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Some tools will be removed soon

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Aug 2002 5:00

In recent months, we've removed tons of old "legacy" applications from our software area and tried to focus more on most popular tools and on those that are still being developed. Now, we are planning to phase out certain very popular tools as well.
Because we still list some very, very old DVD rippers, those are causing us the problem that our users are requesting instructions on how to use those tools -- no one really knows anymore, since everybody else is already using modern DVD ripping tools, like SmartRipper.

Anyway, biggest blow will be the fact that we will remove Streambox VCR as well. This tool has been super popular, has provided almost half a million software downloads so far, etc.. But as it's legal status is somewhat blurry (not developed/sold/distributed anymore, needs to be cracked in order to work and circumvents RealNetworks' DRM copy-protection), we felt that it is time to remove this excellent piece of software from our site. Sad, but we really try to cope with law somewhat, even that we are definately in "gray area" with some of our material.

Anyway, if you want to preserve piece of history, I suggest that you visit our DVD rippers section before we remove most of those tools (probably just four or five tools will be left after this).

Tools will disappear by end of August, so you still have more than two weeks to download the tools you want. Otherwise our software section wont change, this is just one of those major house-keeping processes.

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