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PowerDVD receives Windows XP Compatible Logo

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 May 2001 3:36

May 8, 2001----Taipei, Taiwan----CyberLink, the leading developer of digital video and multimedia streaming software, is proud to announce that PowerDVD is the first and only software DVD player on the market to pass the tests of Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) for Windows XP under the Motion Video Category. This follows the recent announcement of another WHQL first, last month's major achievement of being the first software DVD player to receive WHQL certification for DxVA certification under the Motion Video category. By now being the first to pass all the tests for WindowsXP, PowerDVD reflects CyberLink's dedication to producing software of the highest quality and standard. As well, this also illustrates the continuing recognition of PowerDVD as the best solution for software DVD playback on the PC.
"Once again, we have proven our leading position in the DVD market by ensuring PowerDVD's excellent quality and compatibility to meet tomorrow's needs.", says Johnny Tseng Assistant V.P., R&D Dept. of CyberLink.

According to Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink, "The entire CyberLink worldwide team is proud of what we have accomplished and for the recognition that has been bestowed upon PowerDVD. We have endeavored to live up to our reputation of being the World's Best Software DVD Player and will continue to work earnestly to improve our core technology in our fast growing suite of Digital Video Applications."

With the Microsoft WHQL WindowsXP Compatibility Logo, OEM manufacturers will receive full confidence that PowerDVD has met the necessary standard requirements by Microsoft and is fully compatible with their Windows XP Operating Systems and drivers. Currently, other products that do not have this certification may give no assurance that they are fully compatible with WinXP beta, as well as Windows XP and subsequent versions.

About PowerDVD 3.0
PowerDVD is the world's number one software DVD player due to its high quality audio and video playback, advanced navigation and best hardware support. CyberLink PowerDVD can deliver high quality DVD playback at full frame rate with extremely low CPU consumption (only Celeron 350 and above required). New features to its already long list of features include Dolby Headphone Technology, bringing the Dolby Surround experience to any standard pair of stereo headphones and Digital Zoom, allowing users to view special effects, hidden features and fine details at either 4 or 9 times the normal screen ratio. Plus, PowerDVD is an excellent solution for OEM manufacturers due to its low CPU consumption and full hardware compatibility.

About CyberLink Corp.
CyberLink Corporation develops award winning software solutions utilizing digital video and audio kernel technology. The company fully utilizes the powers of today's personal computer and Internet connectivity to create new applications that maximize personal video entertainment, enhance visual communication and increase corporate productivity. Today, CyberLink offers two major product lines: Digital Video Applications and Streaming Multimedia Solutions. Digital Video Applications focus on providing video/audio playback and recording capabilities on the personal computer. These award-winning software applications are ideal solutions for building home theaters and digital video centers right from today's mainstream computers. Streaming Multimedia Solutions offer breakthrough technologies to stream and manage high-quality, media-rich contents on the Internet.

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