3.3.9 - v3.3.10

  • Fix crash while dragging a file to ocenaudio

Changes for v3.3.8 - v3.3.9

  • Fix crash while saving files
  • Update spanish translation

Changes for v3.3.4 - v3.3.7

  • Fix leak after closing audio
  • Fix markers and regions in CAF files
  • Version 3.3.6
  • Fix AudioUnit bug
  • Fix critical bug that crash ocenaudio
  • Version 3.3.5
  • Add smooth effect
  • Fix AudioUnit bug
  • Fix audio resample bug
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.3.3 - v3.3.4

  • Add option for resolution selection when creating new audios
  • Fix AudioUnit bug
  • Fix problem that could cause a crash in some situations
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.3.2 - v3.3.3

  • Fix AudioUnit bug
  • Fix GapLess no MP4
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.3.1 - v3.3.2

  • Fix bug on audio device list update
  • Fix MP4 reading error
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.3.0 - v3.3.1

  • Fix bug on close file
  • Fix probe error on devices without input/output channels
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.2.13 - v3.3.0

  • Add shortcut configuration for canvas
  • Fix UI for hiDPI on Windows
  • Fix minor bugs
  • New package for Debian 9

Changes for v3.2.11 - v3.2.13

  • Fix error when closing ocenaudio
  • Version 3.2.12
  • Fix MP4 file duration
  • Fix VST/AudioUnit plugins
  • Add option to disable pre-emphasis filter on spectrogram

Changes for v3.2.10 - v3.2.11

  • Fix VST preferences on Linux

Changes for v3.2.9 - v3.2.10

  • Fix apply last effect
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.2.8 - v3.2.9

  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.2.7 - v3.2.8

  • Fix normalization crash
  • Fix minor bugs

Changes for v3.2.6 - v3.2.7

  • Fix undo operation crash

Changes for v3.2.5 - v3.2.6

  • Fix a Windows startup crash
  • New seconds horizontal scale
  • New link between markers/regions with main window

Changes for v3.2.4 - v3.2.5

  • Fix an error when opening multiple files
  • New link between markers and audio properties dialog

Changes for v3.2.3 - v3.2.4

  • Fix Windows startup bug
  • Fix minor bugs
  • New audio screenshot dialog

Changes for v3.2.1 - v3.2.2

  • Fix an issue when opening files
  • New hungarian translation (thanks Koncz Lszl)

Changes for v3.1.10 - v3.2.1

  • Fix problem in playback/recording device detection
  • Version 3.2.0
  • New display layout
  • New Aqua color profile (cold colors)
  • New noise reduction effect
  • New mixer gains configuration panel
  • New smooth capability on cut/delete operations
  • Add automatic language detection (based on OS)
  • Add option to allow playback until the end of the audio
  • Add WASAPI support on Windows
  • Add dither capability on writing fixed point formats
  • Add multichannel support on gain effect
  • Add multichannel support on format change
  • Add resize capability on VST effect window
  • Improves selection of genre in properties dialog
  • Fix missing unknown metadata
  • Fix files format filters

Changes for v3.1.9 - v3.1.10

  • Fix autocomplete in region's comment
  • Fix freezing when using accessibility

Changes for v3.1.8 - v3.1.9

  • Fix problem in utf-8 ringtone loading after creation
  • Fix problem when there are both retina and non-retina screens
  • Fix segmentation fault in undo during playback
  • Fix freezing on non-responsive VST plugins

Changes for v3.1.7 - v3.1.8

  • Fix problem that could cause a crash in some situations

Changes for v3.1.6 - v3.1.7

  • Fix Repeat Last Effects for some effects
  • Fix crash on quit in some conditions
  • Fix playback freeze when sample rates are less than 4000 Hz
  • Fix Mini Level Meter position and size
  • Fix metadata import/export issues
  • Fix OpenSuse package
  • Add metadata update for some formats (no re-encode needed when the changes are only in metadata)
  • Improve samples view/selection when samples are visible
  • Improve selection beetween markers (ALT + DBL_CLICK can be made inside audio form -- use CMD/CTRL to add selections).
  • Improve mp3 encoder settings

Changes for v3.1.5 - v3.1.6

  • Fix FFT analysis
  • Fix DTMF detection
  • Fix coverart read on OGG files
  • Fix an issue that causes excess audio device enumerations
  • Fix a view issue after generating silence
  • Fix freezing after delete a file in use
  • Improve zoom precision when using vertical scrolling
  • Improve visualization after cut/clear operation from selection outside the view area
  • New selection between markers (ALT + DOUBLE-CLICK between the markers)

Changes for v3.1.4 - v3.1.5

  • Fix possible freezing that happens when configuring the effects during preview
  • Fix an issue on the effects dialog
  • Fix VST support on Linux

Changes for v3.1.3 - v3.1.4

  • Fix error that could cause a segmentation fault

Changes for v3.1.2 - v3.1.3

  • Fix a problem with mixpaste operation in multichannel files
  • Fix an interruption on punch-and-roll recording in some situations
  • Fix an error that can hide the sidebar
  • Fix initilization error that causes freezing on Windows
  • Fix an error that doesn't display the menubar on Linux
  • New simplified chinese translation (thank you Lulu Xie)

Changes for v3.1.1 - v3.1.2

  • Fix and improvement of opus file reading
  • Fix "Repeat Last Effect" for some effects
  • Fix a problem that could freeze/close during playback
  • Improvement scale font size on Windows

Changes for v3.0.9 - v3.1.1

  • Fix activation/deactivation of loop playback
  • Fix remove/insert audio device issues
  • Fix audio effect preview
  • Fix fast forward/backwards controls
  • Fix channel order in 'combine to stereo'
  • Fix mini level meter visualization issue
  • Update spanish translation
  • Version 3.1.0
  • Add "Convert to Mono" in open files list context menu
  • Add option "play head follows cursor position"
  • Add support to MP2 in MKV files
  • Optimization of waveform render (uses openGL when available)
  • Add regions highlight in open files search
  • Keybindings preferences can be changed with doubleclick
  • Add regions, markers and loop editors in the audio properties dialog
  • Add record cursor (only to show the record position)
  • Add Punch N Roll (with destructive recording)
  • Complete support to high DPI displays
  • Improvement of regions, markers and loops controls
  • Add open files list sort capability
  • Folder ($MUSIC)/ocenaudio is only created if used
  • Add cue file support
  • Removes ".dat" from ocenaudio associated extensions
  • Add remember last folder used to save a file
  • Add option to select bit depth when exporting PCM Linear in WAV and CAF
  • Keyboard focus goes to label editor when region or marker is created
  • Add optimization for linear transforms effects (gain, normalization and dc offset)
  • Stylesheet update of toolbar in windows and linux
  • Add support for audio screenshot in high dpi (requires Qt >= 5.5)
  • Layout update of QuickOpen
  • Add sinchronized view for two or more audio files
  • Fix presentation of preference dialog in Mac OS X full screen
  • Fix problem opening files with mimetype audio/l16
  • Fix regions playback issue
  • Fix freezing when close ocenaudio while region is being edited
  • Fix state of loop control in toolbar
  • Fix issue that can freeze ocenaudio when a message box is created during the close process
  • Fix a dead area bug (canvas area which not respond to mouse events)
  • Fix a problem that causes freezing in the audio mixer
  • Fix a bug with corrupted access of memory in some conditions. (Thanks to Frank!)
  • Fix a bug with channel synchronization during audio capture
  • Fix audio mixer when the selected backend dont have any active devices
  • Fix toolbar state on mac in some conditions
  • Fix issue that could create an empty undo when inserting regions
  • Fix issue that could freeze ocenaudio if region/marker or loop is being edited when quitting
  • Fix minors bugs

Changes for v3.0.8 - v3.0.9

  • Fix bug on ocenaudio startup

Changes for v3.0.6 - v3.0.8

  • Fix bug that allows to open more than one window
  • Fix possible issues with WAV files writing
  • Version 3.0.7
  • Fix bug in effect settings
  • Fix toolbar issue on Windows
  • Fix freezing issue during recording
  • Fix problem that does not convert regions into loops
  • Fix sync problem in viewed channels while recording
  • New OpenSUSE package

Changes for v3.0.4 - v3.0.6

  • Fix problem that could cause a crash in some situations

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