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P2P traffic drops

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Jul 2003 15:21 User comments (27)

According to Nielsen Net Ratings, company that provides the traffic statistics to virtually all major websites and other Net services, shows that Kazaa's file sharing volumes dropped by a pretty whopping 15 percent in the week that ended July 6th.
In week before that, RIAA announced that it will start suing individual P2P users if they share music through the network. Also, other P2P networks saw similiar drops -- iMesh, which uses both, FastTrack (same as Kazaa) and its own proprietary network, saw a drop of 16 percent during the same period and Morpheus which uses Gnutella network, had also a drop of 15 percent in its traffic.

Obviously U.S. Independence Day had some effect on the traffic, but it normally isn't even near this kind of figures.

Source: CNN

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27 user comments

115.7.2003 5:36

Yep, ppl droped p2p for IRC and Newsgroups ;-) lol!

215.7.2003 9:09

Saw a article about a encrypted P2P app the other day. Anybody know the name of it? I think I even downloaded the installer from sourceforge but can't remember the name of the file!

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

315.7.2003 12:04

Earth Station 5??? Anyways, Kazaa Lite K++ Edition now has a built in IP blocker that is updated by users and has a lot of IP's from the RIAA and other organisations in its list!

415.7.2003 22:00

To refute gray area, encryption will not protect you. Anyone monitoring a network can gain your ip address. And it doesn't matter encrpyted or not, that ip address can be used by the suits to nail you to the floorboards. Encryption can at best mask what your downloading. But again, the suits. If you have a major amount of traffic they could get a search warrant for suspicion of breaking copyright laws. They are able to get your address and phone by contacting your isp using the court order search warrant. And off you go to the floorboards.

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\\ //
Holy Grail

516.7.2003 6:41

Fuck the RIAA!!!!! Grrr..... Anyway, couldn't you just say... sorry, some stranger used Kazaa, not me.. And anyway, the RIAA ain't gonna target every single person y'know. I mean look at Kazaa! More than 4 million user everyday! The chances are, you're not gonna get caught. Remember, the RIAA will target even a legal filesharer and sue them for lots.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

616.7.2003 7:51

rpeckhoff, with ip blocking, someone can see the filename but cant download it or get any further infdo on it so they have no idea if it is a copyright breaching file!

716.7.2003 10:17

Not offering encryption as a solution to the RIAA thug attacks. Just hoping someone knew the name of the app... In my opinion the only thing content "owners" will understand and respond to is if we really stop giving them money. They will keep attacking as long as the status quo is making big profits.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

816.7.2003 12:50

Link to encrypted P2P app for those who may be curious.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

920.7.2003 20:40

gray area: I agree. A boycott needs to be organized. Everybody's pissed, so why don't we do something about it? Problem is, I can't find anyone who is actually attempting to start a boycott. All it would take is one album to show them where the power lies. - a forum for new and recent music releases.

1020.7.2003 21:34

I start one lol!! I'd lead it happily! Anyways, to really get away from the RIAA, what dod you do? Use proxy servers! then they dont have a clue what your real ip is as long as u pick an anonymous proxy! The RIAA suck and nearly now have 1000 Subpoenas against file sharers in America. They have to be stopped. A boycott is the only way to shut them up but a REAL boycott as in, NOBODY buying anything related to the RIAA, and to really hurt them, boycott the Movie Industry too and tell them, we'll buy movies when the RIAA stop being assholes!

1121.7.2003 0:26

A boycott wont do any good. They still get money from other sources besides CD buyers.

1221.7.2003 6:51

But after Napster was shutdown, the RIAA lost money. No one bought cds when that happened. People started buying cds again when Kazaa and others showed up.

1321.7.2003 9:19

I didnt just say cd's i said anything related to the RIAA!

1421.7.2003 9:23

a boycott will work, because if an investment is in danger, it would force companies to reconsider their investments in the music industry. they are trying to bully us around, and we are letting them. I say boycott one album a week. The RIAA loses profits, but local businesses don't get hurt. We just need to decide which ones to boycott. anyway, my theory is that file sharing increases overall interest in music, which leads to greater variety and stiffer competition. without variety, people get bored, and the industry as a whole will suffer as people spend their money on DVD's or going to theme parks. who needs one artist making a million a year when there are hundreds of thousands of people willing to make music for "normal" wages? - a forum for new and recent music releases.

1521.7.2003 9:39

A well organized, random boycotts will work very well in my opinion. Loosing money will not convince the RIAA as they will only blame it on piracy. What we need is to show them that the consumer can organize and have an effect on sales. I am currently writing up a piece for my site with the hope of releasing it in a couple of days. I won't post the link in the message here, but if you are interested, hit my sig. Sorry to the mods if this is considered advertising.

Digital Media and Music News

1622.7.2003 11:06

a REAL boycott as in, NOBODY buying anything related to the RIAA, and to really hurt them, boycott the Movie Industry too and tell them, we'll buy movies when the RIAA stop being assholes!
A good idea. The problem is, however, that even though all us "geeks" would boycott a certain album or movie (preferably a pop-album, since those sell like spring water in Sahara), do we even have a chance at engaging the masses of teen-agers who are responsible for most of the sales? If you can think of a way for someone like us to organize a real boycott, let us know.

1722.7.2003 11:12

hmm hand out leaflets to houses in your area?? haha, it would work in america because there are 60 million downloaders, imagine 60 million people quit purchasing cd's!

1822.7.2003 11:20

i think spreading the word through the internet, agreeing on one album to download each week or something. I'll invite you all to my homepage at where I set up a board to discuss this. I'm serious about getting the ball rolling, but we need lots of people working together. - a forum for new and recent music releases.

1922.7.2003 11:47

i think spreading the word through the internet, agreeing on one album to download each week or something.
Dont do that, dont let them blacken everything and m,ake it look like piracy is doing it, dont download and dont buy! that way, people will see that a boycott is the cause of a major loss and the only way to fix the boycott is for the RIAA to disappear from p2p etc etc, maybe even demmand they leave our world - the net!

2022.7.2003 12:21

hmmmm, good point. maybe the boycott website would have to make a point to say it is an all out boycott, no mp3 downloading included. - a forum for new and recent music releases.

2122.7.2003 12:37

exactly, dont stoop to the level of the RIAA! lol

2222.7.2003 14:23

Exactly pablogott. Downloading copyrighted material only helps their cause.

Digital Media and Music News

2323.7.2003 12:53

I say we all re discover thge OLDER stuff like Jefff Lynn, The Move, Roy Wood, Rogor Taylor, and inde Rock. Lets stop buying all new music and STOP sharing it too. Make people Download the OLDER stuff. New music sucks and they are only selling out to the RIAA. Stop buying and sharing the stuff that is against the P2P community in the first place. After we do that we will make a dent in the RIAA's pocket book and make the governments of the world realize that we mean business and won't be fooled by punks in the industry. People get off your ass and boycott these tyrants forever. Time to make a stand just like Johnathan Chance did in the movie Styx Caught in the act. You need to be the next Killroy and SAVE THE MUSIC by getting RID of the RIAA. You can all do it and it is time that everyone reading this page to do your part.

2423.7.2003 13:14

yeah i agree, except i think there is some good new music coming out, you just have to search. in any case, we have to get together and stop just complaining. - a forum for new and recent music releases.

2523.7.2003 14:30

There are tonnes of indie bands out there that need your support. They pay no dues to the RIAA and most of them are against the RIAA tactics (as reported here earlier). Hit and grab up some indie tunes.

Digital Media and Music News

2624.7.2003 6:42

hmm hand out leaflets to houses in your area??
First we need to inform these people that there is a problem and just what that problem looks like and what it´s about. But I´m willing to drop leaflets into mailboxes on Brändö.

2725.7.2003 7:29

I think someone needs to start a patition this way if we can get 60 million people to sign it I know we can make a change. There needs to be one form and it needs to be brought to say a meeting place in every city. If we get 60 million people to sign this form saying that first we want copying of Music/Movies/Software to be legal as long as you copy it for NON PROFIT!! Second the patition sould state that the artists will be PAID with ADVERTISEMENT in the file. If the software is CRACKED or posted FREE example Windows XP then the ads will appear on the decktop and the wallpaper function will be DISABELED. Instead of wallpaper you may see an ad for PEPSI or a mortgage company. Who ever wants to sponsor your CRACK. That way Microsoft gets paid by the ads. or maybe it just has a 20 secound WMV file that plays at the start up of the software. YOU CAN'T BREAK PAST IT and again NO SPYWARE. This will pay for the stuff we DL for FREE. Yes I know the creators need to be paid and just like Radio and TV they can and will be paid via ADS. Want no ads then pay the fing $500 for XP or the .99 cents per song PERIOD. LET THE MUSIC PLAY FOR AD SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!! Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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