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OGG Vorbis 1.0 officially released.

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 19 Jul 2002 10:59 User comments (1)

This was supposed to happen a few days earlier, but now things are truly final. OGG Vorbis is 1.0
Many thanks and congratulations to all the people working on the project!

Ogg Vorbis is officially at 1.0!

This release especially focuses on low bitrate performance, both in the low-CD-quality range (64kbps-ish) as well as down into the depths of modem-rate streaming. We've also included some fundamental improvements to mid and high bitrate. Nowehere else can you find a codec that scales smoothly from 8kbps telco to more than 500 kbps super-fidelity stereo (and beyond into surround), and does so with this much sonic stability.

The second great focus of this release is documentation. Xiph.Org now hosts a complete draft of the full Ogg Vorbis I specification.

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1 user comment

119.7.2002 11:55

Thanks for the update !! I've had a creedence clearwater revival double cd ripped to wave since this morning, and was about to throw the oggenc switch (rc3), but NOW I can get "the real thing"! Obliged!! -K.A.-

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