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WinAMP v2.75 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 May 2001 1:38

I don't know how many versions of their 2.x player Nullsoft is going to release before they release v3 "final", but here is another one anyway -- WinAMP v2.75.
And as usual -- if you're regular Joe Average, we recommend you to continue using WinAMP v2.xx instead of WinAMP v3.x alpha because v2.xx is much more stable and it has all the features already.

Anyway, here's a quick look at "what's new" list since version 2.74:

- avs 2.4.9 (interface improvements, speedups, new dynamic movement effect (yay!))
- made skin installing do better renaming (removes [1], etc)
- some new sample avs presets (thanks to Zen-X and Marco Muraca, Frank Nagel)
- MASSIVELY optimized directory scanning and removed multi-add bugs
- fixes to in_mod and in_midi.
- fixed some NT/2K uninstall issues.
- updated winamp agent with full color icon
- temporarily removed in_asfs from full distribution (security issue) an additional bonus, the full version includes a song and a skin from Weezer.

And at least few minutes ago, this version wasn't available from (yet), but as usual, you can download it from us - here are the links:

WinAMP v2.75 Full (with Weezer song&skin)
WinAMP v2.75 Lite
WinAMP v2.75 Standard

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