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Convert MKV to DVD with freeware

This guide show how to encode multimedia content using the matroska container format (MKV files) to DVD-Video to view on pretty much any stand-alone DVD player. Unlike other guides we have that would work for this process, this guide uses only freely available software.

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Introduction & Requirements

Avi2DVD - Avi2DVD automates this entire process when given a small amount of information and despite the name, it supports input of MKV files.

All you need is your MKV file and a little attention span to follow the steps in this guide, it is very easy even for a new user. Since this process needs video encoding, it will want to use whatever resources your computer can give it. Screensavers or any other programs that run regularly or in the background will only slow down the process and so if you can, disable or turn them off during the process.

What is MKV?

An MKV file is a Matroska file. Matroska is an open source container format. It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats. Inside the MKV can be many types of video streams such as one encoded with XviD or H.264, and many types (often multiple) audio streams like AC3 or MP3. MKV has become one of the most used container formats for high definition video content online.

If you don't know how to play MKV files on your computer, don't worry, we have a perfectly fine How to Play MKV article for you to read as well if you want in our Guide section.

HD to DVD note!

As previously mentioned, many MKV files you will find will include high definition video content. This video is usually crystal clear based on its source. However, DVD-Video, which we will create in this guide, is a format for standard definition (SD) content. This proccess will still give you a working DVD however, I just wanted to note that fact. Let's move on.

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On the next page, we will open an MKV in AVI2DVD and set some input settings that will amongst other things, determine the audio and aspect ratio of the output DVD.

Page 2 - Open MKV & Input Settings

Convert MKV to DVD with freewareYou are viewing Page 1 of 5 -- Go to page 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
Written by: James Delahunty