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Yet another DVD copy scam

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 May 2002 14:25 User comments (9)

I don't know about you guys, but my mailbox is getting pretty damn full of s*it from these commercial DVD copy companies and as we've warned you earlier, most of these companies are 100% scam artists who sell DVD ripping "scene"'s (i.e., doom9, VCDHelp and DDigest) free manuals and freeware tools and charge you for those. We do approve selling self-made guides, like Expert-Guides does, or selling actual tools, like DUP-DVD does.
Anyway, to the actual point. One of the best-known guide contributers, Sefy, who mostly does guides for VCDHelp, announced at VCDHelp's forums that some morons who call themselves as "DVD Wizard" (their URL is are selling his guides as an eBook without his permission to do so.

So, just stick with the names you know (like the ones I listed) or with companies who have good and solid reputation in providing guides & tools. Basically by reading through various forums and seeing what companies sponsor DVD ripping and software sites should give you a good idea what to do.

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9 user comments

127.5.2002 2:43

My mailbox is so full of spam anyways, I just delete the most of it.

227.5.2002 6:39

Unfortunetly, the best spamkeller is "Spamkiller" and it doesn't work with the NUMBER ONE EMAIL URL,,AOL.. Shame on AOL for not having decent spam elimantors!!!

327.5.2002 17:49

Ditto, Ghostdog; And it really amazes me that AOL has such a following - they practically invented spam, and certainly they've done their best to perfect it! Of course, hotmail is just as bad, (except that it's free)claiming that you can use their "built-in" filters to elimininate most unsolicited mail. Naturally, these filters are, for the most part, worthless. I use hotmail, so I really can't knock AOL users. You would think that they would've learned from their mistakes, though;(ie: signing up for AOL) It's kind of like the people that voted for Bush - at least they cast a vote, but boy, have they been ripped-off!

428.5.2002 7:38

Oh, were getting political? I had no idea about Bush intentions and methods before he started to make changes. Of course I never had the chance to vote in the election, I live in Finland. I always put all the spammers on my block-list in Hotmail but still the spam keeps flooding. Are you suggesting that the spam-filters have flaws? :-) But do you think that Hotmail is intentionally letting some spam thru. A free service has to get its money somehow.

528.5.2002 10:45

Getting extremely off-topic, but I don't really care ;-) Anyway, Hotmail definately leaks email addresses to outside companies -- couple of guys have tried this by creating a Hotmail account, NOT posting it to anywhere, not even sending email from it to anyone and BOOM -- took less than 7 days to receive first spam, not from Hotmail, but some 3rd party company. And I lived in the U.S. when the whole presidential election fiasco was going on -- at least Bush can say that he's the first American president to be elected with LESS votes than his competitor received AND actually by losing more states than his competitor. And I could annoy enough people by bringing out my opinions about his, his attitude towards rest of the world, etc, but we (yet ;-) don't have Politics forum at AfterDawn :-) Just as a side note, idea of voting anyone who objects abortion and tries to basically criminalize other kind of partnerships than marriage is.....

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

628.5.2002 11:45

And the thing about the Kyoto-treaty. OK, Im no inviromentalist, but that sucked. And then he says hes going to raise customs fees on steel. Well, this got a bit of the spam-discussion, but...

728.5.2002 12:29

Yeah, beating our American friends because of their president and our opinions about him are just bad manners, so let's get back into the topic :-) Anyway, virtually all of these so-called "DVD copy packages", specially bundled software packages sell tools that are freely availble on the Net and normally without any permissions from authors. And now the most cynical of you are willing to point out that one of our sponsors,, sells as one of their item, a DVD backup guide. But before we agreed to take their sponsorship deal, we insisted that they _have to_ have guide made by them and that they _can't_ sell any kind of free util packages. Without fulfilling those rules, we wouldn't have let them to advertise on our site -- even that we're depending on shrinking ad income, we definately have certain level of morality what ads we accepts and are willing to offer to our users.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

828.5.2002 19:45

Oops.... What I meant was, the folks who pay for AOL probably figured that it was the easiest way to "get online" quickly - without a lot of hassle and phone calls - and since so many millions of people belong to AOL, it must be a good thing. Most of them have never used an ISP or their companies T1 line, etc.. Naturally, they probably think they are getting a great deal! Heck, in the commercials, they get all jazzed-up just hearing whats-his-name say: "You've got mail!" (Go figure) Well, the first analogy that popped in to my head when I was typing the above post, just happened to be re: Bush. My radio, at that time, was tuned to talk radio (can you guess the topic?)so I guess it was a subliminal kind of thing. :) Since we're off the topic - I would like to point out one little tidbit, if I may? Go to the search engine: google; Type in the phrase: "dumb mother****er" and see what your results are. I thought it was pretty funny, in a reality sort of way. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone. Really. ....Unless, of course, you actually *like* GBW; In which case, you offend yourself. Oh, and when I checked my hotmail today, out of the 177 email's I had (in less than 24 hours!) 42 of them were soliciting some sort of DVD or CD copy services! Someone's making money at it. Anyway, sorry again, for deviating from the topic.

929.5.2002 7:12

Whenever I see a mail in my inbox saying something like "Copy any DVD, even Glitter!!!" I just silently think insulting things about him/her and then put the sender on my block-list. Who wants to copy Glitter anyway?

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