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DivX v5.02 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 May 2002 2:28 User comments (7)

DivXNetworks guys have been pretty busy tweaking their codec lately and this new version, DivX 5.02, definately fixes some serious issues that DivX5 used to have.
Mostly all tweaks are related to playback optimization -- with my P3/500 you just _couldn't_ watch DivX5 encoded videos with DivX5 codec when the bitrate and the resolution were high enough. Now the codec offers quite a nice range of settings you can turn on and off to see how it effects to your DivX playback performance. DivXNetworks says that now P3/466 should be able to play 640x480 video which uses GMC and B-frames while using 80% of the CPU power, which is a significant improvement over 5.01.

Anyway, you can download the ad-free version from here:
DivX 5.02

...and the ad-sponsored version, suitable specially for DivX encoders, from here:
DivX 5.02 Pro

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7 user comments

117.5.2002 6:50

If the 5 versions take that much CPU power I might have to switch to 4.12 again. Or stop using the extra goodies. How come the new features eat up that much juice from the PC?

217.5.2002 7:01

Use FFDShow filter for playback -- I do and it performs very nicely, thank you =). Takes appx. 30% less CPU power than DivX5 and plays DivX3/4/5 and XviD.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

317.5.2002 8:17

You, or who ever wrote the information on the download site said that you/he/her removed the DivX codecs from your computer. Dont you need those too? Can you still encode DivX movies with just the FFDShow filter instaled?

417.5.2002 9:55

That was me -- I've pretty much given up DivX encoding, DVD-R is enough for me now (just waiting to get those frigging discs from UK webstore ;-). I still have DivX5 for test purposes on my Win98 installation, where I can try it out and write some guides.

511.7.2002 18:51

how do you use ffdshow? Is it a plug-in? How do you select to use it instead of divx?

612.7.2002 0:57

pelekg01: Reading the readme inside the FFDShow's package might help you?

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

711.8.2002 10:11

I use the 5.02pro for some time now and i must admit i still has problems : GMC can produce some very bad errors, so if you use it, you should Really! watch the output before deleting the source. But the B-frames are just marvellous ! if your computer can eat the 5.02 i would recommend it (always with B-frames enabled) over the 3.x and clearly over the 4.x wich in my eyes has all the flaws of 3.x and 5.x combined :( BTW : up to now 5.02 is the only MPEG-4 to support B-frames. However, in MPEG-2 B-frames are very common - thats why MPEG-2 takes so freakin long to encode...

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