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PS2 MP3 player by Paradox

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Jul 2002 9:20 User comments (2)

Something that many of us have been hoping for seems to be now available.CDFreaks reports the following:
Paradox -> Releases first MP3 player for PS2 works great, even though its in beta v1.0. Users can burn a regular CD or DVD filled with MP3 tracks.

There has been a release for a mp3 player for the PS2. It is expected to play MP3 files. Since the PS2 only supports MODE 2 LEVEL 1 images, 8+3 characters for the files, but as the player can read the CD-information in low level, it supports 31 characters names including file extension.

And the good stuff is available at the PSXForum:

Its finially here... An MP3 player for the PS2. Plays mode 2 mp3 cd's which can easily be created with the included utils.

Download it now for the Utilities section on the left menu.

I unfortunately don't have a PS2 to test this with, but if it works then it's a one good reason more to buy one!

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2 user comments

18.7.2003 23:33

brilliant player much better then the one with the ps2 reality player 1.28 e or what ever the latest is make it look a bit better please, way to basic.

231.7.2003 5:09

Megaman is right. It really needs a facelift. But you cannot compare it with PS2 Reality MP3 player. The PS2Reality sucks. But it's DivX player is cool

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