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Version history for Illiminable Ogg Directshow Filters for Speex, Vorbis, Theora and FLAC (32bit & 64bit)

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Changes for v0.85.17766 - v0.85.17777

  • Fixed project configuration which referenced two CRT versions in output binaries. The above issue created faulty binaries for Windows XP and it was due migration to Visual Studio 2008.

Changes for v0.83.17220 - v0.84.17315

  • Adds WebM support
  • brings one installer for both Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit
  • a new project name: "Open Codecs".

Changes for v0.82.16930 - v0.83.17220

  • Updated libvorbis to version 1.3.1
  • Updated libogg to version 1.2.0
  • Ogg Demux filter has been changed from a source + parser filter to just parser filter. This step allows usage of the following DirectShow filters:
  • File Source (Async.) filter which can handle files bigger than 2GB
  • File Source (URL) filter which gives better networking support (proxy, ipv6, etc.)
  • HTML5
  • URI support given by uriparser library
  • VMR9 support (instead of VMR7), this requires DirectX9
  • Internet Explorer Standards mode support, instead of just Quirks mode
  • width and height basic attribute support
  • Removed OGM decoding support
  • Fixed playback of Theora files with big ogg pages (e.g. hi-res "Patent Absurdity")
  • Fixed #1447: common http based ogg streams broken in Vista WMP (atleast vista 64)
  • Fixed #1301: [OGGDSF] dsfOggDemux2.dll, fails for http with private ip
  • Fixed #1657: FLAC 7.1 wrong mapped channels

Changes for v0.81.15562 - v0.82.16930

  • Updated Theora to version 1.1.1
  • Updated Vorbis to version 1.2.3
  • Windows 7 suppport (note that contextual menu entries in Windows Explorer is not yet available - Ticket #1619)
  • Added support for Theora 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color sampling formats.
  • Added HTML5
  • Added 7.1 channels support for FLAC and support for files bigger than 2GBytes.
  • Prefixed all DirectShow filters with "Xiph.Org". This should simplify usage for GraphEdit/GraphStudio users.
  • Fixed #1474: The installer for 64-bit Stable Version (0.81.15562) - 06.12.2008 it's NOT working properly
  • Fixed #1475: Typo in README
  • Fixed #1490: Theroa video resumes after starting to play in wmp 9 (win xp)
  • Fixed #1491: oggcodecs doesn't work with 6-channel FLACs
  • Fixed #1497: Ogg Theora Video is upside down/flipped in Windows Media Player (v6.4.09 and v7.10)
  • Fixed #1500: directshow filters messes up windows media player file open dialogue
  • Fixed #1546: OGV file(s) are crashing WMP (12)
  • Fixed #1563: DirectShow filter installer does not add proper "PerceivedType" REG_SZ to HKCR\.ext key
  • Fixed #1603: Theora Videos Encoded At Around 480x360 Crash Directshow Filter

Changes for v0.71.0946 - v0.81.15562

  • Changes this version
  • Updated Theora to version 1.0
  • Added support for 64 bit (AMD64, EM64T)
  • Added support for Registration Free COM Activation
  • Added support for RGB Theora Decoder output (16 and 32 color it depth)
  • Fixed bug while seeking at the end of a native FLAC file
  • Fixed #1262: [PATCH] directshow filters: generate correct number of frames, for Theora, Speex and Vorbis encoders
  • Fixed #1382: IOggCodec is not an interface
  • Fixed #1390: Ogg muxing filter doesn't support schroedinger codec
  • Fixed #1392: OggDemuxPacketSourceFilter GetCurFile memory allocation causes crashes
  • Fixed #1404: Installer doesn't respect the silent command line parameter
  • Fixed #1408: libOOTheora.dll memory leak
  • Fixed #1429: Supporting of rus text in (file name) or/and (file path)
  • Fixed #1430: Color bleeding on some (newer) ogg theora files
  • Fixed #1437: many regsvr32.exe processes running, but none for long
  • Fixed #1440: A debug log file is created during playback
  • Fixed #1443: Vista Media Centers Crashes when playing FLAC and pressing the "previous track button"
  • Fixed #1451: oggdsf doesn't support RGB output
  • Fixed #1471: speaker vibrations with oggcodecs v.0.80.15039
  • Known issues
  • If you want to install both 32bit and 64 bit installers on a x64 system you will need to change the path of the second run installer. For example if you run 32bit installer first, you need to change for the 64 bit installer the path from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiph.Org\Ogg Codecs\" "to C:\Program Files\Xiph.Org\Ogg Codecs\". This is due to a bug in the installer (Ticket #1474)
  • Can't play file with names that use extended character sets (ie Japanese) under certain locales of windows (Thanks Liisachan)
  • Make the installer properly detect if it's already installed. If you don't uninstall the old version you will get multiple identical file masks in WMP
  • If you are getting codec problems, there appears to be a conflict with something in Media Player Classic... it tries to enforce the use of another ogg demultiplexer, either by design or accident.If you see in MPC it complaining about a media subtype with a GUID {CDDCA2D5-6D75-4F98-840E737BEDD5C63B}. This is the guid of the old tobias vorbis filter, and this one {8D2FD10B-5841-4a6b-8905-588FEC1ADED9} is CoreVorbis. This is most likely due to the fact that these filters don't clean up the registry when they uninstall. I am working on something to "clean up" all these remnants from the registry (don't expect it too soon though... it's not that high priority). You can also apparently an option to disable the inbuilt demuxer (Thanks Bond)
  • Cannot handle any chained multiplexed files or streams.

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