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Demand better customer service from Creative Labs!

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 07 May 2002 23:41

Oh boy, are the people pissed by the Creative Labs customer service and for a reason. For quite some time Creative’s ability provide support and drivers for their products has been very low, or should I say unprofessional. And we are talking about the biggest soundcard manufacturer here. Now is a chance to step-up and sign the petition for getting better service by Creative Labs. As a SB Live! owner, I will sign up and I ask everyone else to do the same.
To: Creative Technology Ltd.

WE ask that Creative ( add more support and customer care for all their products, mainly including the Sound Blaster LIVE! and AUDIGY products. We ask for all driver AND software support to be avalible for download on their website.. not just an order form for a shipped cd that WE will have to order again when a new update is out (ex. Live Ware 3.0), more windows xp support, better compatiblity with other hardware, NO MORE SPYWARE (ex. newsupd.exe), and the options to install the "HIDDEN" files... no hidden installations (ex. Creative EAX, Disc Detector, etc.)

Sign this petition!

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