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RIAA contacts 300 U.S. companies

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2003 14:50 User comments (5)

RIAA contacts 300 U.S. companies RIAA has sent letters to at least 300 American companies claiming that some of their employees have used companies' networks for trading illegal MP3 files in P2P networks.
In letter RIAA warns companies about possible fines and also lists ways of preventing P2P usage at workplace. The letter also contained a CD with full logs of shared material, dates and times and IP addresses of P2P users in question.

"In short, your computer network and resources are being used to illegally distribute copyrighted music on the Internet," the letter said. "We strongly urge you to take immediate steps to prevent the continued infringement of our members' sound recordings on your corporate network."

Source: Yahoo! / Reuters

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5 user comments

119.3.2003 19:59

In all honesty, the RIAA can kiss my rear. If CD's werent priced so danged high, people would probably buy more of em. Even with the capability of downloading full albums, I have bought more CD's since I started collecting mp3's. I download the song I like from a group, and some others off the album to see if its worth buying. If it is, I buy it, if at a reasonable price.

220.3.2003 0:59

Tedronai: I agree with you. I'll buy what's worth buying to support the artist and to get the original cd and jewel box covers. Or otherwise I delete it, what's the point owning music you dislike??? I'm a sort of musician myself and I see RIAA as a big whiner that tries to make as much money as possible to the music INDUSTRY, not the true artists. Maybe I'd buy more if the INDUSTRY would stop force feeding the BS they do nowadays and give more room to some real artists. RIAA and the INDUSRTY are both not seeing what's happening IN THE LONG RUN if they continue in the way they are in now.

320.3.2003 2:06

Apparently, the music Industries are not just after pirates, but are also trying to find a way to stop companies from selling CDs below their RRP. E.g. In the UK, CDs cost the equivalent of 20 - 24 Euro in a typical music shop, but CD-WOW; an online store imports genuine CDs from Hong-Kong and sells them at a reduced rate of 13 - 14 Euro. Now the BPI are trying to take this company to court as they claim its damaging the UK's music industry! From what I see, the music industry only believe in sueing and not competition.

420.3.2003 5:04

d@mn RIAA.. they should have thought ahead and manufactured their own brand of blank cds.. and they could have even used a marketing scheme like "supported by the RIAA" etc.. they lack foresight and a good PR rep.. haha.. DIE RIAA DIE! seamonkey420

523.3.2003 15:24

I don't think the RIAA will learn till CD sales are gone altogether. War is no time to bully the customers into purchasing CD's. When we stick together in bands, we all win. Some people think they don't need to do the work and everything will be OK, but guess what you are wrong. The RIAA/NPAA is the enemy just like Sadam and other dictators and shold be treated as terrorists. Although they don't murder people like Sadam, they use Psychological tactics to terrorize the world. Voodoohippi

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