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Music industry is after the workplace downloaders

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Feb 2003 13:52 User comments (1)

According to the source the music industry copyright organizations are now targeting corporations about the online piracy performed by their staff.
We were surprised to see that peer-to-peer services are being accessed by a lot of companies' computer networks," Allen Dixon, general counsel at IFPI in London told Reuters on Thursday.

But how is this possibly a surprise? The thing that Napster did was that it made P2P music sharing mainstream. It wasn’t just Internet geeks sharing and downloading, but also office workers, like secretaries etc. And the office people didn’t even actually know what they were doing - they just enjoyed the availability of fresh music at their jobs.

And if someone didn’t know what "MP3", "Napster" or "file sharing" was, they sure as heck were to find out when the Napster lawsuit made it to prime time news and was covered on just about every newspaper.

On the music industry’s side this still makes sense though. This way they can target a number of people at once and as they themselves put it "increase the awareness".


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115.2.2003 9:04

But I thought file sharing wasn't necessarily illegal? I thought the duplication, public performance or sale of the copyrighted material was illegal, or am I wrong????

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