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Version history for WizTree

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Changes for v3.26 - v3.28

  • "Match entire path" filter option on files tab was not working (only file name was being searched) - fixed
  • "Invalid argument to date encode" error might have occurred on some hard drives containing invalid file data - fixed
  • updated Norwegian (no) and Swedish (sv) translations

Changes for v3.18 - v3.19

  • It's now possible to select all files with a particular extension by right clicking on the extension in the "File Types" view and clicking "Select". Note that this may take some time if there are many thousands of files.
  • Allocated size figure on "File View" might display incorrect values in some cases (fixed)
  • WizTree would crash after entering supporter code if configuration ini file was not writable (fixed)
  • Treemap was not displaying bottom edge correctly (fixed)

Changes for v3.17 - v3.18

  • Automated export via command line now supported (see details in documentation above)
  • File Search Filter now supports multiple filters/wildcards. Separate each with the | (pipe) symbol. e.g. *.mp3|*.ogg|*.wav
  • File view can now optionally display folders - enable this via the new "Folders" checkbox
  • Removed dependency on URL.DLL which does not exist on some versions of Windows
  • Export function would not export sub-folders if the selected folder contained a file grouping (fixed)
  • New Portuguese (Brazil) translation by Geraldo Souza
  • New Turkish translation by Ismet Cakir
  • New Hungarian translation by niltwill
  • Updated German translation (v3.18 28 Feb 2018)

Changes for v3.16 - v3.17

  • Percent of parent calculation for grouped files ("x files in folder") was incorrect - fixed
  • new Korean translation by 4Li
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Swedish translation updated
  • Japanese translation updated

Changes for v3.12 - v3.14

  • High CPU usage while idle bug fixed (was not properly fixed in 3.13)
  • Tree horizontal grid lines and alternate row coloring can be enabled in the WizTree3.ini file
  • WizTree 3.13 (13 October 2017)
  • Free space can now be displayed on the Tree view (Options -> Show free space on treeview)
  • Treemap image can be saved as a .png file with user specified size and in shades of gray
  • Fixed issue causing high CPU usage while idle after scanning
  • fontsize and rowheight can now be set in the WizTree3.ini file

Changes for v2.01 - v3.00

  • 64 bit version now available. The 64 bit version can work with extremely large MFT files.
  • "Allocated Size" now displayed for each file/directory. This is the amount of actual disk space used by the file including any additional named data streams attached to the file.
  • NTFS "Hard Links" now supported. A hard link is an identical copy of an existing file where the file contents use the same area on the disk for storage (to save space). If WizTree detects a hard link the allocated file size will be displayed in parentheses in gray text. Hard linked files sizes are only added once when calculating "Allocated Size" totals and sub totals. This will give a 100% accurate total of the actual disk space used by folders that contain many hard linked files (such as C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\WinSxS)
  • (Note that hard links can only be detected on NTFS drives when WizTree is running with admin rights)
  • A selected file count and total size appears in the status bar
  • Hover over any file to have the full name displayed in the status bar
  • MFT dump now appends volume information (bytes per cluster, sector, MFT record etc) to the end of the MFT file data. WizTree now reads this information from the MFT file if it's available instead of making any assumptions which if wrong would lead to incorrect MFT parsing.
  • Background file monitoring for deleted files now uses a different more robust method. If WizTree detects that a file or directory has been deleted it will put a red line through it and remove it from the totals.
  • File view filtering is now even faster than before
  • Fixed some UI glitches when selecting files via keyboard on the File view
  • WizTree can now handle drives containing highly fragmented MFT files
  • MFT processing has been optimised so WizTree is even faster than it was before!
  • Full translation support added.

Changes for v1.05 - v2.01

  • WizTree would constantly restart itself on some PCs due to administrator rights issues (fixed)
  • WizTree 2.00 (2 June 2016)
  • Now supports all drive types (not just NTFS drives)
  • Individual folders can now be scanned ("Select Directory")
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • File search feature added
  • Can now be run without administrator access if required (fast NTFS scanning will not be available)

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