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More about RIAA's deal with tech companies

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jan 2003 13:46 User comments (8)

Ok, the news that shocked the world yesterday, are now clearer. RIAA really made a deal with large tech companies and dropped its support for so-called "Hollings' bill" and similiar legislation modifications that would require tech companies to implement hardware and software-based copy protection mechanisms to all consumer products.
But the deal has its price. Technology companies agreed to support legislations that would allow copyright owners, such as RIAA, to hack P2P users' computers and spoof P2P networks. Tech giants also agreed to object any possible Congress proposals for broadening consumer "fair use rights" to copyrighted material.

Source: The Globe And Mail

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8 user comments

115.1.2003 20:31

Well good luck with trying to hack the P2P's because the REAL users know how to use FIREWALL protection and still you won't solve your petty little squables. Looks like the RIAA is really a fish out of water and still they keep thrashing about until their almost certain death. No one is going to support a organization that still has not proven their facts to back their claims of poor sales due to Downloading. Remember the last thing you want to start is an all tech cyber war in which the RIAA is not ready to fight nor is the US government because their both way too hackable. This is why the US is getting and doing a "hands off sharing" policy. The DMCA will never work either. Well maybe it might work to fight off the Billy Big Bass infection. What ever the case may be it will never work. Voodoohippi (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

216.1.2003 4:56

if the music and movie industry would not have cost the amaerican people so much over the years they would not be hacking the movies in the first place what ever happened the the bill congress passed about everyone being over charged for the cost of cd's in the first place/? if I burn a cd of music 18 songs for$1.00 why should we pay more then that in the first place if I can hook up a satalite dish to my computer and pay perview a movie to my hard drive then why shouldnt I be able to keep it I payed for it..... talk about Darwin-isum only the smart or crafty will servive when will the goverment learn to stay out of my house and stop worring about what we do in our own houses. they really need to spend more time on why companies like Microsoft can put out a product without having it right befor they release it to the market. if it wasnt for the net and patches or updates none of use would have a working system... we as concumers need to target companies to give us monitary payments for failty software ... if I bought a car and it had no breaks would our goverment alow it to be sold ...of course not ... so why do they alow companies like microsoft to get away with if? sounds alot like Military-Intelagence two words that are more an oxy-moron then the truth...

316.1.2003 8:02

Be careful RIAA, if you hack me I will hack you and I am sure I will get the best of the deal. My admonition might bring about some dissension in the ranks. When you make impulsive decisions, keep in mind there is more than one player.. The players on this end are quite qualified. Best to all, Rodgers

416.1.2003 8:54

This will start a hacker's war. I don't think it's in their best interest to pursue this approach. I think someone kicked the plug on RIAA's thinking cap. It's difficult for me to believe these folks are really serious. It's just plain short sidedness.

516.1.2003 10:27

There is already a hacker's war. So be it if that's what they want! Rodgers

618.1.2003 14:45

You know, The RIAA has to PAY for Hackers. The guerilla Hackers are doing it for free. Who do you think will give up first.

Tromadance, tromadance, tromadance.

719.1.2003 1:59

Good point Indie, economics rule. Rodgers

819.1.2003 22:32

Well maybe the RIAA's site needs hacked again. Maybe someone will do it. After that maybe governments of foreign countries will seek a suit against the RIAA for allowing MP3'S on their site in the first place. Oh by the way the NPAA and RIAA are trying to get people to Download a version of KAZAA lite with a trojan firus. Only Download the version by RANDOM NUT. If you Download the posers version I feel sorry for you. Random Nut is the T R U E V A L I D program of Kazaa lite with the Supreme Being participation Hack. Now that this is said the RIAA and NPAA can stick it where the sun don't shine. Voodoohippi (Defender of Free cyberspace).

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