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Version history for Universal USB Installer

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Changes for v1.9.8.9 - v1.9.9.0

  • Update to support Clear Linux and Pop OS.

Changes for v1.9.8.8 - v1.9.8.9

  • Update to support Skywave Linux, and newer Knoppix. Correct Ubuntu based persistent conditional statements

Changes for v1.9.8.6 - v1.9.8.7

  • Update to support initrd boot option for newer Ubuntu based distributions when USB drive is formatted NTFS. Add persistence option to Kodachi entry.

Changes for v1.9.8.4 - v1.9.8.6

  • Include ability to see which Disk the drive letter of volume/partition is on. Improve DiskWipe option rescan during Diskpart before creating a new partition.

Changes for v1.9.8.3 - v1.9.8.4

  • Update to support Pearl Linux and Ubuntu Gnome. Fix some broken links. Fix Solus entry.

Changes for v1.9.8.1 - v1.9.8.3

  • Update to support Quick Save Live, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, and Hiren's Boot CD PE. Created Disk Cloning and Recovery Tools Category.

Changes for v1.9.8.0 - v1.9.8.1

  • Fix various broken links.

Changes for v1.9.7.9 - v1.9.8.0

  • Update to support Super Grub2 Disk, All In One-System Rescue Toolkit, Gecko Linux, Q4OS, and Medicat.

Changes for v1.9.7.8 - v1.9.7.9

  • Update to support PureOS, CentOS Installer, and Ubuntu Mini (Netboot Installer). Fix various broken Debian, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu links.

Changes for v1.9.7.7 - v1.9.7.8

  • Update to support KDE Neon, Devuan, Vinari OS, and Ubuntu Budgie.

Changes for v1.9.7.5 - v1.9.7.7

  • Added casper-rw creation progress banner. Corrected casper slider max size relative to fat32 or ntfs selection.
  • Version Correct broken Ubuntu and Linux Mint installer options when no format option is chosen.

Changes for v1.9.7.2 - v1.9.7.5

  • Add Windows to Go VHD option. Added more info for syslinux warning. Add NTFS format option. Add filesystem type to drivelist. Include message box to notify of NTFS filesystem requirement for Windows to Go option. Add larger than 4GB casper-rw support for Ubuntu if filesystem is NTFS (creates 4th partition table) Note removes EFI boot option.

Changes for v1.9.6.8 - v1.9.7.2

  • 02/09/17 Version Add Try via DD (Overwrites disk) and Try Unlisted Linux ISO (GRUB) options. Update to support Antergos.
  • 02/02/17 Version Quick fix to correct Show All ISOs font.
  • 12/23/16 Version Add Show All ISO option. Update Step 1,2,3 labels. Replace empty spaces in filename with dashes. Update to newer GRUB4DOS.
  • 12/13/16 Version Update Get Drives function to ignore system and network drives. Update to support ChaletOS, and Bunsenlabs.

Changes for v1.9.6.7 - v1.9.6.8

  • Switch back to use 7-Zip 9.20

Changes for v1.9.6.6 - v1.9.6.7

  • Update to support Cyborg Linux.
  • Upgrade to 7-Zip 16.02.

Changes for v1.9.6.5 - v1.9.6.6

  • Update to support Cub Linux. Re-enable Archbang and Archlinux options. Update to support newer Dban, and CentOS. Added Syslinux 6.03.

Changes for v1.9.6.4 - v1.9.6.5

  • Re-enable Archbang and Archlinux options. Update to support newer Dban, and CentOS. Added Syslinux 6.03.

Changes for v1.9.6.3 - v1.9.6.4

  • Update Links, remove Archlinux until a fix is found, disable feature to close all open explorer windows when format option is selected. Update Syslinux 4.07 source.

Changes for v1.9.6.2 - v1.9.6.3

  • Update to support Caine, Pentoo, Parrot Security OS, and Windows 10 Installer (untested).

Changes for v1.9.6.1 - v1.9.6.2

  • Update Links, remove distributions that are no longer being developed.

Changes for v1.9.6.0 - v1.9.6.1

  • Update to support GRML 2014-11, CentOS 7, Runtime Live CD, and Clonezilla 2.4.2-10.

Changes for v1.9.5.9 - v1.9.6.0

  • Update to support Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. Update several broken links

Changes for v1.9.5.8 - v1.9.5.9

  • Update Links

Changes for v1.9.5.7 - v1.9.5.8

  • Update to support Linux Lite

Changes for v1.9.5.6 - v1.9.5.7

  • Update to support Ubuntu Mate, CentOS 7, ESET SysRescue Live, Linpus Lite, and mintyMac

Changes for v1.9.5.5 - v1.9.5.6

  • Update to support Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu 14.04.1 + 14.10, Linux Mint 17, and Debian Live 7.6

Changes for v1.9.5.4 - v1.9.5.5

  • Update to support Peach OSI

Changes for v1.9.5.3 - v1.9.5.4

  • Update to support newer syslinux version packed with Tails and Clonezilla.

Changes for v1.9.5.2 - v1.9.5.3

  • Update Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Linux Mint Download Links

Changes for v1.9.5.1 - v1.9.5.2

  • Update to support Desinfect, Antivirus Live CD, Fedora 20, LXLE Desktop, Kon-Boot Purchased, Sparky, SolydX, and Manjaro Linux.

Changes for v1.9.5.0 - v1.9.5.1

  • Modify chain.c32 to address Insane Primary (MBR) partition error.

Changes for v1.9.4.8 - v1.9.5.0

  • Add OpenSuse 32/64bit Entries.

Changes for v1.9.4.8 - v1.9.4.9

  • Fix broken Ubuntu Server Installer option.

Changes for v1.9.4.7 - v1.9.4.8

  • Fix broken Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 entry. Reconfigure to auto detect ISO size.

Changes for v1.9.4.6 - v1.9.4.7

  • Re-Enable Ubuntu Persistence Features

Changes for v1.9.4.5 - v1.9.4.6

  • Fixed TAILS and Kon-Boot entries. Added Falcon 4 entry.

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