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Version history for QPlayer

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Changes for v1.1.0.77 - v1.1.1

  • New symplified UI and smaller installation
  • Reworked play logics
  • New song queue system
  • Replay Gain support (no scanner yet)
  • Partial support for id tags (playlist texts and album cover image)
  • Bass library and plugin update
  • LevelMeter control
  • New visualizations
  • Gapless playback reworked
  • Installer
  • No XP support anymore (maybe working but no testing

Changes for v1.1.0.76 - v1.1.0.77

  • Added letter navigation panel for fast playlist scrolling to selected letteer.

Changes for v1.1.0.75 - v1.1.0.76

  • Bunch of bug fixes.
  • Changes to Windows 7 taskbar buttons.
  • Possibility to hide spectrum.

Changes for v1.1.0.74 - v1.1.0.75

  • Some layout changes to bottom of player.
  • Playlist import / export.
  • Audiodevice init bug fix.
  • Mute button bug fixes.
  • Listbox drawing bug fix.
  • Audio libraries updated example (bass.Net.dll, alac.dll, TTA (x86) and partially mid support (x64).

Changes for v1.1.0.73 - v1.1.0.74

  • Win7 taskbar buttons bug fix.
  • Added new commandline parameters /fullscreen and /topmost.
  • Fixed crash bug when selected audio device is not found anymore.
  • Fixed Alt+f4 (app close) and shift+arrow selection combinations.
  • Updated "Download album cover" and "Open directory to mFastRen" apps.
  • Force to show default file info by pressing alt-key when selecting file.

Changes for v1.1.0.72 - v1.1.0.73

  • Gap-less playback.
  • Aac and alac x64 plugins added.
  • Some label mnemonics removed.
  • Drag and drop changes.
  • Default colorscheme changed to black.
  • Bug fixes.

Changes for v1.1.0.71 - v1.1.0.72

  • "Open directory to explorer" now shows file selection in explorer.
  • Added more items to "Copy text to clipboard" menu.
  • Bug fixes.

Changes for v1.1.0.69 - v1.1.0.71

  • Drag and drop sorting bug fix.
  • Selected file scrolling infotext.

Changes for v1.1.0.69 - v.

  • Drag and drop sorting bug fix.
  • Selected file scrolling infotext.

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