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Version history for Rufus (Portable)

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Changes for v2.17 - v2.18

  • Ensure that the same drive is reselected on device refresh
  • Add a cheat mode to cycle the USB port of currently selected device
  • Make lookup for updatable .cfg file more generic (e.g. ESET SysRescue)
  • Fix handling of multiextent ISOs (e.g. BlackArch Linux)
  • Fix propagation of image decompression errors
  • Update grub4dos to latest

Changes for v2.4 - v2.7

  • Add Thai translation, courtesy of Sippapas Wangsri
  • Add Drag and Drop support, courtesy of SeymourApps
  • Add a retry for most write operations
  • Update UEFI:NTFS, ms-sys and Grub4DOS to latest
  • Dual sign Rufus with both SHA-1 and SHA-256
  • Fix 2nd line of SHA-256 being hidden on some platforms
  • Fix shutdown prevention issues
  • Additional fixes & translation updates

Changes for v2.3 - v2.4

  • Allow some settings and cheat modes to be persisted between sessions
  • Fix multiple issues with flash drive detection
  • Fix listing of drives that contain no media
  • Fix cheat mode to save the current USB to uncompressed VHD (Alt-V)
  • Fix an UI scaling issue with high DPI displays for non English languages
  • Update most of the translations
  • Additional cosmetic improvements

Changes for v2.2 - v2.3

  • Detect ISOHybrid images and ask users how they should be written
  • Add MD5/SHA-1 image checksum verification (# button on the status bar)
  • Add Zip decompression support for DD Images
  • Add a cheat mode for ISO timestamp preservation (Alt-T)
  • Add a cheat mode for USB enumeration debugging (Alt-.)
  • Disable MS-DOS creation for Windows 10 or later (FreeDOS is still available)
  • Fix Windows To Go creation issues, and enable access to internal disks
  • Fix UEFI support for Fedora ISOs
  • Fix some USB enumeration issues
  • Other improvements and fixes, including translation updates

Changes for v2.1 - v2.2

  • Modernize the language selection button, courtesy of David Warner
  • Add keyboard accessibility, courtesy of David Warner
  • Add a clear indication of when UEFI-CSM is to be used
  • Fix an USB detection issue and add support for ASUS UASP "Turbo Mode"
  • Fix prevention of Windows shutdown when Rufus is idle
  • Improve UI on high DPI monitors
  • Update Grub4DOS to 0.4.6a [2015.05.18]
  • Other UI improvements and fixes, including translation updates

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