AfterDawn: Tech news remains hacked

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 01 Sep 2002 1:23 User comments (7)

It seems that's webmasters don't either read their emails, can't do their jobs or are on vacation -- the site which was hacked in last week, remains modified.
Site still contains the message that apologizes for the actions of RIAA in the past and informs about "new policy" of RIAA. One screenshot from the site, taken today, is available at here.

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7 user comments

12.9.2002 2:27

They seem to have straightened it out now as of (Monday, Sept. 02, 7:39 am Atlantic time.) -- K_A --

219.9.2002 13:05

Good Job. It shows how stupid they really are. Maybe they could sue themselves if any illegal files actually were posted on their site. I hope the Tech mainstream continues their work. We need everyone to take part in the death of the RIAA.

319.9.2002 19:26

The RIAA conglomerate was built up over the years by buying the rights of musical artists instead of having those rights remain (properly) with the musical artists themselves. As struggling musicians/bands were presented with a *potential* crack at stardom (or even just earning a living), many caved in and let the RIAA buy their souls. (When you're hungry, a dangling carrot can look awfully good). That's all changing now. My hopes and good wishes for all independent film-makers in their similar position with the MPAA, is very high as well. -- Mike --

420.9.2002 5:16

Well this has been a trend for both the RIAA and all the record/film companies. They make contracts that young artists don't quite understand and then as you said Mike the artist will sell their soul to the devil, which is exactly what will continue to happen if the governments ton't wake up and smell the shit the RIAA is shoveling. If a monopoly like the RIAA is left to survive, then not only will consummers get fucked, but so will the very artists that the RIAA says they are trying to hilp. I'd like to know what artist that they've actually gotten off their ass and helped to create or promote an idea. It is like a lot of the job finders groups that say that they have job placement and yet when you go to the organization, you find your still in the same ole shit you were before you came. I certainly wish the government would really take a look at what the people want instead of what what money will buy for them. Because the RIAA is going to keep gaining control until they rule the entire plannet with their crap that they keep on getting away with. I'd hate to think of a world with out VCR's, CDRW's and DVD RW's. All you need do is go back to the Batamax case ware Disney tried to have a law suit against Soney. It does not matter if one person gets the copy of 100 million. We are still using it for our personal use period and that is just the plain fact that is as clear as the nose on your face. Voodoohippi (Defender of Free cyperspace)

528.4.2003 16:55

Someone should hack these mofo's again...and again...hell, if i knew how to hack i'd do it!


629.4.2003 10:44

Not only should people Hack the RIAA again and again, which really is kind funny and juvenile at the same time. What a more professional approach should be is to place bullitins in the bullitin bords of colleges and high schools and let your friends understand why you've stopped buying pre recorded meterial altogether and why they too should join in on the act. Explain how macrovision forced many people to buy new TV sets because the very copy protection that the NPAA imposed on consummers caused interference even when you just tried to watch a regular DVD or VHS tape. TV stores and video stores had to deal with customers complaining about how they could not watch a movie. Now the RIAA is forcing consummers to not use their DVD/CD combi players to play their imposed copy protected CD's. I say that is fraud. I worked my fingers to the bone at rehab centers at piece rate (which was less then the minimum wage) that a perfactly sighted person would earn $12 an hour to do while I looked for someone in the real job market to hier me. Since then I did have employment at a Cable-TV company and a Internet company. Now that I have helped to start VOICE MAIL EXCHANGE that is really going to change things. I have bought over 400 pre recorded CD's and plenty of DVD's. Why did I stop because if the killing of Napster. Becides I've paid my dues to the record companies for approx 20 years and I can't afford to support myself let alone the RIAA/NPAA. When Voice Mail Exchange gets off the ground it could have been a different story for buying CD's. However I still don't want to have to go out and use up all my hard earned savings to support these greedy punks at the RIAA because of some stupid intellectual property law. It is sheer madness. People have been copying books, magizines, recopies, and the like. I don't see aunt Fanny trying to sue Grandma Rockin for copying her recipe. Still under the stupid USA laws Aunt Fanny would have legal rights to sue Grandma Rockin for stealing her intelectual property. Music was meant to be a form of entertainment and the record companies need to reason with that and remember that it is the tours that make a band money and not the damn CD's. As for the NPAA I have one for you too. Maybe actors should begin writing plays and not just movies and charge admission for them. For example TOTAL RECALL could be acted live in cities everywhere. Of course it would mean that Hollywood would actually have to travel (Oh that is something they've never thout of) to make money. I am almost 40 and I've heard stories about how actors and actresses had to perform live to make a living. Technology has made these people lazy and they want to make a movie and put it on DVD and sit back in their Donald Trump style houses and make the maid, butler, waitress, salsepeople, and the general populas kiss their feet while the NAPPA and RIAA whine about how tough it is. I say GROW THE FUCK UP!! The NPAA and RIAA got a big slap in the face when the federal judge in Ca ruled that decentralized P2P programs are NOT illegal. Well I guess those boys and girls at the NPAA and RIAA are whiping their eyes full of tears while their dresser re applies the make up. Every fucking time I hear about how the record companies are loosing money it just makes me want to Download even more. I told my family that for christmas don't you DARE buy me one pre recorded CD NEW. Instead I ordered that they buy me a USED CD from a USED CD store if they felt that they needed to buy me a pre recorded CD. I told them to buy me all the blank CD-R's that they could afford or felt like giving. I told them why and most of my realitives have me burning CD's for them too. Lets all help to terminate the RIAA and MPAA together. It is plain busniness law that you don't make accusations about your customers because that will get you NOWHERE. I HATE the RIAA and NPAA with all of my heart, soul, and mind and you should too. Anyone who feels otherwise is obviously not a friend of mine. Heck that is why I broke up with my Ex girlfriend. Voodoohippi (Defencer of Free cyberspace)

720.9.2010 13:16
Unverified new user

I pirate music. I pirate movies. The RIAA, MPAA etc all suck ass. DRM is a joke. There is way too much money in art, overpriced paintings and sculptures that a 3 year old can construct. The same can be said about the music and film industries. We have overpaid artists and film makers, and on the other side of the fence we have independent film makers and starving artists. There is no balance, and these associations have made no step towards creating a balance. Their main prerogative is money, not protecting anyones (intellectual) property. When I really like an album I buy it, same with a movie. That's my money back guarantee right there.

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