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Version history for Spider Player (Portable)

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Changes for v2.5.2 - v2.5.3

  • Fixed:
  • converting feature preview didn't work in the FREE version of
  • Spider Player, now it's possible to convert one track at a time again
  • Other:
  • "Spider Player Basic" renamed to "Spider Player FREE"

Changes for v2.5.1 - v2.5.2

  • Separate color selections for skin's Buttons & Sliders, Text and Background on the Interface tab of the Options window

Changes for v2.5 - v2.5.1

  • New:
  • Lyrics Pane now works in the Basic version as well
  • for the first minute of each song for preview purposes
  • Fixed:
  • Lyrics Pane script error messages

Changes for v2.4.6 - v2.5

  • New:
  • Lyrics Pane in the playlist with auto download of lyrics.
  • Get instant lyrics of the song you are listening to!
  • Spider Remote - remote control app for Android phones
  • new "Feeback" button in the About window
  • Improved:
  • Shoucast-Icecast toggle in the radio directory made more obvious,
  • tooltips added
  • Fixed:
  • DoS vulnerability when loading M3U playlists:
  • mouse wheel moved the pan slider without actually affecting the pan
  • and displaying the pan value in the main window

Changes for v2.4.5 - v2.4.6

  • New:
  • follow us on Twitter @spidder_player by using the new Twitter button in the About window (opens with F1)
  • web interface to control the player from the web or third-party applications
  • you can now tag custom-made CDs in the converter window or amend downloaded FreeDB metadata
  • extra radio recording option (overwrite files with the same name)
  • the player's controls no longer have to be in focus in order for mouse wheel scroll to work
  • equalizer bands and pan can now be changed using the mouse wheel
  • the player will now show internet station name (if known) after the name of the track in square brackets
  • Fixed:
  • changing sound font when the player was stopped crashed the player
  • some other bugs

Changes for v2.4.4 - v2.4.5

  • Rename files feature improvements
  • location of last opened folder/files wasn't remembered

Changes for v2.4.2 - v2.4.3

  • New:
  • Scroll "Now Playing" information automatically toggle added
  • Improved:
  • multimedia keyboards are now supported by default. NOTES: Previously it was required to setup multimedia keys as global hotkeys in Spider Player's options in order for them to work. Now non-system-wide multimedia keys (PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT/PREV TRACK, STOP) are used as secondary local hotkeys by default. If you are upgrading, please hit "Restore defaults" button on Hotkeys page of the options dialog for new settings to take effect. System-wide multimedia keys (MEDIA, VOLUME UP/DOWN, MUTE) are not assigned by default. You still have to assign them manually to avoid any unexpected conflicts. TIP #1: to override default OS behavior (e.g. MEDIA key launching Windows Media Player) use system-wide multimedia keys as global hotkeys in Spider Player. TIP #2: using complex hotkeys like "Ctrl + Shift + Play/Pause Media" is also possible!
  • FoxyTunes integration instructions updated:
  • Fixed:
  • a few bugs with assigning/removing hotkeys
  • access violation error on close
  • resizing playlist always changed "Show window contents while dragging" option to true

Changes for v2.4.1 - v2.4.2

  • Fixed:
  • Memory leaks in Favorites Manager
  • checked "Save track position on close" option caused access violation
  • Improved:
  • Shoutcast's list of stations now reloads automatically
  • when switching back from Icecast
  • some translations have been updated

Changes for v2.4 - v2.4.1

  • Improved:
  • all components of the sound engine updated to their latest versions
  • LAME MP3 encoder updated to the latest stable version
  • support for little-endian AIFF files
  • support for 64-bit floating-point WAVE/AIFF files
  • updated to WavPack 4.60.1
  • MIDI: support for 28MBGM.SF2 and CT8MGM.SF2 as default soundfonts
  • updated AAC and AC3 input plugins will be downloaded automatically
  • during the installation; users of the portable version, please
  • download manually from here:
  • Fixed:
  • "Clear playlist" menu item didn't work

Changes for v2.3.11 - v2.4

  • New:
  • support (PRO feature)
  • SoundFont can now be changed by right-clicking its name in the main
  • window and choosing "Replace SoundFont..." from the context menu;
  • you can also assign a hotkey for this action in the options
  • "Clear playlist on exit" option
  • PRO version label is now displayed in the title of the main window (registered users, default skin only)
  • Fixed:
  • Unicode-related bugs in the Radio Directory and Web Search
  • skin engine bug: region wasn't calculated for the main window

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