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Media news: Mitsui 52x CD-R, Memorex 4x DVD & 24x CD-RW

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Jan 2003 13:35 User comments (1)

Mitsui continues to stay on the edge in CD-R media.
Mitsui Advanced Media, Inc. announces the release of their new 52X speed CD-R Media

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado.– January 1, 2003– Mitsui Advanced Media, Inc. (MAM) a subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc. and leading manufacturer of recordable (CD-R & DVD-R) media, today announced that their new 52x CD-R media will be available in January, 2003. The media will incorporate Mitsui’s patented Phthalocyanine dye and is rated for use in writers from speeds 1X to 52X. Phthtalocyanine dye was introduced by Mitsui Chemicals and has proven to deliver outstanding performance for speed, compatibility and longevity.

Memorex aims to hold to it's market share on the DVD recordables, and delivers high speed CD-RW's too.

LAS VEGAS, CES 2003, Booth 10736, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Memorex Products, Inc., the industry sales leader of digital optical storage products, today announced 4x DVD and CD-RW 24x Ultra-Speed media, demonstrating its continued commitment to offer the highest capacity, highest speed recordable media. Memorex 4x DVD media and CD-RW Ultra Speed media burn at twice the speed currently available.

"Memorex continues to stay ahead of technology to deliver the fastest, highest performing optical storage," said Michael Golacinski, president and CEO of Memorex. "We offer our new 4x DVD media in various formats to meet our consumers' different needs. And the flexibility of our CD-RW Ultra Speed media is key to working with today's high-speed drives."

Memorex 4x DVD media is available in DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-R formats. The media is backward compatible and compatible with the next generation of DVD burners.

Designed to work with 16x to 24x rewrite speeds, Memorex CD-RW Ultra Speed media is ideal for hard drive backup, CD authoring and archiving, and repeated recording. It is the media choice for rewriting with 24x CD-RW burners. CD-RW Ultra Speed media will be in various retail outlets this month at a suggested retail price of $7.99 for a package of five discs.

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118.1.2003 2:30

Well Memorex has a good name but I sure would think they could have a better research team. Seems the vendor that thay had break down the 100 pack DVD+R's to 2-50 packs put them on a 50 pack CD spindle's instead of DVD spindles. This resulted in only putting 40 DVD+R's on a spindle instead of 50 because the DVD media is thicker than the CD-R media. The vender ended up getting lots of perks after that because they had 20 DVD+R's left over after every 1-100 spindle breakdown. I had brought this to their attention and they replaced the missing DVD's but left the product, part # 3202 5557 on the market hoping nobody would figure it out. I have had people send private messages on the forum asking me who to call about the issue and how I got the DVD's replaced. I guess you just can't reley on the packageing on the outside really being on the inside what it says it is. So as to the end of this if you have bought a 50 pack of Memorex DVD+R's you better check it out because they didn't pull the product! Count your DVD's and make sure you got what you paid for. Sturgis out, we gone bye bye.

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