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Instant concert CDs, anyone?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2003 13:15 User comments (5)

Clear Channel Concerts, biggest American live concert promoter, has plans to launch a new service that would offer instant live CDs of concerts to fans who attended the concert.
CCC would bring multiple CD recorders in and would produce CDs of the concert fans just attended and fans could then buy the CDs when they leave the venue, just like they buy concert T-shirts, photos, etc nowadays.

Source: Boston Globe

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5 user comments

19.2.2003 16:03

Thats actually a pretty cool idea :-)

29.2.2003 17:17

not bad!

310.2.2003 0:36

The Idea is good but foresee major technical problems in the final mix, as from personal experience of live concert sound engineering, what comes off the desk is not the same as heard in the venue. A seperate mix down done off of a split feed to a mobile studio would be needed and that does not come cheap, also how do you get your money back if it not to a high standard. Sort these problems and the idea is a winner.

411.2.2003 1:09

From what I've heard, artists make more money doing concerts that selling CDs. This is better than simply taking photographics. I've even read somewhere that some artists don't care about people sharing their music as the result would mean that more people will know the artist and attend thier concerts!

515.2.2003 11:56

This is a G R E A T idea. This way the artists don't need a major record label. And it may B O O S T sales (for the artists of course) and not the record labels. Now if everyone did it, no more RIAA and their crap. It would be nice to buy a DVD of a movie you went to see in a theatre as well. This way the MPAA would no longer be needed and file shareing could survive and so could the artists. Think of it I thought of that a long time ago. I think the RIAA is learning something from the customers. Oh by the way I learned a long time ago in telemarketing and from the phone company that the customer is supposed to be always right. Now lets see if the RIAA can learn that lesson. P off the public and you'll get no ware. However give the people what they want and you'll get a lot ferther. Voodoohippi (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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