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WinAMP 3 alpha 666 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 May 2001 1:04

They didn't get into the beta zone yet, but there's yet another alpha version of WinAMP 3 out. You can download it from as it is not available through
Changes since WA3 alpha 6 are:

- better http streaming
- more responsive interface
- better seeking
- image loading done by components
- faster startup
- preliminary support for winamp 2.x visualizations
- less memory usage
- better crossfading (no more clicks we hope)
- Shuffle on next added, edit your .xnf file to turn it on
- skin love:
- faster skin switching/loading
- faster gamma tweaking
- GDI resource usage cut way down
- faster MMX optimized blitting
- bilinear filtering for stretched skin pieces
- snap points for funky-shaped skin piece love
- more scripting amazingness:
- guru meditations slightly more helpful
- faster execution
- general purpose scripts
- script manager to add/remove general purpose scripts
- basic field editing in dbexplorer, which will probably go into the media lib
- sclist for shoutcast browsing pleasure
- bugs fixed, added

Download WinAMP 3 alpha 666 from here

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