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Version history for VideoPad

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Changes for v4.58 - v5.02

  • [360 Video] Add Scale parameter to Spherical Inverse(360 overlay) effect
  • Add Effect letting put 2d video or picture into 360 compilation
  • [360 video] Add toggle buttons on preview control panel to switch between normal and 360 preview mode
  • Add description for individual effect to effect tool tips
  • [360 Video] Add 360 video resolutions into the presets while exporting and 360 preset.
  • [360 Video] Add widgets for editing Place in 360 effect

Changes for v4.48 - v4.58

  • We can now overlapping video clips in a transition instead of freeze the video. The option for overlapping clips for transitoins can be found in Options dialog Editing tab.
  • Most of effects and transitions are now done in GPU (hardware accelerated) if avaliable. The option for using the GPU for effects can be found in Options dialog Editing tab.
  • Added option to apply sound crossfading when creating video transition. This option can be found in Options dialog Editing tab.
  • Added support for H.265 encoding(export).
  • Export settings have been revised to produce much better quality output by default.
  • Preview frame rate now can be set to a point number.
  • Improved backup file creating behavior.
  • Fixed:
  • Optimized performance and memory usage when exporting.
  • Fixed unwanted black frame at the end of exported video.
  • Fixed shake effect not work for clips less then one second.
  • Fixed Sound fading in/out does not work properly.

Changes for v4.31 - v4.33

  • This is a bug fix release.
  • Fixed a bug which caused hanging.

Changes for v4.22 - v4.31

  • This is a quick release mainly for fixing exporting issues.
  • New:
  • Raindrop video effect
  • Un-link button for audio clips
  • Fixed:
  • Random crash on exporting
  • Issues when exporting two clips next to each other with hardware accelerated effects. e.g. Color channel got messed up.
  • Unwanted border on subtitles
  • Extra one frame in exported clips
  • Problem of loading large MPEG-2 streams
  • We left some problems to be fixed in later version.

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