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Version history for Virtual DJ Home (32-bit)

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Changes for v8.2.3780 - v8.2.3798

  • -Beat grid more accurate while loading a new file
  • -Allow discogs for batch downloading of track info
  • -Groove Music support
  • -Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 fixes
  • -Traktor Kontrol X1MKII updates

Changes for v8.0.2438 - v8.0.2441

  • Auto_crossfade and video_transition can move to a specific location
  • Prelisten start position stored in config
  • Fix crash on endless recursion in browser
  • Fix deleting custom mapper
  • Fix loop_exit jumping to bad slipmode position when no loop was set and looproll mode was on
  • Fix mac crash when loading or analyzing a file with corrupt length tag
  • Fix mac showing certain notifications twice
  • Fix Cube and Satellite transition position off

Changes for v8.0.2425 - v8.0.2438

  • Fix possible crash in skins using racks
  • Fix crash when generating a video edit by drag&drop
  • Fix possible audio encoder crash
  • Fix green videos when dxva is enabled on nVidia

Changes for v8.0.2338 - v8.0.2425

  • Fix regression causing reduced sound quality when mastertempo is disabled and pitchQuality is 2
  • Fix cue_stop crash (#2399 regression)
  • Improve scratch sound quality
  • Add videoCreateLinkOnDrop option
  • Fixed bug with removing items from file list when some items are still selected
  • Fix filter folder 'User 1 is text'
  • Improve use of colors in filter folders ('color=red' and 'color=255,0,0' both work)
  • Remember last path used for Copy To or Move To

Changes for v8.0.2265 - v8.0.2338

  • final ContentUnlimited Audio catalog
  • new action browsed_file_reveal to open OS file manager to file selected in browser
  • new action set_browsed_file_bpm to set or adjust the BPM of the file(s) selected in browser
  • fix dialog hidden for manually adding remote IP on Mac

Changes for v7.4.2 - v8.0.2162

  • - Fix Netsearch video
  • - Fix crash trying to disable audio only visualisation from plugin interface
  • - Fix potential crash decoding videos
  • - Other and AutoStart plugins now loaded if user logs in after startup
  • - Only allow one load point to be set in POI editor
  • - param_contains fixed
  • - bug with some param_multipliers being executed twice fixed
  • - right-click on sideview shortcuts to remove a specific shortcut
  • - fix slicer multiple button presses
  • - fix some mp4 tag writing/reading bugs
  • - Fix regression crash on reading tags from some mp4 files
  • - visibility used for drop zones
  • - fix cue marker colors in scratch waves
  • - vertical scratch wave shows cue markers
  • - Fix ignore controller not remembered for generic midi devices
  • - visibility working for scratch skin object
  • - Fix some problems when using slicer actions with Slicer not selected in a slot
  • - defaultmapper parameter added to controller definition
  • - karaoke_add and edit_singer actions added
  • - fix %Pcamelot to change as pitch changes
  • - Export option for playlists added to copy files all the files in the playlist
  • - Sampler output deck stored in config
  • - Sampler option added to apply deck effects to sampler output
  • - Slip disabled on loading new track
  • - Scratch wave default cue marker color made more clear
  • - Fix touch-screen difficulty to select multiple files using ctrl or shift
  • - Fix sidelist/automix getting cleared when updating
  • - Fix midi reconnection issue that could cause controller leds to stop working
  • - Year now stored when saving mp4 tags
  • - fix shatter transition block size setting whilst not selected
  • - fix skin element opening behind main VDJ interface on Windows
  • - improve support for older capture cards in camera plugin
  • - Fix sampler sound issue when Apply Deck Effects is active
  • - Fix song getting removed twice in Automix when remove played is active
  • - Fix effects not applied correctly when sampler apply deck effects active
  • - Fix metronome staying active in prelisten after closing bpm editor
  • - Resize and move grab zones allow for visibility
  • - Small sampler performance improvement
  • - Fix automix fade point calculation for samplerate other than 44100Hz
  • - browsed_file_color action to get or set the color of the track selected in the browser
  • - Automix list scrolls when current song is not visible in list
  • - Fix seeking in some videos that can only decode from start
  • - Added support for mask to skin cover
  • - resize text using param_cast 'text' x
  • - set action returns value so it can be used on custom slider
  • - sideview_title action added
  • - fix audio only visualisation being unloaded when trying to deactivate it
  • - fix screen blackout when using some combination of video effects together

Changes for v7.0.5 - v7.3

  • improved sound engine quality
  • new automatic Limiter
  • new optional Parametric Equalizer
  • improved reactivity on controlers jogwheels
  • new multi-field search
  • fixed loop goes mute bug
  • fixed colorwave on VBR songs
  • fixed reverting to default skin if selected skin is missing
  • fixed high CPU usage for colored scratchWave on near-silent parts
  • fixed crash with Typhoon's ASIO driver
  • fixed touchwheel_touch can get stuck when changing jog_mode
  • fixed database entries duplicated for songs with accents when switching between Mac and PC
  • fixed video_transition on 4 decks
  • fixed device_side on 4 decks
  • fixed cloudList icons on skins with custom icons
  • new config options VolumeFader, Limiter, Param Eq, Output Headroom
  • new registry hack JogScratchLatency to improve latency of midi/hid jogwheels
  • action video_delay can do on/off
  • new action get_limiter

Changes for v7.0.4 - v7.0.5

  • fixes video stream errors
  • added new formats to the video decoder engine
  • support firewire controllers
  • 18 new controllers added
  • fixed opposite chan sync in multi-deck
  • fixed "leftcross off" and "rightcross off" when cross is already assigned to the other side
  • fixed changing vinyl mode/cd mode while touchwheel_touch is kept pressed
  • new action "get beatdiff"
  • new action "effect_select_multi"
  • new midi definition element:
  • fixed midi definition element

Changes for v7.0.2 - v7.0.3

  • fixed microphone sound with non-ASIO soundcards
  • fixed compatibility with 48Khz-only ASIO drivers
  • new VDJScript verb: "repeat"
  • fixed action "motor_switch" (fixes HS5500 in dual-layer mode)
  • new registry SendMidiClockTo; midiclock removed from general midi mappers
  • new MIDI definition syntax:
  • fixed IVdjPluginMapper plugins
  • fixed vinyl mode in config option to affect decks>2
  • don't register as ReWire master until vdj is actually using it
  • MAC: fixed crash when automixing karaoke
  • MAC: fixed filter folders using "days since xxx"
  • MAC: fixed deleting playlists
  • MAC: fixed get bitrate informations
  • MAC: fixed sort by file date

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