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Version history for TagScanner (Portable)

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Changes for v6.0.35 - v6.1.0 Beta 1

  • New: Dark mode
  • New: Customizable list of extended fields
  • New: Predefined folder for covers
  • New: Ability to get params for web requests automatically
  • Improved: Format value command nows has own button on main toolbar and works from any modes
  • Improved: Import lyrics wizard nows remember options
  • Improved: Ability to use own musicbrainz server
  • Improved: New hotkey Ctrl+W to send web search request
  • Improved: Scalable interface of Transformations editor
  • Improved: Vorbis comments compatibility with JRiver
  • Improved: Switched to new fast internal RegEx engine
  • Fixed: Access violation error on multilevel transformations with nulled fields

Changes for v6.0.34 - v6.0.35

  • Improved layout of some interface elements for hiDpi modes
  • Fixed: Memory leak while tagging OGG files
  • Fixed: Support for WMA files
  • Updated OpenSSL libs
  • Translation: German

Changes for v6.0.33 - v6.0.34

  • New features for DJs and fixed old annoying problems.

Changes for v6.0.32 - v6.0.33

  • Improved: Autonumbering wizard are now saves settings
  • Improved: MEDIATYPE field now imported from online services
  • Improved: All previews are now updated in real time on Transformations selection
  • Fixed: Memory leak in scripting engine cause "Out of memory" error
  • Starting work to make program more friendly for screen readers
  • Updated playbak engine
  • Translation: Japanese, Bulgarian, German, Norwegian, Czech

Changes for v6.0.31 - v6.0.32

  • Transformation with Format value now may be used to generate fields with predefined value
  • New function: ansi(x) returns X with all characters normalized with system codepage
  • Removed service import - because it's not work anymore
  • Added (Video Games Music Database) to list of servers for FreeDB/CDDB technology
  • Updated support for DSDIFF format
  • Translation: Chinese Simplified

Changes for v6.0.30 - v6.0.31

  • Additional tweaks for Discogs service
  • Added incremental search by all tag fields on main list and list of transformations
  • Default ID3v1 genres list expanded by almost 50 new genres
  • Improved: Reading of WAV files with ID3v2 chunk identifier in upper case
  • Translation: Chinese Traditional

Changes for v6.0.29 - v6.0.30

  • Updated support for Discogs to reflect latest changes in API for multiple artists tracks
  • Updated support for MusicBrainz to work with updated search engine
  • Additional protection logic for fragmented mpeg4 files
  • Program no longer test on Windows XP/2003, but should work on these systems
  • Translation: Portuguese (Brazil)

Changes for v6.0.28 - v6.0.29

  • New placeholders: %_cover_size% , %_cover_width% , %_cover_height%
  • New function: if2(x1,x2,x3,...) returns first non-empty argument
  • Improved: Bypass of malformed WAV files
  • Improved: Additional information for classical music from Discogs
  • Improved: Adittional processing of subtracks from Discogs
  • Additional checks for names conflict on folder renaming

Changes for v6.0.27 - v6.0.28

  • Updated support for Discogs service
  • New: Format value feature are now available in transformations
  • New: Now you can automatically override any embedded cover with your file
  • New functions: $min(x,y), $max(x,y), $round(x)
  • Improved: Very long file paths support for tag editing
  • Improved: Picture column now shows filename of external cover (if available) if embedded cover is empty
  • Changed: Metadata inside WAV LIST INFO chunks now saved with Windows default (ANSI) encoding
  • Translation: Bulgarian

Changes for v6.0.26 - v6.0.27

  • Updated support for CoverArtArchive base which used by Musicbrainz service
  • New function: $in(x,y) returns true, if X contains Y
  • Fixed: Unable to clear Album Artist field inside Vorbis in some cases
  • Changed: $strpos function now case insensitive
  • Updated playback engine

Changes for v6.0.23 - v6.0.25

  • New: Online results window are now shows track length if available
  • Improved: Stability while saving tags into multiple huge files
  • Improved: Now you can paste single tag from buffer to all selected files
  • Improved: Playback loop control
  • Improved: Fast forward and rewind while playing
  • Improved: Program are now import genre info from Discogs to CONTENTGROUP field
  • Improved: Additional logic on parsing Vorbis comments fields from foobar2000
  • Updated MP4 metadata support
  • Changed: Program now use 'xxx' language marker for ID3v2 frame USLT to prevent problems with reading lyrics in some players
  • Translation: Bulgarian, Serbian (Latin)

Changes for v6.0.22 - v6.0.23

  • New keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R and toolbar button for Rename folder by tag wizard
  • New ability to load and save user-defined gernes from external files
  • Support for reading of ID3v2 UFID frame
  • Progam now are remember last used playlist name
  • Most of buttons on toolbars now may change their state depending on selection
  • Fixed: Can't remove metadata from DFF files
  • Fixed: Program crashes if files structure change outside interface
  • Fixed: Saving of some ID3v2 frames with incorrect encoding
  • Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Persian, Chinese Simplified

Changes for v6.0.21 - v6.0.22

  • Amazon removed from list of supported web services after Amazon canceled project's accounts
  • Now all lists with user-defined templates can store up to 50 values
  • Updated support for OPUS
  • Translation: Bulgarian, German

Changes for v6.0.20 - v6.0.21

  • New: Support for DSDIFF files (.DFF)
  • New: Support for new ID3v2 and MP4 tag fields from iTunes
  • New scripting function isnumber(x)
  • Ability to rename field in advanced tag editor
  • Fixed possible FLAC files corruption for files without padding blocks
  • Temporary disabled lookups on non-US Amazon sites
  • Translation: Japanese, Italian, Finnish, Catalan

Changes for v6.0.19 - v6.0.20

  • New: Feature to quick formatting of field value in Editor
  • New: Now you can exclude field from processing using a minus sign before the name
  • Improved: Regular Expressions now works with multiline fields
  • Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 fields INVOLVEDPEOPLE and MUSICIANCREDITS
  • Updated support for FLAC and OPUS
  • Translation: Bulgarian

Changes for v6.0.18 - v6.0.19

  • New functions: $swapprefix, $stripprefix
  • Improved: Recognition of APE tags
  • Fixed: Handling of templates for Rename folder by tag feature
  • Fixed: Incorrect sorting of filelist by user-defined columns
  • Changed: APEv2 tag now default for TTA-files
  • Changed: Now when you run the program it opens file from passed arguments, rather than scans folder in which it placed
  • Updated support for WavPack 5.0 format
  • Translation: Turkish

Changes for v6.0.17 - v6.0.18

  • Improved: Handling of non-unique named text frames from ID3v2 tags (more compatible)
  • Improved: Accelerated handling of covers for OGG and OPUS files
  • New placeholder %_bitrate_type% for VBR or CBR indication (if available)
  • Fixed: Work with pictures descriptions in editor
  • Changed: Old СOVERART fields from Vorbis Comments will be converted to the new METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE field while saving
  • Changed: ENCODER field from Vorbis Comments no longer mapped to ENCODEDBY to prevent possible problems with MQA encoded files

Changes for v6.0.16 - v6.0.17

  • Fixed: Scaling on hiDPI modes since 6.0.16
  • Updated MPEG4 support
  • Improved Discogs service support
  • New function $char(x) to get unicode character by its code

Changes for v6.0.15 - v6.0.16

  • Improved: Program now handles malformed FLAC files and tries to fix their while saving
  • Improved: Placeholders and functions are now may be used for filtering
  • Improved: Autonumbering wizard automatically recognize scheme of formatting from start value
  • Arithmetic functions: $add(x,y) $sub(x,y) $div(x,y) $mod(x,y) $mul(x,y)
  • Boolean functions: $greater(x,y) $longer(x,y)
  • Fixed: Initialization of predefined genres list in portable version
  • Translation: Catalan, Greek

Changes for v6.0.14 - v6.0.15

  • New: Autonumbering of discs based on groups
  • New scripting function $cutmix(x) to remove mix/cover part in parentheses from string
  • Improved behavior of Rename folder by tag function
  • Improved interaction with MusicBrainz service
  • Improved: Editor now remembers state of folded blocks
  • Fixed: Proxy options reading
  • Fixed: Reading of export scripts in some cases
  • Switch for Track counter in editor reverted back (it was useful in some cases)
  • Translation: Chinese Simplified

Changes for v6.0.12 - v6.0.14

  • Find duplicates function returned back with new features
  • Now you can customize list of pre-defined genres
  • Support of Replacement Text Case Conversion in Regular expressions
  • New indication for file access problems
  • Updated some default options
  • Translation: Japanese, Turkish, Spanish

Changes for v6.0.11 - v6.0.12

  • New: Filelist filtering feature are now allows to make searching with exact case, whole words and regular expressions
  • Improved: User-defined columns now have text alignment property and may be deleted separately
  • Improved: Regular expressions now tested for errors to avoid program hang
  • Fixed: ID3v2 TDAT frame didn't removed on save
  • Fixed: Covers removed from OGG files after running some tag changing functions
  • Transformations configurator was simplified
  • More smooth work on hiDPI modes
  • Cleaned up content of translation files
  • Translation: French, Czech

Changes for v6.0.10 - v6.0.11

  • New : Ability to use own patterns in filelist columns
  • Improved: Convert codeapge feature now have option to change entirely tag
  • Fixed: Error on Copy/Paste tag data in advanced tag editor
  • Fixed: Processing of empty values with scripting functions
  • Changed: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT frames now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
  • Translation: Spanish

Changes for v6.0.8 - v6.0.10

  • Updated support for ALAC format
  • Fixed: Escaping of some chars in scripting functions
  • Fixed: Removing of tag fields with Advanced tag editor
  • Fixed: Proxy options saving
  • Fixed: Unicode options processing for ID3v2 tags
  • Changed logic of WMA tags reading/saving
  • Translation: Polish, Greek, Japanese, Swedish

Changes for v6.0.7 - v6.0.8

  • New: Wizard to mass import of lyrics from files
  • Fixed: Album title trimming from FreeDB
  • Updated Discogs cleanup script

Changes for v6.0.6 - v6.0.7

  • New: Placeholder %_filedate_create% returns the specified file creation date
  • Improved: Handling of corrupted FLAC files
  • Fixed: Support of FreeDB service since 6th version

Changes for v6.0.5 - v6.0.6

  • New: Helper panel with list of available placeholders in dialogs
  • New: Logic functions $not, $and, $or
  • Improved: Handling of M4A tag “Conductor”
  • Fixed: Usage of patterns in export/import covers dialogs
  • Changed: Unknown metadata blocks inside MP4 files are now preserved
  • Placeholders reorganized
  • Updated some icons for hiDPI modes
  • Updated sound engine and plugins
  • Translation: Chinese Simplified, Persian

Changes for v6.0.4 - v6.0.5

  • Improved: More smooth work with groups in filelist
  • Improved: Draging files to Log window
  • Improved: Support for latest changes in iTunes
  • Improved: Ability to sort user-defined genres
  • Fixed: Mouse scrolling in any part of interface on windows10
  • Fixed: Forming of LIST INFO chunk in WAV files
  • Translation: Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese Simplified

Changes for v6.0.3 - v6.0.4

  • New: Picture column now shows size of data in addition to image dimensions
  • Improved: Recovering metadata from corrupted AIFF files writed by iTunes
  • Fixed: Updating of generators configuration while migrating from 5.1 to 6
  • Fixed: Filtering of fields from online import
  • Fixed: FLAC, WAV, MP4 support since 6.0.3
  • Updated internal scripting engine
  • Updated support for OPUS
  • Changed: Covers resize function does not enlarge small images anymore
  • Changed: Transform scripting files are now updated on disc as needed
  • Translation: Portuguese (Portugal)

Changes for v5.1.665 - v5.1.667

  • Improved navigation with keyboard
  • Fixed playlists saving
  • Optimize memory consumption for undo operation
  • Translations: Chinese Simplified

Changes for v5.1.663 - v5.1.665

  • Updated Discogs support
  • Improved Discogs cleanup script
  • Fixed problem with locking of taskbar in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed transform sripts changing
  • Translations: Turkish, Japanese

Changes for v5.1.661 - v5.1.663

  • New option to preserve file selection after tag saving
  • Increased startup speed with initial folder scanning
  • Fixed some visual issues with old Windows themes
  • Program now remember state of Restructure feature
  • Ability to create list of predefined paths for Restructure feature
  • All dropdown lists now works as conceived by the system

Changes for v5.1.660 - v5.1.661

  • Improved: Imprort information about subtracks from Discogs
  • New placeholder %_paramstr% for startup options
  • Simplify updates installation

Changes for v5.1.657 - v5.1.660

  • New: Work with Initial Key field requested by DJs and classic music lovers
  • Now you can click on disc title in web results to select/deselect tracks from current disc
  • Support for Snap feature on latest Windows
  • Fixed rare problem with using of conditinal sections on strings with spanish punctuation
  • Updated Flac support
  • Added ability to playback of Direct Stream Digital format

Changes for v5.1.652 - v5.1.657

  • New: Support for tagging of Direct Stream Digital format
  • Fixed: Some input fields was locked since last update
  • More accurate processing of multi-artist releases from Discogs
  • Program now use new select folder dialog for Vista above

Changes for v5.1.652 - v5.1.655

  • Updated Discogs support
  • Fixed: extracting of large covers
  • Fixed: reading of some sorts of ID3v2 unsynced lyrics
  • Translations: Ukrainian, French (new)

Changes for v5.1.651 - v5.1.652

  • Fixed reading of transform scripts
  • Fixed saving of some sorts of WMA metadata
  • Improved work of new refresh list function
  • Translations: German (updated)

Changes for v5.1.649 - v5.1.651

  • Implemented support of authorized requests for Discogs
  • Improved: Additional processing of compilations from Amazon lookups
  • Improved: Now the regular expressions searching for all matches (don't stop on first match)
  • New hotkeys: [Ctrl+F5] for rescan current folder and [F5] for refresh on screen data
  • New column in the list of files with information about covers
  • Updated playback engine
  • Translations: Czech (updated), Vietnamese (new)

Changes for v5.1.648 - v5.1.649

  • Updated Discogs support
  • Improved reading of corrupted ID3v2.4 tags
  • Translations: Ukrainian

Changes for v5.1.647 - v5.1.648

  • Optimized work with online services
  • New: Filter for release format on Discogs
  • Translations: Catalan, Slovak, Spain

Changes for v5.1.646 - v5.1.647

  • Updated support for Discogs service
  • Fixed: Sometimes program didn't delete tmp-files after tag removing
  • Changed: Tag CUT feature now remove all possible formats of metadata inspite of tags saving options
  • Translations: Finnish, Portuguese (Portugal)

Changes for v5.1.645 - v5.1.646

  • Updated support for Discogs service
  • Fixed: Sometimes program didn't delete tmp-files after tag removing
  • Changed: Tag CUT feature now remove all possible formats of metadata inspite of tags saving options
  • Translations: Finnish, Portuguese (Portugal)

Changes for v5.1.643 - v5.1.645

  • Removed support for Beatport lookups due to incompatibility with the new licensing policy
  • Improved work with large FLAC files
  • Fixed: Tags not saved if file is played with embedded player
  • Translations: Latvian (new), Chinese Traditional, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese Simplified

Changes for v5.1.641 - v5.1.643

  • New: Now you can download additional images from web sources
  • Improved: Now program shows country of release where possible for web results
  • Improved: Increased tag saving speed on network drives
  • Fixed saving of scripts containing restricted characters in their names
  • Fixed some files sharing issues on multi-user systems
  • Translations: Turkish

Changes for 5.1.640 - v5.1.641

  • Rollback changes which hide files from indexing service after tags saving

Changes for v5.1.638 - 5.1.640

  • Updated support for Beatport service
  • Improved: Case change function now works with multiline fields
  • Improved: Date of release from web sources now can be saved in full format
  • Increased tag saving speed for most systems
  • Fixed some stability issues on Windows8

Changes for v5.1.637 - v5.1.638

  • Improved: Intellectual sorting by Track Number, BPM and Cover size
  • Improved: Autocorrection of filenames for exported covers
  • Reverted back Genre displaying for FreeDB services
  • Possible fix for sharing violation problem on Win8
  • Translations: Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified

Changes for v5.1.635 - v5.1.637

  • Improved: Now you can resize action panels
  • Improved: Now you can apply one text transformation for several fields at once
  • Improved: Interface of freedb-like services reworked and now can show several results at once
  • Changed behavior of some dialogs
  • Fixed: Resource leak and random crashes after long work

Changes for v5.1.631 - v5.1.635

  • New: Support for regular expressions in Text transform
  • Improved: Optimization of lookups on Discogs and Beatport
  • Improved: Ability to get album covers from MusicBrainz's related
  • Fixed some stability issues on Windows8
  • Translations: Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese

Changes for v5.1.630 - v5.1.631

  • New: Support for lookups on and
  • Optimized memory consumption for undo
  • Updated playback engine

Changes for v5.1.625 - v5.1.630

  • Improved: Processing of compound fields from MusicBrainz
  • Improved: Support for non-rgb pictures for embedded covers
  • Fixed: Changing of filename in export interface didn't work
  • Fixed: Renaming of files directly in filelist
  • Translations: German

Changes for v5.1.622 - v5.1.625

  • New: Support for Opus Codec - stream info and metadata reading/saving (Vorbis Comments)
  • Improved relevance of lookups on Discogs and MusicBrainz
  • Improved: Reading of unsynchronized ID3v2.3 tags
  • Improved: Reading of codec information from MP4 movies
  • Improved: Reading of multi-artist fields from MusicBrainz
  • Internal player now support multimedia features of keyboards
  • Program now tested on Windows 8

Changes for v5.1.621 - v5.1.622

  • Improved: Autovalidation of path to folder inserted from clipboard
  • Improved: Tags version indication in filelist
  • Fixed: Processing of tag fields which contain %
  • Fixed: Reading of some types of comments from ID3v2 tags
  • Translations: Dutch

Changes for v5.1.620 - v5.1.621

  • New keyboard shortcut to select next file in list CTRL+N
  • Fixed: Sometimes rating information may disappear from Id3v2 tag after saving in Tag editor
  • Fixed: Tagging problems with very short OGG-vorbis files
  • Translations: Chinese Traditional

Changes for v5.1.612 - v5.1.620

  • New: Support for largest music store for DJs with ability to get full info about releases and download high quality covers
  • Changed: TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS values now saved in individual fields for Vorbis Comments
  • Fixed rare problem with reading of ID3v2 tags with exteneded header
  • Updated Discogs service support
  • Translations: Estonian, Chinese Simplified

Changes for v5.1.611 - v5.1.612

  • New: Ability to shuffle list of files
  • Updated sorting logic for some columns of filelist
  • Fixed behaviour of some file dialogs on WinXP
  • Fixed problems with false error indication while saving ID3v1 tags
  • Updated playback engine

Changes for v5.1.610 - v5.1.611

  • More accurate calculation of bitrate for FLAC-files
  • Workarounds to work with files locked by other programs like Winamp, iTunes etc.
  • Fixed: File operations on the filtered list of files
  • Fixed: Positioning on multi-monitor systems
  • Translations: Greek

Changes for v5.1.608 - v5.1.610

  • Improved Discogs service support for old releases
  • Improved context menu for list of files
  • Changed: The program now preserve order of files when opening playlists
  • Fixed some stability issues in Tag processor
  • Updated list of available placeholders
  • Retuned Vorbis comments support
  • Translations: Swedish

Changes for v5.1.607 - v5.1.608

  • Updated support for WavPack format
  • Unification of the options for processing of existing values in Tag processor
  • Fixed: Work with cover art pasted from clipboard
  • Fixed: Log displaing while renaming files
  • Fixed: Program can't read Album Artist field from ID3v2.2 tag

Changes for v5.1.605 - v5.1.607

  • Updated Discogs service support
  • Updated TrackType service support
  • Improved: On Music renamer tab transform scripts now can be applied not only to filenames, but to placeholders
  • Changed: Program now saves ID3v2 tags into AAC-files by default
  • Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 comments with additional description
  • Fixed: Sometimes ID3v2 tag can't be removed on some systems
  • Translations: Japanese, Ukrainian, Turkish

Changes for v5.1.602 - v5.1.605

  • New: Volume control for built-in player
  • New: Placeholder %_filedate_rfc% for date and time of file in internet (rfc822) format
  • Improved: Quick preview of full-sized album covers in tag editor
  • Improved: Placeholders are reorganized
  • Fixed: Processing of conditional sections
  • Fixed: Processing of mixed-case strings with non-latin chars in transform scripts and filter
  • Some parts of interface have become more friendly to systems with increased DPI
  • Updated sound engine, fixed problems with running on remote desktop
  • Reverted back internal rules for transform scripts to prior 5.1.602 state
  • Translations: Chinese Simplified, Polish

Changes for v5.1.601 - v5.1.602

  • New: Transfered to new version of Amazon Product Advertising API
  • Fixed and reconfigured some templates and export scripts
  • Translations: Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian

Changes for v5.1.600 - v5.1.601

  • Improved: Speedup filtration of filelist
  • Improved: Ability to get release info directly from MusicBrainz for known PUID
  • Improved: Parsing of some Musicbrainz releases with lack of data
  • Improved: Slightly increased tag writing speed for some systems
  • Fixed: Thumbnails of album covers from Amazon displayed in reverse order
  • Fixed: Processing of several conditional sections in one template
  • Retuned autocorrection function for filenames
  • More friendly autosuggest feature for web requests
  • Translations: German, Ukrainian

Changes for v5.1.598 - v5.1.600

  • New: MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia support with ability to download cover art from sites related to release
  • New: Transfered to new Discogs API v2.0, old version will be shut down 15.12.2011
  • Improved: Correct displaying of multiline fields in tags created on Mac OS
  • Changed: The program now checks write permissions for temporary files to avoid problems with network folders
  • Changed: The program now trying to download previews of disc covers before the data about all albums loaded
  • Changed: The program now load only one folder instead top level path when you use console params
  • Fixed: Processing of tag data for multiple selected files with empty fields values
  • Fixed: Rarely authorization problems for some type of requests on Amazon
  • Translations: Serbian (Latin)

Changes for v5.1.597 - v5.1.598

  • New: placeholder %_nl% for new line symbol
  • Improved: Processing of bugged Discogs releases with empty list of tracks
  • Portable version now comes without initial config file to prevent of erasing your settings
  • Translations: Czech, Portuguese (Portugal)

Changes for v5.1.596 - v5.1.597

  • Improved: Special indication of spaces and empty values in transform scripts editor
  • Fixed: Rename folder by TAG feature on network drives
  • Fixed: Processing of %foldername% placeholder for network drives
  • Updated Discogs support
  • Program no longer tested on Windows2000
  • Translations: Portuguese (Brazil), German

Changes for v5.1.595a - v5.1.596

  • Improved: Export funtion now can keep current order of files with special placeholder %_index%. Default scripts for html and csv updated.
  • Improved: Automatic validation of output filename for Export function
  • Changed: Mapping VERSION -> REMIXEDBY for Vorbis comments
  • Changed: Processing of cue-files containing multiple PERFORMERs
  • Changed: Program now use path to first dropped file as %workpath%
  • Fixed: Processing of patterns with conditional sections
  • Pressing the tab key in edit mode inside filelist now advances to the same field of next file, just like the Windows 7 Explorer does it
  • Compatibility fixes for some ID3v2 frames
  • Translations: Bulgarian, Italian

Changes for v5.1.594 - v5.1.595a

  • Improved: Now you can add files to current list if hold down Ctrl button while drag'&'drop files from Windows explorer
  • Improved: Reading of separated fields TOTALDISCS and TOTALTRACKS used in some software
  • Improved: New placeholders %foldername2% for name of folder on two levels up and %foldername3% for name of folder on three levels up
  • Improved: Recovering of ID3v2 tags with empty headers and frames
  • Changed: Non-portable version of TagScanner now store all settings and scripts in current user profile folder %appdata%\TagScanner. All old settings from VirtualStore of Windows Vista and above will be moved to new location.
  • Fixed: Processing of %hascover% placeholder
  • Fixed: Possible 'Out Of Resource' error on multimonitor systems
  • Now program interface always scaled according to Windows settings
  • Updated sound engine

Changes for v5.1.593 - v5.1.594

  • Some tweaks in Discogs and Amazon import
  • Updated WMA support
  • Fixed: Access violation error with some actions
  • Fixed: Tag saving problems on mapped network drives

Changes for v5.1.592 - v5.1.593

  • Improved: Greatly increased writing speed with network and external drives
  • Improved: Error protection on corrupted covers from tags, also now you can delete such covers
  • Improved: %_counter% placeholder now use formating settings in same way as %track%
  • Improved: Image quality for resized and recompressed covers
  • Improved: Support for Vietnamese encoding in converters
  • Improved: Autocorrection of foldernames with spaces at the beginnig and end
  • Changed: Program now ignore ID3v2 tags in FLAC files with proper Vorbis tags
  • Changed: Mapping GROUPING -> CONTENTGROUP for Vorbis comments
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in ID3v2 support
  • Fixed: Some errors in WMA support
  • Some fixes in ALAC support for files created with old versions of iTunes
  • Find and Find duplicates functions slightly retuned
  • Changed some groups in filelist
  • Program window now rearranged on startup if its borders out of screen
  • Translations: Czech, German, Ukrainian

Changes for v5.1.591 - v5.1.592

  • New tag engine
  • New placeholder %_counter%
  • Improved: Reading of CUE files for various artists compilation
  • Improved: Repairing of some sort of corrupted ID3v2 tags
  • Improved: Compatibility with iTunes10
  • Improved: Program now remember settings for 'Restructure files' feature
  • Changed: Disabled joint reading of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
  • Changed: Mapping DESCRIPTION -> COMMENT for Vorbis comments
  • Changed: Mapping ORGANIZATION -> PUBLISHER for Vorbis comments
  • Fixed: Generating of tag data with empty user blocks in Filename-to-Tag generator
  • Fixed: Problems with slash symbol in Music renamer for some Windows7 systems
  • Updated Discogs support
  • On Windows Vista and above program now trying to use new system fonts
  • All translation files now utf-8 encoded
  • Transfered to new compiler
  • Translations: Polish, Czech, Chinese Traditional, Slovak, Korean

Changes for v5.1.571 - v5.1.591

  • New tag engine
  • New placeholder %_counter%
  • Improved: Reading of CUE files for various artists compilation
  • Improved: Repairing of some sort of corrupted ID3v2 tags
  • Improved: Compatibility with iTunes10
  • Improved: Program now remember settings for 'Restructure files' feature
  • Changed: Disabled joint reading of ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
  • Changed: Mapping DESCRIPTION -> COMMENT for Vorbis comments
  • Changed: Mapping ORGANIZATION -> PUBLISHER for Vorbis comments
  • Fixed: Generating of tag data with empty user blocks in Filename-to-Tag generator
  • Fixed: Problems with slash symbol in Music renamer for some Windows7 systems
  • Updated Discogs support
  • On Windows Vista and above program now trying to use new system fonts
  • All translation files now utf-8 encoded
  • Transfered to new compiler
  • Translations: Polish, Czech, Chinese Traditional, Slovak, Korean

Changes for v5.1.563 - v5.1.571

  • New: Now you can automatically change dimension and compression level of embedded cover art
  • New: Autonumbering function now has an option to reset counter on next group of flles
  • Improved: Transform scripts now applied for live preview in renamer
  • Improved: Processing of multiple user-defined in Filename-to-Tag generator
  • Changed: Transform scripts now applied only for engaged part of filename instead of full path for Filename-to-Tag generator
  • Changed: Program now change case of file extention only to all upper or all lower
  • Fixed: Tag processor ignore numeric values for some placeholders
  • Fixed: Program no longer prevent of actions on auto-hided taskbar
  • Rewrited network code to avoid problems with unstable connections (no need to restart program)
  • Changed interface scaling method
  • Translations: Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, German

Changes for v5.1.562 - v5.1.563

  • Updated rules for words capitalization
  • Retuned autocorrection function for filenames
  • Retuned Import data from CUE function
  • A smoother migration from version 5.0 to 5.1
  • Translations: Portuguese - European, Croatian (alternative)

Changes for v5.1.559 - v5.1.562

  • New: Ability to search info in Amazon Mp3Downloads section
  • Improved: Program now can automaticaly save downloaded covers into album folder
  • Improved: Program now remember last working module
  • Improved: Program now can indicate about problems with access to the file
  • Improved: Import of additional info about track featured artists from Discogs
  • Improved: Now you can use full range of metadata placeholders for List maker and Tag Processor
  • Improved: Interface for web services reorganized
  • Improved: Autocorrection of foldernames with dots at the beginnig and end
  • Fixed: Last line from text file sometimes ignored when you try to generate tag data from
  • Fixed: Incorrect work of trim filename function
  • Fixed: Preserve file modification time when removing tags if option enabled
  • Fixed: Reading of Genre field containing brackets
  • Translations: Belarusian, Hebrew (new), Croatian (new), Japanese

Changes for v5.1.558 - v5.1.559

  • Improved: Program now use Windows interface scaling option
  • Improved: Trim filename function now also affect on created folders
  • Improved: Reading and mapping of Album Artist field for better compatibility with other software
  • Improved: New placeholder %foldername% for name of folder which contain current file
  • Changed: Program help now opened in default browser
  • Changed: Remapped key shortcuts to fix problems with typing of some national symbols
  • Changed: iTunes service comments in ID3v2 tags now always saved in ISO-8859-1 encoding
  • Fixed: Error on removing files from list
  • Fixed: Saving of playlists in PLS format
  • Fixed: Reading data from CUE-files
  • Fixed: Next file in list readed twice after saving
  • Improved interface usability for some modules
  • Translations: French (2 versions), Danish (new), Slovak, German, Dutch

Changes for v5.1.555 - v5.1.558

  • Improved: Program now use Windows interface scaling option
  • Improved: Trim filename function now also affect on created folders
  • Improved: Reading and mapping of Album Artist field for better compatibility with other software
  • Improved: New placeholder %foldername% for name of folder which contain current file
  • Changed: Program help now opened in default browser
  • Changed: Remapped key shortcuts to fix problems with typing of some national symbols
  • Changed: iTunes service comments in ID3v2 tags now always saved in ISO-8859-1 encoding
  • Fixed: Error on removing files from list
  • Fixed: Saving of playlists in PLS format
  • Fixed: Reading data from CUE-files
  • Fixed: Next file in list readed twice after saving
  • Improved interface usability for some modules
  • Translations: French (2 versions), Danish (new), Slovak (updated)

Changes for v5.1.553 - v5.1.555

  • New: Ability to edit tag fields directly in list of files
  • Improved: Tag Processor now highlights changed fields
  • Improved: Now you can use Transform scripts to replace field value with static text
  • Improved: Fast processing of very large or corrupt text fields inside ID3v2 tags
  • Improved: Export scripts is now updated in real time, if changed outside
  • Improved: Folding sections in tag editor
  • Changed: 'Rename folder by tag' now can work with all selected files instead of focused
  • Changed: Now the program in AUTO mode saves only APEv2 tag in ape,wv,mpc-files if they don't contain ID3v1 tag
  • Fixed: Handling restrictions on 99 tracks in album for freedb and tracktype services
  • Fixed: Problems with selection of last file in list on Win7
  • New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+P - options, Ctrl+Shift++/Ctrl+Shift+- - expand/collapse groups, Ctrl+Shift+O - open playlist, Esc - cancel any long-running operation
  • Compatibility fixes for some ID3v2 frames
  • Translations: Hungarian

Changes for v5.1.551 - v5.1.553

  • Improved: Increased speed of muliselection processing in the list of files
  • Improved: Changed logic of the Html filter for export operations
  • Improved: Reading of unsynchronised ID3v2 tags
  • Fixed: Reading of ID3v2.4 tags with utf-8 encoded description inside APIC frames
  • Fixed: Change case in multiline fields
  • Fixed: Publisher was mapped to Album Artist in Filename/Text file to Tag modules
  • Fixed: Incorrect calculation of MP4 tag size that prevent saving changes
  • Updated export scripts
  • Translations: German, Portuguese (Brazil)

Changes for v5.1.550 - v5.1.551

  • Improved: Now you can remove files from main list of files
  • Fixed: 'List index out of bounds' error when using scripts with the clearing of fields values
  • Fixed: Working of Autonumbering function outside Tag editor tab
  • Fixed: Last selected file inserted twice into playlist
  • Program once again show data offset for mp3 files
  • Translations: Greek

Changes for v5.0 build 532 - v5.1.550

  • Removed: Tag processor module: Copy tag
  • Removed: Standalone playlists editor (now integrated into main list of files)
  • New: Tag Processor module: Tag fields mixer - format, extract and move any tag fields data to other fields
  • New: Tag Processor module: Import tag data from text files
  • New: Special field SOURCESTRING in text transform script editor for source strings in new processor modules
  • New: Filtering in list of files
  • New: Change codepage function (from selected codepage to unicode) in text transform scripts
  • New: Ability to create playlist from selected files
  • New: Natural sorting algorithm for list of files (on by default for WinXP and later)
  • New: 'Export list' module with scripting support, included scripts for xml, csv and html
  • New: Reader for Mpeg based files with detection of encoder type and accurate calculation of length and bitrate
  • New: Find duplicates function for list of files (by Title, Size and Length)
  • New: Conditional sections [...] in output strings
  • New: Support of new official OGG Vorbis field designed for embedded cover art (METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE)
  • New: Functions to import/export covers for multiple files at once
  • Improved: Now you can copy/paste TAG information between different media formats(Vorbis to ID3, APE to MP4 etc.)
  • Improved: In Filename-to-TAG generator you can now append text to extracted parts directly in formatting string
  • Improved: User defined templates for quick renaming of folders from menu
  • Improved: User defined genres for Tag Editor
  • Improved: 'Open file location' operation now highlight selected file in explorer
  • Improved: In list of files now you can see columns for all available for editing fields
  • Improved: Import additional information from a Amazon and Discogs (Composer, Conductor, Remixed by etc.)
  • Improved: Option for Discogs - Move "The" at the beginning in artist names
  • Improved: Ability to Copy/Paste covers from clipboard
  • Improved: Ability to sort list of files on presence of embedded pictures
  • Improved: Ability to create copy of whole text transform script
  • Improved: Transition to the new Amazon access protocol
  • Improved: Keeping aspect ratio of covers when displaying in the tag editor
  • Improved: Updated support for MusePack and WavePack formats
  • Improved: Multimonitor support
  • Improved: Check for updates on program startup
  • Changed: 'Undo' operation now restore original encoding of tag
  • Changed: 'Export list' function now work for selected files
  • Changed: In Tag Editor, all fields on the screen except locked are cleaned up when you click Remove tag button
  • Changed: To improve compatibility with other software the program now use first occurance of frame instead the last one for ID3v2 tag
  • Changed: Program now updates tag information instead complete overwrite when you get data from web
  • Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 tags with GEOB frames
  • Fixed: Saving of ID3v2 tags APIC descriptions
  • Fixed: Reading of ID3v2 tags with utf-16 BigEndian encoded frames
  • Fixed: Saving of cover art from web into OGG
  • Fixed: Unicode paths usage in some dialogs
  • Fixed: Reading of text files with BOM
  • Fixed: Incorrect processing of files dragged from explorer
  • Fixed: Reading of some MP4 with very long custom tag fields
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in interface render
  • New internal tag storage and processing engine
  • Most of program dialogs was rearranged
  • Updated help files, added examples of usage for all modules
  • Updated playback engine
  • Translations: Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Polish, Spanish

Changes for v5.0 build 531 - v5.0 build 532

  • Improved: Added placeholder for Composer field in all modules
  • Fixed: Processing of temporary data while searching on Amazon
  • Fixed: Creating of new tag within MP4 files without section for user data
  • Fixed: Creating of new tag within FLAC files created by older versions of the codecs
  • Updated playbak plugin for ALAC format
  • Updated Discogs support
  • Translations: Portuguese (Iberian), Romanian, Ukrainian

Changes for v5.0 build 530 - v5.0 build 531

  • Changed: Now for the Filename-to-tag processor used the same logic as for the Tag editor when reads data from multitagged files
  • Fixed: Case change operation from scripts for templates containing backslashes
  • Fixed: Tag-to-Tag processor errors
  • Fixed: Export to html
  • Translations: Korean

Changes for v5.0 build 525 - v5.0 build 530

  • New: Completely redesigned Filename-to-TAG processor
  • Updated: Discogs support
  • Improved: Work with BPM field in all modules
  • Improved: Tag processing from Kenwood Lossless format *.kls
  • Improved: Ability to quick check/unchek tracks from web results
  • Improved: Processing speed of multitagged files
  • Improved: Additional fields in Listmakers export dialog
  • Changed: Now the program in AUTO mode saves APEv2 tag in mp3-files if they already contain APE tag
  • Fix: Calculation of the duration of very long mp3 tracks
  • Fix: Blocking of the folder after you add an image
  • Fix: Cover art were not saved into APEv2 when importing data from web
  • Fix: Reading of BPM data with non-integer values
  • Fix: Proxy password saving
  • Translations: Greek, Italian

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