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Sony releases v2.0e firmware for DRU/X-500A/AX/UL/ULX

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2003 14:42 User comments (11)

Sony has released a firmware patch for its highly-popular dual format DVD recorder series.
The new firmware, v2.0e, has this changelog:
  • Allows your Dual RW drive to record at 4X on 4X compatible DVD+R media.
  • Improves reading and writing performance and reliability.
  • Reduces vibration noise for the discs with unbalance or eccentricity.

The firmware patch is meant for Sony models DRU-500A, DRU-500AX, DRX-500UX and DRX-500ULX.

More information: Sony/StorageSupport

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11 user comments

120.3.2003 8:34

Don't do it! I just did and now my Accu -R disks won't burn at 2X. I'm currently trying to figure out how to get my old firmware back on.

223.3.2003 1:38

I'll wait to hear more about this further 'improvement'. each one seems to slow things down.

36.4.2003 20:49

Thanks! Appreciate the information. I haven't gone beyond the second firmware update and don't have any problems. I, too, use Accu media almost exclusively for movies, and while I burn a lot at 1x anyhow, I still like the ability to do 2x in a pinch. I didn't like the downside to the 'caution' message they issued for the first firmware update that supposedly fixed runaway issues with unbalanced disks. I never experienced that problem, so stayed away from the update. Looks like they have had a few more in the meantime, but for once, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it...' Thanks, again for the feedback.

427.4.2003 8:42

I downloaded firmware v2.0f from Sony. It functions well so far.


518.10.2003 9:51

Stay away from Sony firmware version 2.0, unless you only playback on your PC. I installed this version nine days ago and now nothing I record will play on a home player.

621.10.2003 16:21

I downloaded both and ridiculed the Riteks G04's for not performing as advertised. I went to my reliable TDK- 2x and...WHAT THE hell! It won't burn at 2X either. Will un-installing and then re-installing help?

Silent Assasin

75.11.2003 22:17

I Installed the v2.0f and it still only burns my ritek G04 at 2x My friend has the sony dru510 and uses the same dvd's (we split on 200 pack) and his burns at 4x. Seems the firmware doesn't fix the burning speed. I have dru-500ax drive. A matter of fact we have almost the same computer. (I built it for him) so It can't be the configuration. This baffles me...

86.11.2003 4:56

I spent an hour on the phone with Sony and still my recordings won't play on a home player. Sony can't (or won't) tell me how to restore my drive back to its original state. Since Sony produces DVD movies I truly think their firmware flaw was intentional. How do I reset my drive??

96.11.2003 19:43

I have no problem playing mine on my home player or computer. I just have the trouble of burning at 4x speed. *(have DRU-500AX with 2.0g firmware)

107.11.2003 5:36

I have no problems with expensive and or cheap media recording at 4x, just the playback issue. I'm recording on Ritek and Fuji at 15 minutes start to finish. I've tried playback on four different makes and models and not a one will play my recordings after installing v2.0g on my DRU-500A. All of my recordings played fine until I updated. I guess the moral of this story is, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it" Does anyone know anything about the NEC dual format 4x drive (only $109 at KREX.COM)??

118.11.2003 19:56

I use gearpro version 6.05 and haven't had problems playing my dvd's. Have you tried using this software and see if it works? It's suppose to make your dvd's the most compatible for home players. You can download a trial copy at

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