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Version history for TV-Browser (Portable)

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Changes for v3.4 - v3.4.0.1

  • TV-Browser might not start because of a configuration fault in the change of the channel charing of Comedy Central (de), VIVA (de) and Nickelodeon (de).
  • This hotfix release is for this occasion. That means that this release contains a fix for the mentioned problem but is widely untested, so it might not work for in some situations.

Changes for v3.3.2 - v3.3.3

  • TV-Browser 3.3.3 fixes bugs of the previous version and brings a lot of small improvements. So expect better stability and better user experience with TV-Browser 3.3.3.

Changes for v3.3.1 - v3.3.2

  • TV-Browser 3.3.2 mainly fixes bugs of the previous version of TV-Browser but also brings some small improvements. It's recommended to install this update if you experienced problems with the Reminder of TV-Browser.

Changes for v3.3a - v3.3.1

  • All is new for TV-Browser. TV-Browser 3.3.1 fixes problems of the previous version and ships with a better mouse action support. Now it will be possible to add more mouse actions to get quick access to needed functions. You should now be able to start TV-Browser with Java 6 under Windows again.
  • A list with all changes can be found here:

Changes for v3.2.1 - v3.3

  • TV-Browser brings new languages with version 3.3. Added were Croatian and Greek. Since TV-Browser 3.3 it is possible to install additional languages in the settings of TV-Browser.
  • Date separators were added for better orientation in the program lists of the plugins. Bugs of the previous version were fixed and the third party libraries were updated. This can cause older plugins to cease function. Updates are available for plugins that are provided by the TV-Browser team.

Changes for v3.2 - v3.2.1

  • TV-Browser speeds up. Older versions of TV-Browser were heavily troubled with a huge number of Favorite programs, so it went a little bit on the slow side. That's an issue of the past with TV-Browser 3.2.1. The speed when using with tabs was also improved and you can use the tree view in a tab. TV-Browser 3.2.1 can join two channels that are side by side in the program table if the data provider enabled it or the channels have separate time restrictions. TV-Browser 3.2.1 also fixes bugs, one severe that could have destroyed your filter component list when a plugin was deleted or disabled was also fixed.
  • Data provider can add more than one country to a channel, so for instance the channel 3sat can be filtered in TV-Browser for Germany and Swiss also beside the current filter for Austria.

Changes for v3.1 - v3.2 Beta 2

  • TV-Browser 3.2beta2 fixes bugs of the first beta version of TV-Browser 3.2. It also contains new features like a new toolbar for the program info dialog and better support for the GTK+ and Nimbus look and feel
  • There will be no news for additional test versions but you will get news for the final version.

Changes for v3.1 RC 2 - v3.1

  • TV-Browser is becoming colorful. To Halloween, Christmas, season or any other event, TV-Browser 3.1 can look fitting for the own taste with support of Personas. For all that like it classical the old GUI is still available.
  • The program table will look more like the selected LookAndFeel theme with TV-Browser 3.1. How TV-Browser can look you can see here ( ).
  • For easy handling and installing of new Personas the plugin PersonaHandler can be installed with the plugin download of TV-Browser. For those who only want to select the used Persona or to disable the Personas look at the graphical settings of TV-Browser.
  • Additional TV-Browser 3.1 fixes bugs and contains the new find as you type feature for search of program at the showing day.
  • For your information again, TV-Browser 3.1 also is shipped without the most plugins. All plugins are easy installable with the plugin download of TV-Browser.

Changes for v3.0.2 - v3.1 Beta 1

  • Adds support for Personas of Mozilla Firefox
  • New FindAsYouType bar that allows to search the day program quickly

Changes for v3.0.2 RC1 - v3.0.2

  • TV-Browser is Plugin based, so most functions are done with installable components (Plugins). This includes the Plugins for the TV data.
  • Because everybody needs different function, TV-Browser 3.0.2 will not contain the most Plugins that were delivered with TV-Browser in the past. You can easily install the needed Plugins with the download function of TV-Browser. Additional for the meantime there will be a Plugin package that can be downloaded and installed with Drag'n'Drop in the program table, that contains all Plugins that were delivered with TV-Browser in the past. But no rule without exception, the News plugin will still be delivered with TV-Browser so you can receive News about TV-Browser. Besides that the four basic Plugins Favorites, Reminders, Program info and Search are also contained in TV-Browser.
  • You will find other Plugins in the internal download function of TV-Browser, that weren't delivered in the past, so you mind find some of them useful.
  • TV-Browser 3.0.2 contains some new features like the new filter dialog or the entering of access informations to data in the settings assistant.

Changes for v3.0 - v3.0.1

  • TV-Browser 3.0.1 fixes a problem with the data import of TV-Browser 3.0 from version 2.7.6

Changes for v3.0 RC 1 - v3.0 RC 2

  • It mostly fixes errors of TV-Browser 3.0 RC1.

Changes for v3.0 Beta 2 - v3.0 RC 1

  • It mostly fixes errors of TV-Browser 3.0beta2 but also contains some improvements to make the upgrade from TV-Browser 2.7.5 easier.

Changes for v2.7.5 - v3.0 Beta 2

  • Presentation: The program table shows tool tips. They show which Plugin has highlighted the program, when the program ends and more
  • Clear arrangement: Long tiltle are shorten, the default information are shorter, the column width was optimized and more. Of course you are able to change this behavior.
  • State of the art: Changes for Java 6, Java 7, OpenJDK, Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.10
  • Integration: TV-Browser is now better integrated in the different platforms, so shortcuts, naming, menu position, color or other details will fit much better.
  • Performance: This version is also faster (and saves memory) than the previous version and that despite the new features.

Changes for v2.7.5 - v2.7.6

  • it fixes mostly a bug in the tray menu with Java 6 Update 23.

Changes for v2.7.4 - v2.7.5

  • TV-Browser 2.7.5 fixes one major and a few minor bugs. The major bug could prevent the german tv shows to be listed in the installation wizard.
  • TVB-748 Add new Main-Mirror-Server
  • TVB-747 Choose if no Mirror is available on the first start of tvbrowser
  • TVB-664 Calendar Export for Apple iCal stopped working under Snow Leopard
  • TVB-662 Defect window settings prevent TV-Browser shutdown

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