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Taiwanese VCD pirates challenge Taiwan's Minister of Justice

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jan 2003 13:17 User comments (3)

Taiwanese VCD pirates challenge Taiwan's Minister of Justice In Taiwan, where the government has declared a war against pirates, namely VideoCD pirates, the stakes are getting higher. In latest bootleg releases, such as 007: Die another day, the end credits have been replaced with text Catch me if you can, Chen Ding-nan!" Chen Ding-nan is Taiwan's justice minister.
"Their behavior is really rampant. But let me take advantage of this free propaganda via the media to again remind them that prosecutors never stop cracking down on piracy," said Chen when he was approached by reporters yesterday.

Source: Taipei Times

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3 user comments

115.1.2003 13:26

Oops, didn't know they were pirated films. I have been buying Proper VCD's for years, made in Taiwan with the latest films on. Now i've gone all DVD so I won't be doing that anymore ;)

Play Atari today, it won't break-down tomorrow ;-)

216.1.2003 17:32

WOW, its amazing how seriously they are taking it!

319.1.2003 11:07

the're klingons on the starboard bowe captain

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