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Version history for Screamer Radio (Portable)

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Changes for v2018-09-23 - v2019-02-04 Preview

  • New features
  • Add "Center window" menu option to system tray menu
  • Automatically center the window if it starts up off screen
  • Improvements
  • Change of output device no longer requires stopping playback
  • Default output device will automatically switch when the system device setting changes
  • Window centering should now work on high DPI screens
  • Improve how browsers are launched when clicking links
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fix race condition when closing
  • Fix internal exception when reading stream metadata
  • Fix crash bug in about tab
  • Other:
  • Upgrade BASS to version 2.4.14

Changes for v2018-05-29 - v2018-08-26

  • New features:
  • New setting to allow only one running instance
  • Output device selection
  • Stereo separation filter (can do mono)
  • Ctrl + scroll to adjust volume in smaller steps
  • Minor tweaks:
  • Add close current tab to menu
  • Add link to release notes in about menu and in update notification
  • Moved audio filters to menu instead of in options
  • Compressor and stereo separation filter should fade in
  • Bug fixes:
  • Could crash on certain streams
  • Fixed a heap corruption crash that could occur in certain situations
  • Fixed a few bugs in station export/import
  • Stations opened via "Open URL" was not always restored on restart
  • Fixed some internal resource leaks
  • Other:
  • Screamer now parses MPEG and Ogg streams to extract metadata like bitrate and frequency, this was done in preparation to be able to implement recording
  • Upgrade BASS to latest version which is now using WASAPI instead of DirectSound
  • The manual NSIS installer is now also digitally signed
  • Performance improvements in UI
  • More exception handling in sensitive places
  • Massive internal refactorings to make the code more maintainable

Changes for v1.0 20180311 - v2018-05-26

  • New version released with improved startup performance, better privacy controls and a few bug fixes.

Changes for v0.4.3 - v0.4.4 (20100924)

  • Fixed meta parsing crash bug
  • Menu fix to be compatible with screen readers
  • Upgraded BASS to
  • Upgraded BASSWMA to
  • Upgraded BASS_AAC to
  • Enabled BASS playlist parsing as fallback
  • Turned on DisablePopups option as default

Changes for v0.4.2 - v0.4.3

  • A new version was released today, this update delivers much, much, MUCH better Windows Vista support! You no longer have to run as administrator and Screamer Radio now records songs to your Music folder by default. Check out the history for a full list of changes.

Changes for v0.4.1 - v0.4.2

  • 081001:
  • Another menu related fix, hopefully it will work slightly better now
  • Fixed a deadlock bug
  • Fixed bug causing stop button to be ineffective against connect attempts
  • Implemented automatic version update notifier
  • 080930:
  • Fixed bug in log window causing it to display wrong title in some cases
  • Fixed one bug that would cause message "Connect error: No error"
  • ICY tags sent via HTTP wasn't parsed
  • ICY tags sent on AAC streams wasn't parsed
  • Refactored and cleaned up some code
  • Updated BASS to
  • 080824:
  • Missed that BASS 2.4 handles OGG metadata differently, now fixed

Changes for v0.4.0 - v0.4.1

  • Oops, in the newly released version of Screamer Radio there were two bugs that affected Windows 9x causing problems on older computers. They have now been fixed and a new version is out.

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