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Transmission Films offers movies for $2 a piece

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 24 Jul 2002 13:23 User comments (1)

New site, about to launch in August, called Transmission Films, will be offering movies to consumers for $2 a piece. But this is not a new Movie88 fiasco, but -- at least according to their website -- they are offering movies from "independent filmmakers" instead of Hollywood studios.
Interesting concept anyway, although there is very little information available on their website about the quality of the movies, format, etc. It seems that the movies will be delivered in streaming format, which makes the idea kinda turn-off for those (us), who prefer watching the movies using stand-alone DVD players and our TV sets instead of computers (well, TV-out is there, but once you have more than your dorm room, you tend to have a separate room for your computer and not to keep it in the living room..).

But I'm curious of the concept anyway. If you want to know little bit more of their project, visit their website. Oh, there's also an offer -- if you buy 10 films, you get them for $15.

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129.7.2002 18:48

hmm ... interesting concept, but probably works like most porn websites that boast 'streaming movies'. while i've never really bothered with these sites (apart from the odd hacked password picked up from a seemingly innocent site), the streaming movies were normally realplayer or quicktime ... normally cost around $2 to stream (so they said ...) and the quality was extremely shoddy ... (i mean, the dude had two ... wait, wont go there). but yeh - it sounds like a nice, clean version of streaming porn movies ... its just gone arthouse. mind you ... it might be the answer to those movies that are really hard to find (that never make it to video and you only got to see once at the movies).

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