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TMPGEnc v2.57 released plus some important notes

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Jul 2002 8:08

TMPGEnc v2.57 was released today and as usual, you can download it from our site. But this time there are some important changes in TMPGEnc's behaviour and we recommend that you read through this copy/paste from TMPGEnc's homepage.
Here it is:

Note for Specification Change in TMPGEnc Plus 2.57

[] When opening MPEG file with TMPGEnc Plus
Because current version of TMPGEnc Plus does not have own MPEG-2 decoder feature, it relies on other MPEG-2 decoders installed onto Windows system through Microsoft DirectShow to read MPEG-2 file.

Although Microsoft DirectShow does not support playbacking MPEG-2 file as default, by installing software DVD player etc., it is possible to playback MPEG-2 file. Microsoft Although DirectShow has such structure that additional component of DirectShow extends capabilities to read/playback other formats, however this is totally depending on software installed in your system, and it may be sometime unstable because of compatibility or conflict between such additional components, thus, we are not officially support/warrant the feature to read movie file Microsoft DirectShow.
The meaning of movie file is, AVI(Type1 DV format), .mpg(MPEG-1/2) .asf .wmv .mov in this case.

Although there are so many MPEG-2 decoder which can be installed onto Microsoft DirectShow. Not all of them can be worked for TMPGEnc Plus. There are several decoder which is;
- not stable, as a result TMPGEnc Plus looks like unstable in previous version.
- not allow other application to use the module, as a result, TMPGEnc Plus can not read movie file.

TMPGEnc Plus 2.57 reads MPEG-2 files only with specific official commercial legal MPEG-2 decoders made by CyberLink, Ligos and, Sony so that TMPGEnc reads MPEG-2 files most appropriate way by operating these decoders directly from TMPGEnc Plus.
In this way, it improves the stabilities to read files, but only if one of these 3 decoders installed in your system. Other decoders can not be controlled by TMPGEnc Plus.

There are at least 2 type of bitrate allocation, one is CBR, the other is VBR, however, Microsoft DirectShow is able to seek MPEG file encoded in CBR only, thus TMPGEnc can not do "Cut editing" which need accurate seek of file if the MPEG file is VBR. For example, if the file was encoded in VBR, audit or video may be stopped for a while at the point you cut.

If Microsoft Windows Media Player can not seek a movie, TMPGEnc Plus can not seek the movie as well.

* Sony MPEG-2 decoder may be preinstalled VAIO RX models etc.
* There may be the case that an MPEG-2 file which can not be played through Microsoft DirectShow because of the decoder's specification despite you installed a software DVD player.

[] MPEG files which can be edited with MPEG Tools in TMPGEnc Plus
There is a tool called "MPEG Tools" in TMPGEncPlus. This tool enables to de/multiplex audio and video or to cut/merge movies. These operations are done in binary level, thus there is no re-compression.

There are several softwares which produces an MPEG file which is not with MPEG standard, and such file can not be edited with MPEG Tools of TMPGEnc Plus, thus TMPGEnc Plus's MPEG Tool only officially supports MPEG files which were encoded with TMPGEnc Plus. MPEG files made by other software/hardware might be edited, but we are not able to support/warrant the result officially (please read the note below too).

At "Cut" of Merge(Cut) in MPEG Tools, it uses Microsoft DirectShow to show preview and determine the positions to cut. Microsoft DirectShow can not seek MPEG files correctly if files were encoded in VBR, thus, start/end position to cut may not be accurate. The actual position to be cut may not be the one it is displayed on the window, so, even an MPEG file which is encoded TMPGEnc Plus, if the MPEG file was encoded in VBR, it may not be cut accurately. We are not able to warrant the results on this matter as well as the case in previous column.
The Merge(Cut) always deals scenes by GOP (Group Of Picture), and standard MPEG files has about 15 frame in 1 GOP which is about 0.5 sec. If the start/end point you selected to cut is not close to the boundary of GOPs, the point will be automatically moved to the closest boundary of GOPs.

While the text refers to TMPGEnc Plus, the same stuff applies also to the free trial version.

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