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Sonique 2, Napster 2b10, etc...

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 07 May 2001 10:09

Few major software releases reached our sensitive eyes today. First one is of course Napster v2.0 beta 10 which basically doesn't add any functionality (well, they claim it produces less file transfer errors than previous one), but instead adds audio fingerprinting feature that allows Napster to block songs better.
Other major "release" is from Lycos/Sonique -- they _finally_ gave us something to test. Sonique 2 Mantis demo is available through their website. They also have promised to publish development demo next week.

Some minor stuff also got updated -- CDEx v1.40 beta 3, probably the best CD ripper in the world and AmigaAMP v2.9 beta 1 for those of you who still keep the old warhero alive.

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