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More than 2 years ago

Spotify now on Windows Phone 8 (08 Feb 2013)

U.S. House of Representatives bans Spotify from member's computers (02 Feb 2013)

Sony adds 320kbps quality to 'Music Unlimited' music streaming (31 Jan 2013)

Rdio offering free music streaming to 14 new nations (30 Jan 2013)

Amazon launches 'AutoRip,' giving CD buyers free MP3s of their albums (11 Jan 2013)

Is Google replacing your tracks with censored versions? (25 Dec 2012)

Rhapsody finally unveils iPad app (18 Dec 2012)

Trent Reznor to start streaming music service with Beats Audio (11 Dec 2012)

Metallica music now on Spotify (08 Dec 2012)

After years, AC/DC albums make their way to iTunes (19 Nov 2012)

Spotify receives investments from Coca-Cola, Goldman, Fidelity (15 Nov 2012)

Apple's streaming radio plan gains some traction (27 Oct 2012)

Streaming Xbox Music service finally official (16 Oct 2012)

Microsoft preparing to acquire Rdio? (05 Oct 2012)

Apple's Internet radio plans being held up by Sony/ATV (01 Oct 2012)

Google shuts down music download service in China (22 Sep 2012)

Mapping The Mobile Landscape: Will Amazon's Content Fuel Tablet Sales? (22 Sep 2012)

UltraViolet titles to get Dolby Digital Plus (12 Sep 2012)

Is Apple preparing to kill Pandora? (07 Sep 2012)

Nokia launches free music streaming service in U.S. (04 Sep 2012)

Google allows Grooveshark app back into App Store (31 Aug 2012)

YouTube, Spotify boost Warner Music's earnings (10 Aug 2012)

Beats finishes acquisition of MOG (02 Jul 2012)

Microsoft planning Xbox music service to rival iTunes? (29 Jun 2012)

Amazon Cloud gets full music label licensing (17 Jun 2012)

Onkyo music service to offer Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio (23 May 2012)

Spotify expands to Australia, NZ (22 May 2012)

Spotify valued at $4 billion (17 May 2012)

Rdio rolling out redesign to everyone (15 May 2012)

Spotify creating online radio service to rival Pandora (26 Apr 2012)

Anontune: Stream your music anonymously (21 Apr 2012)

Sony gets EU approval to purchase EMI publishing (20 Apr 2012)

'Spotify Play Button' allows song embedding on sites (11 Apr 2012)

Looks like this may be the end of Grooveshark (04 Apr 2012)

Spotify extends its unlimited free service, indefinitely (30 Mar 2012)

MOG for iPad app makes debut (25 Mar 2012)

Spotify valued at massive $3.5 billion? (24 Mar 2012)

Sean Parker: Spotify will overtake iTunes in two years (16 Mar 2012) signs licensing deals with Big 4 (14 Mar 2012) signs deal with EMI? (10 Mar 2012)

The first official Beatles ringtones available on iTunes (23 Feb 2012)

Is HTC preparing a Beats music streaming service? (15 Feb 2012)

Spotify stream quality pushed to 320kbps (11 Feb 2012)

Google tests a new streaming media box (10 Feb 2012)

Rihanna is the top selling digital artist, ever (08 Jan 2012)

Head's up: Spotify U.S. hitting 6 month anniversary (08 Jan 2012)

Spotify's new Internet radio feature could be Pandora's worst nightmare (12 Dec 2011)

Curtains for Napster as Rhapsody absorbs historical brand (02 Dec 2011)

Spotify now open to third-party apps (01 Dec 2011)

Spotify hits 2.5 million paying subscribers (23 Nov 2011)

Google Music moves out of beta, adds download store (17 Nov 2011)

Spotify expands to three more countries (16 Nov 2011)

Album sales increase for first time since 2004 (14 Nov 2011)

Google will launch Music without Warner and Sony? (13 Nov 2011)

Rapper Drake is okay with piracy (10 Nov 2011)

Chuck D reveals record label accounting in download royalty lawsuit (05 Nov 2011)

Thanks, Facebook! MOG sees huge growth following integration (02 Nov 2011)

The long-awaited Google Music store is coming soon (20 Oct 2011)

YouTube announces new merchandising program for musicians (17 Oct 2011)

Bids for EMI are underwhelming (17 Oct 2011)

Even with revenue up huge, Spotify still posted loss for 2010 (11 Oct 2011)

Rdio is now free and without ads (06 Oct 2011)

Spotify leading to a decline in music piracy, at least in Sweden (29 Sep 2011)

Spotify in the U.S. now open for all (23 Sep 2011)

Pandora releases new HTML5 player, removes caps (22 Sep 2011)

MOG launches free music streaming service (15 Sep 2011)

Google launches iOS web app for Music platform (10 Sep 2011)

Facebook to reveal music service this month (31 Aug 2011)

RIM to launch BlackBerry music service (19 Aug 2011)

Spotify U.S. has over 1 million users already (13 Aug 2011)

Some small labels pull music from Spotify, citing declining CD sales (11 Aug 2011)

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has massive file sharing penalty reduced (24 Jul 2011)

Baidu starts licensed music service (19 Jul 2011)

Review: Spotify Free for U.S. (14 Jul 2011)

'Ultraviolet' digital rights locker coming this fall? (14 Jul 2011)

Pandora announces redesign, 100 millionth user (12 Jul 2011)

Spotify hitting U.S. next week (09 Jul 2011) no longer available for international fans (26 Jun 2011)

The RIAA spent over $2 million lobbying the government last quarter (25 Jun 2011)

Facebook launching music service with Spotify? (26 May 2011)

Latest Bon Iver album leaked by iTunes accidentally (24 May 2011)

Thanks to the Beatles, U.S. music sales increase for first time in years (12 May 2011)

Google I/O conference: Introducing Google Music beta (10 May 2011)

$3 billion Warner Music buyout could be completed this week (02 May 2011)

Amazon starts 69 cent music store (30 Apr 2011)

Google asking Spotify to power its music service again? (22 Apr 2011)

Apple's cloud music service is ready to roll (22 Apr 2011)

AirTunes hack allows streaming to all devices (13 Apr 2011)

Labels angry about Amazon's CloudDrive (30 Mar 2011)

Amazon racing to start cloud service for media (28 Mar 2011)

Google Music being tested internally (27 Mar 2011)

Steve Jobs ordered to answer questions about possible monopoly iTunes (23 Mar 2011)

Spotify hits one million paying customers (08 Mar 2011)

Apple to finally remove draconian music download limit? (04 Mar 2011)

ReDigi opens as marketplace to re-sell your purchased MP3s (28 Feb 2011)

Spotify and UMG close to deal? (26 Feb 2011)

Apple, digital retailers to offer improved audio quality for music downloads? (22 Feb 2011)

Spotify signs U.S. deal with EMI (18 Feb 2011)

Google Music almost ready to launch? (01 Feb 2011)

Spotify makes a deal with Sony? (20 Jan 2011)

50,000 iTunes accounts go up for sale in China (07 Jan 2011)

Album sales declined again in 2010 (06 Jan 2011)

Pink Floyd finally goes digital (06 Jan 2011)

Digital music track sales see slow growth in 2010 (13 Dec 2010)

LimeWire scraps plans for legal music downloads (03 Dec 2010)

Spotify saw large loss in 2009 (23 Nov 2010)

Google and Amazon fought for Beatles deal, as well (18 Nov 2010)

Official: Beatles music headed to iTunes (16 Nov 2010)

Coming soon to iTunes: Beatles music (15 Nov 2010)

Apple extending iTunes music previews to 90 seconds (03 Nov 2010)

Microsoft begins offering annual Zune Pass for $150 (25 Oct 2010)

France music download subsidy gets EU Commission approval (13 Oct 2010)

Apple responds to freeze on Meizu M8 sales (11 Oct 2010)

Yet another iTunes subscription service report (10 Oct 2010)

Apple wants to quash Spotify's chances of a U.S. launch? (08 Oct 2010)

Zune marketplace expands to UK (21 Sep 2010)

iTunes costs almost $1 billion to run per year (10 Sep 2010)

Licensing issues keeping iTunes track samples at 30 seconds, for time being (08 Sep 2010)

Apple unveils iTunes 10, 'Ping' music discovery social network (01 Sep 2010)

Apple reveals new Apple TV set-top box (01 Sep 2010)

Apple unveils new, redesigned iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle (01 Sep 2010)

Apple to increase iTunes music samples to 60 seconds? (31 Aug 2010)

Apple to host music-themed event on September 1st (26 Aug 2010)

'iTunes U' downloads hit 300 million (24 Aug 2010)

Improving EMI revenue still leaves them in the red (18 Aug 2010)

iTunes, Beatles still in standoff, says Ono (08 Aug 2010)

UMG music videos removed from, (08 Aug 2010)

RIAA sends questionable DMCA takedown for Radiohead album (02 Aug 2010)

Pandora hits 60 million users (22 Jul 2010)

Rdio launches in beta for Android devices (14 Jul 2010), Spotify iPhone apps updated to support background listening (02 Jul 2010)

MSpot cloud streaming service now available for all (29 Jun 2010)

Apple releases iTunes 9.2 ahead of iPhone 4 launch (18 Jun 2010)

Google Music store coming this fall? (15 Jun 2010)

Thom Yorke warns young artists that record labels are dying (11 Jun 2010)

'Rdio' cloud music service finally launched (03 Jun 2010)

Lala music service officially shut down (02 Jun 2010)

U.S. Justice Department to probe into iTunes' dominance (27 May 2010)

Spotify starts 'Spotify Open' and 'Unlimited' (18 May 2010)

MP3tunes offers discount to former Lala users (17 May 2010)

Apple to shut down Lala music service (30 Apr 2010)

Creative launches new media devices (09 Apr 2010)

Personal info is embedded in non-DRM tracks from Apple, others (08 Apr 2010)

Rhapsody drops prices, expands to Android (06 Apr 2010)

Record label EMI faces bank takeover due to debts (02 Apr 2010)

Early reviewers praise iPad (01 Apr 2010)

Spotify headed to U.S. this summer (26 Mar 2010)

Universal slashes prices on CDs (22 Mar 2010)

Growth in downloads boosts 2009 UK music royalties (15 Mar 2010)

EU Parliament demands access to ACTA details (10 Mar 2010)

Pink Floyd, EMI battle over royalties (10 Mar 2010)

Apple playing dirty, tries to snuff Amazon MP3 (04 Mar 2010)

Nokia to change Music Store to 'Ovi Music,' sell DRM-free music (01 Mar 2010)

SoundExchange: Label your music if you want to get paid (28 Feb 2010)

Apple: iTunes sold 10 billion songs (25 Feb 2010)

One million fewer legal music downloaders in 2009 (25 Feb 2010)

UK Consumer Watchdog says citizens are unaware of copyright rules (24 Feb 2010)

New Symbian platform with multi-touch is almost ready (15 Feb 2010)

Google takes down music blogging sites (15 Feb 2010)

iTunes approaches 10 billion song downloads (12 Feb 2010)

No new free music from Warner says CEO (11 Feb 2010)

Music disappearing from Zune Pass (05 Feb 2010)

Spotify is sustainable business model for record labels (23 Jan 2010)

BACH Technology developing new audio file format for online music outlets (22 Jan 2010)

eMusic and Warner make deal (18 Jan 2010)

Zune HD firmware update adds XviD, streaming Smart DJ (13 Jan 2010)

First look: Free All Music - ad-supported MP3 downloads (13 Jan 2010)

Apple begins using Lala music service (08 Jan 2010)

Spotify coming to the U.S. with Android 2.1? (04 Jan 2010)

BPI: Illegal downloading is not decreasing (19 Dec 2009)

Spotify for Android updated for 2.0 (17 Dec 2009)

Apple starts iTunes '12 days of Christmas' promotion (12 Dec 2009)

Apple confirms iTunes 9 sync problems (11 Dec 2009)

New details of next year's Boxee Box announced (08 Dec 2009)

Apple acquires Lala (05 Dec 2009)

Majority of students prefer downloading music over streaming (11 Nov 2009)

Zune HD marketplace adds 3D games, all free (11 Nov 2009)

Secret ACTA Internet chapter leaked: Global DMCA and 'three strikes' (05 Nov 2009)

Digital Beatles tracks coming from EMI and Apple Corp. (04 Nov 2009)

Illegal downloaders stlil buying more music than most (03 Nov 2009)

Qtrax brings free music to Australia, New Zealand and beyond (02 Nov 2009)

Google and Big 4 team up for music streaming via search engine (21 Oct 2009)

Judge throws out ASCAP's ringtone money grab (15 Oct 2009)

New Wi-Fi Alliance standard aims to compete with Bluetooth (15 Oct 2009)

Kazaa, Skype founders start unlimited music subscription service (15 Oct 2009)

MOG to start $5-per-month unlimited music streaming service (14 Oct 2009)

Microsoft considering Zune software for Macs (14 Oct 2009)

French music streaming service Deezer receives more capital (13 Oct 2009)

70s Acts prepare for showdown over recordings (13 Oct 2009)

Mojo Nixon music catalog free on Amazon MP3 (13 Oct 2009)

Virgin Media launches 'unlimited' music service that isn't unlimited (updated) (12 Oct 2009)

My wishlist for Spotify (11 Oct 2009)

Spotify signs ISP deal (08 Oct 2009)

DoubleTwist adds Amazon MP3 (08 Oct 2009)

Metallica to sell individual tracks via site (05 Oct 2009)

New service offers free, ad-supported MP3s (05 Oct 2009)

US magazines to start 'digital newsstand' in 2010 (03 Oct 2009)

Dell, Napster sign deal for music content on new PCs (02 Oct 2009)

Spotify offline now available to PC users (02 Oct 2009)

Microsoft pulls Musiwave service from wireless carriers (26 Sep 2009)

Apple, Eminem publisher likely heading to trial (23 Sep 2009)

Vodafone signs Warner deal for DRM-free music (22 Sep 2009)

FCC head wants internet competition and ISP transparency (21 Sep 2009)

Zune HD sales seemingly high (21 Sep 2009)

Unboxing the Zune HD media player (18 Sep 2009)

New Smashing Pumpkins album to be released free, with 44 tracks (18 Sep 2009)

RIAJ wants DRM on all Japanese mobile phones? (14 Sep 2009)

Microsoft: No plan to sell Zune HD outside U.S. (13 Sep 2009)

Zune HD will be American exclusive (11 Sep 2009)

Apple reveals 64GB iPod Touch, 160GB iPod Classic, new Shuffles, camera-equipped Nano (09 Sep 2009)

iPod market share at 73.8 percent, 225 million iPods sold, more games for Touch than PSP & NDS: Apple (09 Sep 2009)

Apple sold 30 million iPhones, served 1.8 billion Apps, iTunes sold 8.5 billion songs (09 Sep 2009)

Apple cuts iPod prices (09 Sep 2009)

Sony Music office raided in Mexico after artist dispute (08 Sep 2009)

Video of Spotify running on S60 (07 Sep 2009)

China tightens rules on sales of foreign music (06 Sep 2009)

Creative launches new touchscreen ZEN X-Fi2 (03 Sep 2009)

All Zunes except for HD are discontinued (03 Sep 2009)

Nokia delays music service launch in the U.S. (02 Sep 2009)

Media event to be hosted by Apple on September 9 (01 Sep 2009)

SanDisk launches Sansa Clip+ (31 Aug 2009)

Rhapsody headed to iPhones (24 Aug 2009)

ISPs in South Africa refuse to block access to low-cost music sites (13 Aug 2009)

Zune HD prices revealed (11 Aug 2009)

iTunes could get boost from smart-phone sales surge in Latin America (08 Aug 2009)

Catalog Your Music - 4 Programs Compared (03 Aug 2009)

Review: TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 (30 Jul 2009)

Labels hope Apple's 'Cocktail' will boost album sales (28 Jul 2009)

UK songwriter royalties fall without YouTube contribution (27 Jul 2009)

Kazaa relaunches (21 Jul 2009)

UMG and TuneCore ink deal (18 Jul 2009)

Apple blocks Palm Pre with iTunes update (16 Jul 2009)

Guns N' Roses pirate to participate in anti-piracy PSA (16 Jul 2009)

Microsoft to launch streaming music site (14 Jul 2009)

Internet Radio is saved (08 Jul 2009)

New iPod Touch to have a camera? (07 Jul 2009)

Interview reveals Zune HD pricing, other details (26 Jun 2009)

Virgin and Universal team up for unlimited music downloads (16 Jun 2009)

eMusic adds Sony's 'classic' catalog (02 Jun 2009)

Zune HD is finally here (28 May 2009)

Napster slashes prices (19 May 2009)

Wilco lets fan stream upcoming album (18 May 2009)

SeeqPod in talks with Microsoft (11 May 2009)

School makes iPod Touch/iPhone mandatory for all freshmen (09 May 2009)

Cost cutting at EMI results in 2008 turnaround (09 May 2009)

Warner Music reports 17% revenue drop in second quarter (07 May 2009)

Label profit falls with new iTunes prices (07 May 2009)

Creative intros ZEN MX player (29 Apr 2009)

Another study shows P2P users buy plenty of music (22 Apr 2009)

U2 fanclub exclusive available on P2P (22 Apr 2009)

Older generation chooses internet radio but their kids prefer MP3 (20 Apr 2009)

MySpace Music searches for new revenue streams (19 Apr 2009)

iTunes tiered pricing not a big hit in the first week (17 Apr 2009)

Prince Opus iPod to sell for $2,100 (17 Apr 2009)

Warner Music regrets MySpace Music deal (15 Apr 2009)

Dave Matthews gives away music using Twitter (15 Apr 2009)

New Zune HD details emerge (15 Apr 2009)

Qtrax releases client version 1.0 (15 Apr 2009)

Speedo and iRiver bring underwater MP3 player to North America (15 Apr 2009)

Sony prices first touchscreen Walkman players (15 Apr 2009)

Apple updates iPod Shuffle 'VoiceOver' software (12 Apr 2009)

iTunes price change is hurting tracks (12 Apr 2009)

Songwriter claims Google 'exploited' him (12 Apr 2009)

Zune HD artwork leaked (11 Apr 2009)

Amazon, Wal-Mart, raise MP3 download prices (09 Apr 2009)

Microsoft to update Zune media players (08 Apr 2009)

Amazon opens MP3 store in Germany (02 Apr 2009)

Google launches free music download service in China (31 Mar 2009)

EMI joins Project Playlist (27 Mar 2009)

SanDisk's slotRadio device coming next week (23 Mar 2009)

iPod repairman charged with fraud (23 Mar 2009)

More Nine Inch Nails' music available for free online (23 Mar 2009)

mp3HD lossless codec arrives (21 Mar 2009)

SpiralFrog kicks the bucket (21 Mar 2009)

New iPod Shuffle stuffed with DRM, says EFF (15 Mar 2009)

Vodafone music store drops DRM protection (13 Mar 2009)

The new Apple iPod Shuffle talks to you (11 Mar 2009)

Barnes & Noble jumps into e-book market (09 Mar 2009)

'Supergroup' Mongrel to give away CD for free (07 Mar 2009)

Sony shakes up consumer electronics divisions (27 Feb 2009)

Nearly 2 weeks into Pirate Bay trial and we're still waiting for evidence (26 Feb 2009)

Apple starts 'iTunes Pass' (25 Feb 2009)

Sirius XM looks to DirecTV to hold off Echostar takeover (12 Feb 2009)

Review: Exact Audio Copy 0.99 - Perfect CD copies or just hype? (12 Feb 2009)

U2 aims to take advantage of internet and misses (06 Feb 2009)

Amazon Kindle was hot seller in 2008, says analyst (05 Feb 2009)

Comcast, AT&T to help RIAA? (28 Jan 2009)

European Commission considers regulating MP3 player volume (28 Jan 2009)

Microsoft speaks out about Zune revenue loss (27 Jan 2009)

Microsoft introduces MSN Mobile Music (24 Jan 2009)

'Comes With Music' headed to new regions (20 Jan 2009)

Pioneer adds MP3 encoder to a new DVD player (14 Jan 2009)

CD sales fell 20 percent in 2008 (03 Jan 2009)

Microsoft Zune bug 'fixed' (02 Jan 2009)

9 -inch screen iPod Touch coming? (31 Dec 2008)

MP3 player light saves lost tourists (30 Dec 2008)

RIAA to stop lawsuits, will instead pressure ISPs (21 Dec 2008)

New audio technology could revolutionize the industry (17 Dec 2008)

Copyright terms to be extended to 70 years, in the UK (14 Dec 2008)

Smashing Pumpkins are done with albums, only iTunes singles for now on (14 Dec 2008)

Nokia's 'Comes With Music' has its DRM cracked (11 Dec 2008)

Paul McCartney releases latest album DRM-free, high quality (11 Dec 2008)

Amazon MP3 store opens in UK (04 Dec 2008)

Digital music sales to increase heavily by 2013, says firm (03 Dec 2008)

Digital sales surpass CD sales, says Atlantic Records (27 Nov 2008)

Beatles music to iTunes gets delayed (26 Nov 2008)

eMusic hits 250 millionth download (21 Nov 2008)

Zune music subscribers to get free tracks (21 Nov 2008)

All music going DRM-free on iTunes? (20 Nov 2008)

Finland to add royalty fees to mobile phones, USB drives? (14 Nov 2008)

RIAA lawyers still fighting to stop Jammie Thomas' new trial (13 Nov 2008)

Sandisk introduces 8GB Sansa Clip (13 Nov 2008)

Nokia: Comes with pirated music? (12 Nov 2008)

Live Nation to sell DRM-free MP3s from artist's pages (12 Nov 2008)

Guns N' Roses uploader pleads guilty (12 Nov 2008)

Fall Out Boy to introduce first "interactive CD booklet" for iPhone (10 Nov 2008)

Dell mini-MP3 player won't show this year (10 Nov 2008)

MP3 player headphones might interfere with cardiac equipment (10 Nov 2008)

iPhone scores well with consumer satisfaction (10 Nov 2008)

Sirius-XM channel merging to begin next week (10 Nov 2008)

Journey catalog track becomes first to 2 million downloads, legally (09 Nov 2008)

MySpace developing portable media player? (07 Nov 2008)

Norway puts more pressure on Apple over iTunes DRM (07 Nov 2008)

AC/DC available to download legally in Australia (06 Nov 2008)

UK download sites back new 'MP3 Compatible' logo (06 Nov 2008)

New app turns iPhone into remote for Multiroom Music System (04 Nov 2008)

Didiom starts mobile MP3 store (30 Oct 2008)

The Beatles music headed to 'Rock Band' (30 Oct 2008)

Wal-Mart lowers MP3 prices (29 Oct 2008)

MySpace adds more indie distributors (26 Oct 2008)

Dell and UMG team up for DRM-free music (25 Oct 2008)

Facebook to add music downloads? (19 Oct 2008)

SanDisk launches slotMusic player (15 Oct 2008)

EU tells MP3 player owners to turn down the volume (14 Oct 2008)

iTunes gains market share, as does Amazon, Rhapsody (11 Oct 2008)

Wal-Mart decides to maintain DRM servers (10 Oct 2008)

MySpace Music hits 1 billion songs streamed (07 Oct 2008)

British pop stars want more power in the digital age of music (04 Oct 2008)

Nokia's 'Comes With Music' adds EMI catalog (04 Oct 2008)

iTunes remains open, rates stay the same (03 Oct 2008)

Kid Rock's digital catalog goes exclusive on Rhapsody (03 Oct 2008)

iTunes Store to close down? (01 Oct 2008)

Wal-Mart shuts down DRM servers (28 Sep 2008)

UMG to launch music video site (28 Sep 2008)

MySpace Music finally launches (26 Sep 2008)

Alltel announces nuTsie music sharing application (25 Sep 2008)

Record labels and SanDisk team up for new music format (22 Sep 2008)

14-year-old arrested for music uploads (22 Sep 2008)

Yahoo search engine adds full song playback (21 Sep 2008)

Free Wi-Fi at McDonald's for Zune users (17 Sep 2008)

Best Buy acquires Napster (15 Sep 2008)

VLC media player 0.9.2 released (15 Sep 2008)

New Zunes confirmed by Microsoft (10 Sep 2008)

Apple updates iPod Touch, cuts price (09 Sep 2008)

Sony Ericsson to start unlimited download service (09 Sep 2008)

Apple unveils new models of iPods, cuts prices (09 Sep 2008)

Lenovo PCs to come with free trial for Napster (07 Sep 2008)

BBC to start online music service (04 Sep 2008)

Universal tracks going DRM-free on Saturn (01 Sep 2008)

Limewire store adds over 1 million tracks (31 Aug 2008)

Higher capacity Zunes coming (30 Aug 2008)

Man arrested over leaking Guns N' Roses songs (27 Aug 2008)

iTunes block lifted by Chinese government (26 Aug 2008)

Update: Sony Ericsson's PlayNow available in four countries (25 Aug 2008)

Sony Ericsson starts DRM-free music store (22 Aug 2008)

China blocks iTunes content over pro-Tibet tracks? (22 Aug 2008)

Apple will replace faulty iPod Nano batteries in Japan (22 Aug 2008)

iTunes subscription service finally coming? (21 Aug 2008)

Dell's Bucher fighting personal battle with Apple? (19 Aug 2008)

SoundExchange greed kills Internet Radio (18 Aug 2008)

Update: Activision responds to Warner's music game royalties statement (15 Aug 2008)

Ray Beckerman urges defense lawyers to go after MediaSentry (13 Aug 2008)

Lite-On to manufacture networked audio appliances (13 Aug 2008)

CEA considers establishing portable device standards (13 Aug 2008)

Judge lowers fines for suspected file sharer (12 Aug 2008)

Universal Music sued over digital royalties (12 Aug 2008)

Microsoft looking for new original content for Zune (11 Aug 2008)

7Digital wants iTunes' spot at the top (10 Aug 2008)

Google begins offering free, legal music in China (07 Aug 2008)

iTunes comtinues to lead US music retailers, says NPD (06 Aug 2008)

More downloaded Radiohead via P2P then free legal alternative (05 Aug 2008)

American federal agents can now take your laptop, iPods without reason (04 Aug 2008)

Yahoo finalizes music store credit (31 Jul 2008)

Defendant says RIAA damages unconstitutional (29 Jul 2008)

SIRIUS and XM now officially one company (29 Jul 2008)

Australian iPod 'pirates' to face sanctions (28 Jul 2008)

Customers to be reimbursed over Yahoo DRM server shutdown (26 Jul 2008)

Yahoo to shut down DRM servers for Yahoo Music Limited after September (25 Jul 2008)

Apple has killed audio quality, says Neil Young (24 Jul 2008)

BSkyB adds Universal catalog to online music service (22 Jul 2008)

Despite 25 million App Store downloads Mac and iPod still Apple's cornerstones (22 Jul 2008)

Music website iLike adds free streaming playback (21 Jul 2008)

New WinAmp update brings online music stores (17 Jul 2008)

Borders Books aiming for digital future (15 Jul 2008)

Music industry veterans see the upside of album leaks (12 Jul 2008) launches indie-music royalty program (10 Jul 2008)

7digital sees DRM-free music downloads surge (09 Jul 2008)

Milliamp offers 1 day iPod Touch battery replacement (08 Jul 2008)

Verizon expands VCast Music to include new Rhapsody (01 Jul 2008)

Real opens DRM-free MP3 store (30 Jun 2008)

iPhone finally headed to China? (27 Jun 2008)

Spain set to start 'iPod Tax' July 1st (24 Jun 2008)

Live Nation Artists makes another high profile deal - this time for severance pay (24 Jun 2008)

New software features streaming from home to your iPhone (24 Jun 2008)

Artists offering music subscriptions with TopSpin (23 Jun 2008)

Beatles music headed to Guitar Hero, Rock Band? (23 Jun 2008)

Amazon MP3 finally heading to Europe? (23 Jun 2008)

Future for record labels doesn't look bright (21 Jun 2008)

RIAA prepares to drop long running P2P suit for a lack of evidence (20 Jun 2008)

Law professors argue against making available as infringement in Jammie Thomas appeal (20 Jun 2008)

Qtrax launches with just a few songs but lots of headaches (20 Jun 2008)

Microsoft changes policy on MSN Music DRM (19 Jun 2008)

iTunes hits 5 billion sold milestone (19 Jun 2008)

Kid rock tells fans "Download it illegally - I don't care" (19 Jun 2008)

Despite piracy, Lil Wayne's latest CD is a monster hit (18 Jun 2008)

XM / Sirius merger appears close to conclusion (17 Jun 2008)

New study: young people prefer to reward artists and peers for music (17 Jun 2008)

BPI CEO gets defensive about Virgin Media partnership (17 Jun 2008)

New app turns iPhone into radio (15 Jun 2008)

RIAA allegedly seeking piracy tax on internet access (14 Jun 2008)

RIAA goes judge shopping in New York (14 Jun 2008)

Canadian copyright bill proposal includes $20,000 fines (13 Jun 2008)

Cross your fingers - Qtrax is launching again (13 Jun 2008)

Orange opens music download store (12 Jun 2008)

Federal court says UMG can't stop the sale of promo CDs (12 Jun 2008)

"Virtual label" representing 12,000 indies working on licensing deals (12 Jun 2008)

EMI puts Second Life programmer in charge of digital distribution (12 Jun 2008)

Bertelsmann to sell its Sony BMG stake to Sony? (11 Jun 2008)

AC/DC album to be Wal-Mart exclusive (11 Jun 2008)

SanDisk buys up MusicGremlin service (11 Jun 2008)

Samsung introduces iPhone rival OMNIA (10 Jun 2008)

Steve Jobs unveils $199 iPhone 3G at WWDC (10 Jun 2008)

Warner music disappears from On-Demand (09 Jun 2008)

Nine Inch Nails releases more free music (05 Jun 2008)

Radiohead agrees to let iTunes sell individual tracks from EMI years (05 Jun 2008)

U2's manager once again decries ISP's for not policing subscribers (05 Jun 2008)

SpiralFrog to add songs from EMI (03 Jun 2008)

Exclusive 'iTunes Festival' announced (02 Jun 2008)

World's first Blu-ray music only disc announced (02 Jun 2008)

Music sales through Rock Band compete with iTunes - and sometimes they win (29 May 2008)

GameStop drops Microsoft Zune (24 May 2008)

Zhongsou is guilty of copyright infringement (24 May 2008)

Napster opens the world's largest DRM-free MP3 store (20 May 2008)

Limewire wants to share ad revenue with record labels (14 May 2008)

'We can stream live TV to iPods', says Orb (12 May 2008)

Microsoft Zune hits 2 million sold (09 May 2008)

RIAA representative forecasts a comeback for DRM (08 May 2008)

Japan to start iPod tax, says report (07 May 2008)

Microsoft updates Zune with new social aspects (07 May 2008)

Neil Young promotes Blu-ray at Sun developers conference (07 May 2008)

Independent labels want better iTunes deal (05 May 2008)

NiN giving away The Slip (05 May 2008)

GTA IV's music tie-in turns game developers into music promoters (05 May 2008)

Radiohead leaves "pay-as-you-please" model (03 May 2008)

Creative settles MP3 player capacity lawsuit (02 May 2008)

Nokia Comes with the Music backfired (29 Apr 2008)

Nokia opens music service in Australia (21 Apr 2008)

Amazon MP3 is having no effect on iTunes, says NPD (15 Apr 2008)

Last.FM is boosting CD sales? (13 Apr 2008)

66% don't care about mobile music, reveals study (13 Apr 2008)

Sony offers digital noise-canceling headphones (08 Apr 2008)

Social media networking giant imeem acquires SNOCAP (07 Apr 2008)

Baidu facing $9 million copyright claims (07 Apr 2008)

Charles Manson embraces Creative Commons? (06 Apr 2008)

Music services pay high price to labels (06 Apr 2008)

Rolling Stones and YouTube team up for music channel (04 Apr 2008)

Australian police carry out anti-piracy raid in Melbourne (03 Apr 2008)

SDK for iPhone, iPod hacks surfaces (03 Apr 2008)

Radiohead lets fans remix single (02 Apr 2008)

EMI appoints Google Exec to push digital growth (02 Apr 2008)

Creative threatened developer over Vista drivers (02 Apr 2008)

Dutch ISP bundles music service with broadband (02 Apr 2008)

Sony resurrects its Connect music service (29 Mar 2008)

Shakespeares' works go digital (26 Mar 2008)

New guides added for installing SageTV (26 Mar 2008)

Amazon becomes iTunes' biggest competitor for digital downloads (26 Mar 2008)

Sony BMG online music service in development (25 Mar 2008)

Sony and Warner to make a MySpace music deal? (24 Mar 2008)

50% of all mobile phones will play music by 2011, says study (24 Mar 2008)

SanDisk promotes DRM-free audio with MicroSD cards (23 Mar 2008)

iTunes to give credits or refunds due to WGA strike (23 Mar 2008)

New guide: AC3Filter Installation and Configuration (21 Mar 2008)

Dell getting back into handheld market? (19 Mar 2008)

Apple to offer unlimited access to iTunes store? (19 Mar 2008)

Zune to finally make it to Europe? (17 Mar 2008)

Nine Inch Nails' "experiment" nets $1.6 million USD (16 Mar 2008)

Apple denies Beatles deal with iTunes (15 Mar 2008)

O2 will offer 5 million tracks from Napster (15 Mar 2008)

SXSW panel to discuss mandatory online music licensing (13 Mar 2008)

Japanese iPod Nano emits sparks (12 Mar 2008)

The MP3 player turns 10 (12 Mar 2008)

Apple releases iPhone / iPod Touch SDK (07 Mar 2008)

Facebook approached record labels? (06 Mar 2008)

Greenpeace: CE products greener, but long way to go (06 Mar 2008)

Tech Exhibitors raided at CeBIT (06 Mar 2008)

7Digital to offer DRM-free downloads from Warner (05 Mar 2008)

New NIN release includes a partial free download and variable pricing (04 Mar 2008)

RIAA argues for basing songwriter royalties on revenue (04 Mar 2008)

Apple still planning on iPhone sales reaching 10 million this year (28 Feb 2008)

iTunes finishes 2007 as second biggest US music retailer (27 Feb 2008)

UMG artists to appear in ad-supported streams (26 Feb 2008)

New guides - highlights for the year so far (25 Feb 2008)

Canadian songwriters want to share their music (24 Feb 2008)

Musician says RIAA reminds him of Mafia (23 Feb 2008)

Clarification to British copyright proposal (23 Feb 2008)

Sony BMG inks new mobile media deal (21 Feb 2008)

doubleTwist synchronizes media across devices (20 Feb 2008)

Apple drops price on Shuffle and shows off new model (19 Feb 2008)

BitTorrent developers working on encryption to defeat ISP interference (19 Feb 2008)

Motorola acquires largest Asian music download provider (18 Feb 2008)

Super Bowl halftime performance lifts online sales for Heartbreakers (17 Feb 2008)

European Commission to examine copyright levy (16 Feb 2008)

EU Commissioner to propose longer copyright term in EU (16 Feb 2008)

Borders to add Digital Centers to stores (15 Feb 2008)

Site Updates: Weekly glossary updates (15 Feb 2008)

Google will enter online music sector in China (14 Feb 2008)

Three strikes law for internet piracy to be proposed in Britain (12 Feb 2008)

Verizon and Timbaland make an exclusive music deal (10 Feb 2008)

Department of Justice investigates labels over TotalMusic (08 Feb 2008)

Toshiba updates Gigabeat line (07 Feb 2008)

Napster posts small loss for Q3 (07 Feb 2008)

Site updates: More glossary updates finished (07 Feb 2008)

Copyright Royalty Board hears arguments over proposed songwriter royalties (06 Feb 2008)

RIAA contractors accused of illegal investigation in New York (06 Feb 2008)

Apple doubles iPhone and iPod Touch capacities (05 Feb 2008)

Rhapsody buys up Yahoo music service (04 Feb 2008)

Amazon pays $300 million for Audible (01 Feb 2008)

U2's manager: time to end ISPs' free ride (31 Jan 2008)

Analyst: Apple to bring cheaper and innovative Wi-Fi iPods (30 Jan 2008)

New Neil Young release to skip CD in favor of DVD and Blu-ray (30 Jan 2008)

France to mandate ISP monitoring of customers for copyright infringement (29 Jan 2008)

Sony Ericsson announces deals with 10 major record labels (29 Jan 2008)

Qtrax client finally available for download - but don't expect any music (29 Jan 2008)

Qtrax misses launch time - do they actually have a product yet? (28 Jan 2008)

Amazon MP3 to go international in 2008 (27 Jan 2008)

Qtrax launches today with free P2P music downloads (27 Jan 2008)

P2P downloads outshine digital sales 20:1 (25 Jan 2008)

IFPI annual report praises labels for being forced to ditch DRM (25 Jan 2008)

Yahoo working out plans to offer DRM free MP3 downloads (25 Jan 2008)

Global music sales fell 10 percent in 2007 (24 Jan 2008)

Apple sales forecast doesn't live up to analyst expectations (23 Jan 2008)

CEA working out portable device connection standard (23 Jan 2008)


List of related software items. Each software item listed here can be downloaded directly from our site using the links below.

  • Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter v7.08
    Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter is the easy-to-use video converter software for converting video to Apple iPod Movie and iPod Video.
  • Free DVD MP3 Ripper v1.21
    Free DVD MP3 Ripper can extract audio from DVD, VCD/SVCD and MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2) files into MP3 which can be played in MP3 Players.
  • Free iPod Video Converter v1.32
    Free iPod Video Converter provides an easy and completed way to convert all popular video formats to iPod video.
  • iDump v2.0.3.0
    iDump is a tool used to transfer songs from an iPod back to a PC, offering options such as exporting of playlists and unattended transfer.
  • ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer v5.5.6.20131113
    ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer is iPod transfer software for iPod music and video transferring.
  • ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer for Mac OS X v2.0.70.1211
    ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer is iPod transfer software for iPod music and video transferring.
  • iRenew v2.7.3.14809
    iRenew can recovery deleted songs from an iPod, including tracks purchased from the iTunes store. It will scan an iPod and give a list of deleted tracks that it can potentially recover.
  • iRepo v5.3
    iRepo is a simple tool used to transfer songs from an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad to a PC using a simple, easy to understand interface.
  • iRepo X for Mac OS X v4.2
    iRepo X for Mac OS X can be used to recover songs from an iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is intended to be used in situations where the original storage of music is lost or damaged, utilizing your iPod as if it were a backup device.
  • iRingtunes v2.3
    iRingtunes is used to create ringtones for an iPhone handset directly from unprotected songs present in an iTunes library.
  • iRingtunes X for Mac OS X v2.2
    iRingtunes X for Mac OS X is used to create ringtones for an Apple iPhone from unprotected songs in the iTunes library.
  • Music Tag Tool v3.00
    Music Tag Tool is used to easily download tag information on music tracks from the Internet and embed it into multimedia files such as MP3s, M4A files and AAC audio files. It can also find and embed album art.
  • RadLight APE DirectShow Filter v1.0.0.4
    RadLight APE DirectShow Filter allows all DirectShow players to play Monkey Audio's (APE) encoded files.
  • RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter v1.0.0.4
    RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter lets user play MPC (MusePack) encoded files in any DirectShow based player, such as RadLight.
  • Soundbase 2010.07.10
    Soundbase was created to fill a gap in the large amount of free and commercial mp3 players.
  • Spotify v1.0.54.1079
    Spotify lets you listen millions of high quality music tracks online, legally.
  • TouchCopy v12
    TouchCopy is used to transfer content from an iPod or iPhone (music, playlists, videos, photos, contacts, SMS etc.) back to PC, use an iPod Touch or iPhone as an external drive or manage content on an iPhone or iPod from a PC.
  • TouchCopy for Mac OS X v12
    TouchCopy is used to transfer content from an iPod or iPhone (music, playlists, videos, photos, contacts, SMS etc.) back to Mac OS X, use an iPod Touch or iPhone as an external drive or manage content on an iPhone or iPod from a Mac OS X.
  • TuneJack v6.3
    TuneJack is a commercial tool for recovering songs from an iPod, iPhone or iPad. It is suitable for copying a music library from the mobile devices to a new PC or one recovering from a crash.
  • WinXMedia AVI/MPEG iPod Converter v3.15
    WinXMedia AVI/MPEG iPod Converter is a tool that can convert your favourite movies and video clips to your iPod video.
  • Xilisoft iPod Video Converter v7.7.3.20131014
    Xilisoft iPod Video Converter is a video and movie converter for your iPod.
  • Xilisoft iPod Video Converter for Mac OS X (PPC) v3.2.59.1218
    Xilisoft iPod Video Converter is a video and movie converter for your iPod.
  • YamiPod v1.8
    YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • YamiPod for Linux v1.8
    YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • YamiPod for Mac OS X v1.8
    YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.


List of related glossary items. Click the item to read an explanation for the term.

    ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding. It represents proprietary compression algorithms created by Sony Corp. and used with many of its digital audio electronics including MiniDisc ...
  • ATRAC Advanced Lossless
    ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding and ATRAC Advanced Lossless is an evolution of the earlier ATRAC1 and ATRAC3 audio systems in use with Sony's SDDS theater audio system, MiniDisc, ...
  • ATRAC1
    ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding and ATRAC1 was first used in the 1990's with Sony's SDDS theater format system. The ATRAC term represents proprietary compression algorithms ...
  • ATRAC3
    ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding and ATRAC3 is an evolution of the earlier ATRAC1 system used with Sony's SDDS theater audio system and the MiniDisc format. ATRAC3 offers ...
  • ATRAC3plus
    ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding and ATRAC3 is an evolution of the earlier ATRAC1 system used with Sony's SDDS theater audio system and the MiniDisc format. ATRAC3plus is ...
  • ID3
    When MP3s became popular in late 1996, group of people started wondering if there would be a solution for the lack of information in audio tracks stored in MP3 format. Basically the problem ...
  • MP3
    MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer III. It is not a separate format, but a part of MPEG-1 video encoding format, developed by MPEG group in early 1990's. Too often people refer MP3 as MPEG-3, ...
  • MP3+G
    MP3+G is not a real standard, but its become a "de facto" standard for karaoke files when played with computers. Essentially, MP3+G is a combination of two files -- one is a regular MP3 audio ...
  • MP4
    MP4 is the official multimedia container for MPEG-4 video and audio. Although such video can be stored in a number of modern containers, including MPEG-2 PS/TS and Matroska, the development ...
  • MPEG
    MPEG is short for Moving Pictures Expert Group which is a working group of ISO/IEC in charge of the development of standards for coded representation of digital audio and video. The first ...
  • MPEG-1
    Audio and video compression format developed by MPEG group back in 1993. Official description: Coding of moving pictures and associated audio for digital storage media at up to about 1,5 Mbit/s. ...